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"We aspire to bring happiness to our team members and their families, to be an inspiration in our communities, and to make a positive impact on every life we touch."


Julio Perez - Project Manager (SRG Augusta)


I t's an honor and pleasure to welcome you to the March issue of Restored. My name is Julio Perez and I serve with an amazing team in Augusta as a project manager for Southeast Restoration Group. 


A little something you might not know about me is that I was born in Guatemala. My mom moved my brother and I to the states when we where very young. I grew up in a small town called Dalton, Ga. That's where I met my beautiful bride Amber, with whom I will be celebrating 14 years of marriage in May. We have two kids, Ethan and Natalie and man do they keep us busy! God has blessed me with an amazing family.


Being in construction for many years, I'm humbled by the opportunity to work in an environment as SRG envisions. Restoring Lives, while Repairing Property. I came on board SRG in Feb 14' right after the ice storm, so I was able to see first hand SRG's Core Values at work. 


I had never before seen what mold, a plumbing leak, or a fire could do to a home, let alone a family. God has worked on my heart this past year. Telling me that with every opportunity there's a story. So serving with compassion was something that I needed to hear everyday as a reminder to keep me grounded. 


As March comes, we here in Augusta start preparing for a little golf tournament called the Masters. So if you find yourself with some tickets, don't forget to come see us. Thank you for the privilege to serve along side you all and living out SRG's Core Values. We hope you enjoy the March issue of Restored and the information contained within. 



God Bless

Julio Perez


LIVES Restored

We always like to see our team members out doing their thing and give them a shout out when we see something awesome. 
Shane Collier, SRG Columbus, was giving an estimate for a job that, once reviewed, turned out not to be a project where our services would not be needed. While Shane was here for the rest of the story. 


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COMMUNITY Participation

Southeast Restoration sent a handful of Team Members to the YWCA for a service day project to build and install shelving for donation storage at their Marietta facility.  Click  here to see more of this story.


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