October 16, 2017
Photo: CBS
While governments and environmental groups have committed to re-foresting depleted parts of the world, "We aren't doing the work fast enough," added Lauren Fletcher.  Fletcher, who spent 20 years as an engineer at NASA and Lockheed Martin , thinks he has a solution: drones. (via CBS News)

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Many rewilding projects globally have focused on the re-introduction of charismatic large animals. But Australian research shows that reintroducing the missing small animals can have a high impact and help restore ecosystems. (via PhysOrg)

Photo: Roseann Densmore
A spruce forest regeneration experiment in Interior Alaska that spanned nearly 30 years demonstrates which forest management practices produce the best results.
(via PhysOrg)

Photo: Paula Castano/Island Conservation
"The project will be the single biggest conservation action to date to protect and enhance the World Heritage values of Lord Howe Island," says Penny Holloway. The island is home to many threatened species, including the critically endangered Lord Howe Stick Insect.  (via Island Conservation)

Photo: Brooke LaValley
"It's quite challenging, to get lush vegetation growing on something that once looked like the surface of the moon," said Rebecca Swab, director of restoration ecology at The Wilds.
Her research suggests Midwest prairie plants could speed up the process.  (via The Columbus Dispatch)
This new database aims to collect much-needed data about riparian restoration around New Zealand. Once the database has been populated, researchers hope to train volunteers to monitor a number of the sites.
Things to know about the $25 billion US "restoration economy" that  directly employs 126,000 people and supports 95,000 other jobs, mostly in small businesses. ( via Greenbiz)
Co-organizado por CIHEAM-UICN-ICARDA-SER Europa.  El plazo de admisión de solicitudes finaliza el  24 de noviembre de 2017 .
John Goetz of Clean Water Services discussed questions and issues surrounding watershed management projects, including site preparation, herbicide usage, plant monitoring, and urban beaver research.
Restoration aims to return ecosystem services, including the human health benefits of exposure to green space. The loss of such exposure has arguably contributed to an increase in human immune dysregulation.
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