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"We aspire to bring happiness to our team members and their families, to be an inspiration in our communities, and to make a positive impact on every life we touch."


Dewey McCabe - Business Development  (SRG Columbus)

Welcome to the November issue of RESTORED.

My name is Dewey McCabe, and I have the privilege of serving you in the Columbus, Georgia office.  In this season of thanksgiving, I am grateful.  Grateful because of how the Lord has used  Southeast Restoration Group to answer my prayers and fulfill the desires of my heart. 

Almost six years ago, I was an independent sales rep living out of a suitcase developing accounts in New England and the Miami, Florida area.   My uncle had given me a great opportunity to start representing a new line of products in the pet industry.  The only problem was my heart remained in Columbus, Georgia.  Their names were Heather, and her daughter Alyssa.   I was still single at the time and Heather was the most amazing woman I had ever met.  I knew Heather and Alyssa were God's plan for me, but I didn't know how I was going to get back to Columbus, Georgia permanently.  Little did I know the Lord was actively orchestrating events that would weave Southeast Restoration Group and myself together.
In 2009, the Lord laid it on Ben Looper's heart (SRG CEO) to start a new location in Columbus, Georgia.   Brian Taylor was chosen to be the General Manager, and this was by no accident.  Brian's wife, Leah, had family in Columbus and they attended the church I was serving.    In January of 2010, I received a call from Brian.  He had lunch with the Youth Pastor of the church we were attending.  The Youth Pastor let Brian know I was trying to get back to Columbus permanently and suggested I might be a good fit for the Business Development and Marketing role at SRG.  Shortly after, I received a phone call from Brian to interview. 
After a few interviews, Ben Looper, CEO, called me up to invite me to the Johnny Hunt Men's Conference.  This was amazing to me!  I was still in the interview process, and the owner of the company was inviting me to a Christian men's conference.  This told me a lot about the culture of SRG, and I knew at that moment, the Lord had orchestrated all these moving parts to bring me to Southeast Restoration Group.  In February of 2010, I came on board with SRG and began learning the SRG Way. 
I say all of this to explain my opening statements.  The greatest desire of my heart has always been to have a godly wife and raise godly children to serve my Lord and Savior.  Heather and I were married in 2011 and are blessed with 2 amazing children, Alyssa 14 and Caleb 3.
The Lord has been good!  I can't even begin to describe how good He has been.  He has blessed our family spiritually, physically, and monetarily.  We have so much to be thankful for, and so my heart bursts with gratefulness to a God who has been faithful and to Southeast Restoration Group who He used as the vehicle to accomplish all these things. 

SRG seeks to be a blessing to you and your family as well.  It is our mission:

Lives. Repairing Property.

To serve you with compassion, and to leave you better than we found you .  I pray God's best for YOUR lives, and wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.  

Dewey McCabe

LIVES Restored

Thank you for a tremendous outpouring of support!!!

During the September push of  Phase 1 - LOVE , we raised over $32,000 in September. This will allow over 40 children   to go to a specialized camp geared specifically for children with cancer. Camp Sunshine will be host to over 400 children during their summer camps .  With our donations, we have covered the cost for 10% of those kids.  

Now we are in Phase 2 - Hope

Hope has started and involves opportunities for businesses and other groups of people inlcuding church small groups, churches, sports teams, neighborhoods or women's or men's groups that typically look for opportunities to give to those in need during the Christmas holidays, to use Camp Sunshine as their focus this year.  
We ask that if you are involved with a group who wishes to grant a Christmas gift in this manner, that you coordinate with Joshua McClure (Dir. of Business Development) who will work with you in making this gift of Hope happen.
We can think of no greater gift than to partner with a business or group and give even more children who are battling cancer or who have battled cancer an opportunity to attend Camp Sunshine as a Christmas gift.
The cost to send one child to Camp Sunshine is $800.  For more information or details on Camp Sunshine see   


As we head deep into November and are only weeks away from Thanksgiving and the Christmas Holiday season, it is always good to get your home and spirit in the mood.   Click here for some very good tips on your home and yourself during this season.
COMMUNITY Participation

SRG Canton and their families volunteered at the First Baptist Church Woodstock's  LoveLoud event. Our job was to install metal shelve brackets on the  walls for the WeFoster Family Resource Room (aka "The Closet"). We are very proud of the outcome of... click here to see more details and images.

November 11th was Veterans day and we honored those men and women that have and continue to sacrifice for our freedom.  We are honored to have men and women as Team Members at Southeast Restoration Group that have served us and this great country.  We thank them each and everyday for their service.

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