Jeremy Montroy  - Mitigation Project Manager  (SRG Columbus)

I'm honored with the opportunity to welcome everybody to the November edition of Restored. My name is Jeremy Montroy and it gives me great pleasure to say a few words about Southeast Restoration Group, my family and friends!  I currently hold the position of Mitigation Project Manager in Columbus, Georgia. I have been with SRG for almost three years. My family includes my wife Brandy and three children; Griffin (10), Gabriella (6) and Graylea (3). 
I am a Graduate of Auburn University .  In respect to family and business values over the years I have humbly learned an enormous amount about myself and those I serve.   I have been fortunate to meet many great people over the years, and hear so many great stories. Often I get asked "Why do we do, what we do?" This applies to SRG or any of our roles in day to day life.  There are two moments I can recall that have shaped my core belief in people and why I serve.  First and foremost, I was told a long time ago that I have a servant's heart. This small statement guides me every day at SRG and every aspect of my life. Secondly, I had the opportunity to speak to a respected business leader.  He shared this quote with me:

"We will never fail at business or life, if we lead through the Lens of Humanity."
At first thought I really didn't understand the concept, but have grown to understand this intuitive way of thinking and use it as a guide for how I treat others.
I want to thank Southeast Restoration for giving me the opportunity to  "be good in the living room'" everyday.  This should be our specialty, people should want to let us in. I work for SRG, a service company that has the opportunity daily to stand apart in how we serve! "Why do I do, what I do?" Every day I get to serve with compassion, listen to humbling stories from our homeowners, and restore lives while leading through the "lens of humanity."  

May we all inspire those we serve and don't serve daily, find happiness in all we do, and seek out the unexpected personal touches. Thanks again, God Bless!

Jeremy Montroy - Mitigation Project Manager, SRG Columbus

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