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"We aspire to bring happiness to our team members and their families, to be an inspiration in our communities, and to make a positive impact on every life we touch."


Brent Lively - Project Manager  (SRG Augusta)

My name is Brent Lively and it is my pleasure to welcome you to the September edition of Restored.
I am a native and current resident of Waynesboro, GA.  I was a 1990 graduate of Burke County High School where I enjoyed playing football and baseball.  After high school I had the honor of serving in the Marine Corps for 6 years of active duty in which I was involved in several deployments such as Kuwait, Somalia, and Haiti to name a few.  
My wife Diann and I met in 1997 in Cuyahoga Falls, OH and have been married since 2002.  While living in Ohio I began working in the building trades, an industry that had always fascinated me, and went on to become a general contractor for about twelve years.  My wife has blessed me with two sons, Conner 12 and Brandon 9.  My family keeps me busy with both boys being very active in sports at the recreation league and middle school levels.  It has been a great privilege of mine to have helped coach them over the years and watch not only their skills grow but also their teamwork and dedication mature in both of them.  
Diann has been a great cheerleader for all of us and always gets the team moms organized with the all-important snack schedule.  My family and I moved back to the great state of Georgia in late 2008.  We currently attend Botsford Baptist Church where Diann teaches Sunday school and we both help with the AWANA program on Sunday evenings.  
We are truly thankful to have become part of the team at SRG.  I have been with SRG Augusta from the time we cut the ribbon, first as a trade partner and currently as a project manager.  It is truly is an honor to work for a company that puts focus on the people that we are able to serve by restoring their property.  My family and I hope that you all have a great September and thank you all for having us in the SRG family.

Brent Lively

LIVES Restored

Southeast Restoration has spent all of 2015 listening to our team members and our customers to developing a new website that will create an efficient and organized site for those who live busy lives and appreciate a website easy to navigate. It also gives us the opportunity to create a pleasing site for those wishing to find out a little more about who is SRG, where we are located and what we can do to help Restore Lives and Repair Property.

To go directly to our new website, click here.


SRG Training

     Southeast Restoration Group is always looking for opportunities to train and educate our team members on how to conduct themselves and be more efficient on the job and in front of clients.  Recently we had victim assistance training for our Project Managers from a 1-800 Board Up representative to learn how to better serve those who have just suffered a tragedy.  Mike Smith of 1-800 Board Up teaches during a training class on how he approaches victim assistance and how that can translate to Project Managers and Mitigation Technicians. 

SRG has also developed a New Team Member Orientation class for our new team members to give them a full day of learning where their job falls within the project flow, how our other departments are interconnected and the roles that each of them play.  It is an educational and fun day that helps to bring our new team members up to speed as quickly as possible.Business Development Director Joshua McClure gives an overview of our efforts in helping the community better understand who SRG is and how we can help.  

COMMUNITY Participation

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.  SRG has taken this Cancer on with an initiative that will help to send as many children battling cancer to Camp Sunshine as possible next summer.  We have currently received donations of $5,750 dollars which equates to 7 children.  The cost for camp is $800 dollars per child.  We will be making a strong push on this initiative in September, but will continue through March of 2016 with several events scheduled including a celebration in March to end the initiative and present Camp Sunshine with a check.  It is our goal to send 20+ kids to Camp.  

How can You help?

You can click here  to go to our NEW! Website and a donate button is located at the bottom of the website page.

Send an email to with YES, sign me up for a donation of $20.00. You are welcome to donate as much as you wish above and beyond the $20. If you are a business and would like to donate enough for all your employees, we can make that happen.

Our goal is to have a camp full of kids that we have given the opportunity to go without their parents having to worry about paying for camp.

In return for your donation, you will receive a commemorative Childhood Cancer Awareness T-Shirt to aid in spreading awareness see below.   (Please provide your t-shirt size along with contact information and we will reach out to you.)

Who is CampSunshine?
Camp Sunshine enriches the lives of Georgia's children with cancer and their families through year-round recreational, educational and support programs. As a nonprofit organization, Camp Sunshine is committed to providing opportunities for normal development for all children with cancer throughout their journey, bringing together those with similar experiences to share and draw strength from one another amid common understanding. For more information about Camp Sunshine click here.


Southeast Restoration has been the Title sponsor for the Hickory Flat Out 5K since it's beginning.  It is a race that benefits Hide and Seek Camp which provides a great opportunity for our communities' youth to attend in summer.  For more information on Hide and Seek camps click here.
SRG not only sponsors and had many volunteers with the race organizers, we also participated in the race with a sea of SRG Blue at the event.  To see more Images click here.

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