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25th July 2016
This week's survey 
(These survey questions are sent in by our readers. Please spend a minute to give your answer to this week's survey as one or possibly more of your industry peers thinks this question is important and wishes to see your point of view as well as others in the industry.)  

Last week's survey results...

Many of us feel that the TAFE's have done a lousy job of bringing people into our industry and training them, is it up to ASGA to create and run workshops to educate and teach the Sign Industry.
(Submitted by Wal Robinson of Signage Solutions)
  • Since when is it TAFE's job to bring people into our industry? They have all sorts of courses that people can complete to try and get into the sign industry but can they make them do it? No. It all starts with the industry employing apprentices and sending them off to TAFE. Give someone a job and teach them from scratch - or is that always someone else's job?
  • Being mainly screen printing in our business we dont have a choice anymore TAFE course no longer exists for our trade...They were not great at training I admit but at least there was some training and then you would teach your staff how you wanted things done etc but now we don't have a choice but to train all ourselves which is fun when new people coming into jobs think its all about making pretty pictures on photoshop and nothing else.
  • It is NOT the job of TAFE to bring Apprentices into any industry. My background is the Printing Industry and as an employer of many, it has always been up to us to decide to employ Apprentices. This can only be done if a company is growing, and the sign industry, very much like the printing industry has been very badly hit by new technology allowing completely UNTRAINED people to set up with easy to use software and cheap wide format printers and call themselves Sign Writers or Printers. In the printing Industry we had the introduction of "InstantPrint Shop" many now dead, others still raping the industry and lowering the perception of cost and values. Until our industries both the Printing and the Sign industries get the Government to make it Law for companies, operations or individuals to be fully Licensed and registered as Trade qualified with certification that is on going we will continue to find we cant afford to employ APPRENTICES as there wont be anything for them to do, let alone the need for them to register as an apprentice in the first place.
  • NO. I have put 4 apprentices through Wollongong Tafe with varying degrees of success. I believe it is within the individual to make the most of the opportunity and the employer to provide a platform for success.The biggest problem the TAFE has is that there is too much emphasis on actual sign writing. Whilst I appreciate the skill it has very little to do with the profession these days. In my opinion there needs to be a lot more education on manufacture/installation.
  • ASGA may well be better positioned to start a training division, one can only hope that if they dis, their training would be more pertinent to the requirements of today's industry.
  • TAFE's are not responsible for bringing people into the industry but having said that, if they have the courses, they should be promoting the courses to schools, etc., in order to encourage students to enter the print and sign industry.  

(As a publishing practice to protect ourselves from any potential liability, company and individual names that are referred to negatively in any of these comments are removed.
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Please spend a minute to give your answer to this week's survey as one or possibly more of your industry peers thinks this question is important and wishes to see your point of view as well as others in the industry.

If you have a subject that you would like us to survey, please send your subject to brian@wideformatonline.com. Thanks.) 

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New South Wales

(NSW, Thornleigh) Polar 92E
(Posted 15th July 2016) 
(NSW, Helensburgh) EPSON GS6000
(Posted 22nd June 2016)
(NSW, Marrickville) Roland gx500 plotter.
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(VIC, Hallam) Roland XR640 Printer
(Posted 12th July 2016
 (Posted 8th May 2016)
(VIC, Templestowe) Roland SJ745EX Pro 2,
(Posted 14th April 2016)
(Posted 11th April 2016)

(QLD, Brisbane) JV33-130sp.
(Posted 18th July 2016)
(QLD, Brisbane) Mimaki JV33-160
(Posted 18th July 2016)
(QLD, Grange) Epson gs6000.
(Posted 3rd July 2016)
(Posted 7th June 2016)
(Posted 30th May 2016)
(Posted 25th May 2016)
(Posted 23rd May 2016)
(Posted 20th May 2016)
(Posted 13th May 2016)
(Posted 27th April 2016)
(Posted 20th April 2016)
(Posted 13th April 2016)
(Posted 5th April 2016)
(Posted 1st April 2016)
Northern Territory
South Australia


Western Australia RE
(WA, Wangara) Mimaki printer/cutter - CJV30-60.
(Posted 4th January 2016)
(WA, Wangara) Gravograph LS100 engraver
(Posted 4th January 2016)
         New Zealand ACE HERE
(NZ, Rangiora) Our HP Latex L25500 60 inch large format full colour signage printer CMYKLcLm.
(Posted 21st April 2016)
(NZ, Auckland) Oce 550GT UV Flatbed Printer
(Posted 11th April 2016)

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  New South Wales  
(NSW, Minto) Signmaker Extraordinaire
(Posted 22nd July 2016)
(All States) National Sales Manager
(Posted 15th June 2016)
(Posted 20th May 2016)
(NSW, Sydney North West) Signwriter
(Posted 20th May 2016)

(All States) National Sales Manager
(Posted 15th June 2016)

(All States) National Sales Manager
(Posted 15th June 2016)
South Australia

(All States) National Sales Manager
(Posted 15th June 2016)


(Posted 15th June 2016)
  New Zealand  
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