September  16, 2017
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On August 28, over 1,000 scientists, restoration practitioners, and community leaders came together at the  7th World Conference on Ecological Restoration in Iguassu, Brazil.  They delivered a powerful Call to Action to the world.
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With the Atlantic hurricane season well under way, a new scientific study reports that coastal wetlands significantly reduce annual flood losses and catastrophic damages from storms. (via

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"This is one of the only instances I've ever heard of where you can have cost-negative carbon sequestration," said Timothy Treuer, co-lead author of the study.  "It's not just a win-win between the company and the local park - it's a win for everyone." 
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A team of university researchers discovered in 2012 that 20,000 hectares of the lake's body was covered by invasive water hyacinth (Eichhornia Crassipes). Since then, it's gone to a peak infestation of 40,000 hectares. 
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To understand developments in tropical Andean forest restoration, lead author and former SER board member Carolina Murcia undertook comparative analysis looking at the progress, challenges and future prospects in four countries.  (via Forest News)

"We have a deep concern right now, and I know many of the people of Brazil have a deep concern right now, with the roll-back of environmental protections and land protections, especially across Amazonia," SER's executive director Bethanie Walder told AFP.
Experts from the University of California have put together an extensive guide for California grassland restoration, presenting best practices for choosing species and planting techniques. ( via UCANR)
Register now for this webinar on September 20 hosted by SERNW. John Goetz will discuss questions and issues surrounding watershed management projects, by addressing topics including site preparation, plant monitoring, and urban beaver research. 
During SER2017. SER staff live-streamed several of our keynote plenary talks via Facebook live. You can still view these talks on our Facebook page, or our Vimeo channel. Talks include coral reef restoration, socioecological perspectives, and water restoration management.
An examination of long-term data for lands managed by the BLM finds that land treatments in the southwestern US are increasingly large and expensive, and related to fire and invasive species control.
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