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"We aspire to bring happiness to our team members and their families, to be an inspiration in our communities, and to make a positive impact on every life we touch."


Tiphanie McClure - Team Coordinator  (SRG Calhoun)

Welcome to the December issue of RESTORED.

Greetings from SRG Calhoun.
I am Tiphanie McClure. I have had the privilege of serving in the Calhoun Location for 3 years as a Team Coordinator/Office Manager. I work with some of the greatest people in this location every day and I believe that we embody what true "Team Work" is all about!
When I joined the SRG team I felt that God had sent me what I needed in a career and in an organization at the exact time I needed it. From 2009-2012 I prayed and believed that God would do exactly what he promised in Mark 11:24 (ASV). Not only for my professional career but in my personal life also.
"Therefore I say unto you, All things whatsoever ye pray and ask for, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them."
Just a snippet of how great my life is and has been... I am happily married to the love of my life, Joshua for 15 years.  Joshua McClure is also the Director of Business Development for SRG.  Together God has blessed us with 3 of best children (Andrew, 19 Manager at Chick Fil-A ; Taylor 17 Headed to KSU in the Fall 16'; Anaya: 14 Freshman at Calhoun High School.) that any one person could ask for. (I may be a little biased) We have served at our church Thankful Baptist Church of Kennesaw for 7 years. The Lord has blessed us to commute from Calhoun to Kennesaw faithfully over the years and has sustained us through anything that life has thrown at us.
In closing, if you don't remember anything from this Restored Edition, remember with the business of this time of the year, take time to slow down, enjoy your family and most importantly remember the TRUE meaning of Christmas!
I pray that you and each of your families have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 

Tiphanie McClure

LIVES Restored

Mitigation Services
2015 has seen SRG expand our Mitigation services to all locations.  This allows SRG to be a one stop provider for both Mitigation and Restoration services.  In 2013 SRG began providing Mitigation services at our Canton location and worked towards making that service efficient. We brought mitigation to a point where we confidently could proceed to spread that service to our other locations at a high level of implementation in keeping with the service our restoration side provides.  We currently have the capability to mitigate at all 6 SRG locations.

We look forward to being your one stop provider for any fire or water losses and will continue to bring you Service with Compassion for your clients.

We have also updated and developed a new website that highlights our services and, for mobile users, an easy to use touch screen that immediately pops up for clients to use.  When dealing with an emergency, clients can quickly and easily get in touch with a SRG representative.  Click here to see our new website and take a quick look around to see what we are all about.



As we head deep into December and the soon to come winter weather, it is wise to get your home and vehicles in condition to handle the potential storms to come.   Click here for some very good tips on your home, car and yourself during this season.
COMMUNITY Participation
Phase 2 - HOPE

Hope has started and it involves us seeking opportunities for businesses and other groups of people that typically look for opportunities to give to those in need during the Christmas holidays to use  Camp Sunshine as their focus this year.  
We  ask that you assist with coordinating donations from any group you are involved with that would like to participate. 
We can think of no greater Christmas gift than to partner with a business or group and give even more children who are battling cancer or who have battled cancer an opportunity to attend Camp Sunshine.
The cost to send one child to Camp Sunshine is  $800.  For more information or details on Camp Sunshine see .

We test all of our equipment to keep it in proper working order and sometimes we use the testing time to celebrate team member's birthdays.  Josh Medlin from our SRG Canton Mitigation turned 30 this year and we celebrated accordingly.

Click here to see the video

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