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February 12, 2017

In his actions, words, and choices Jesus demonstrated to us the importance of living by God's law, in love and compassion.  

Here is a mini reflection on the gospel   Matthew 5:17-37  by ne M. Osdieck.
Do not think that I have come to abolish the law or the prophets. I have come not to abolish but to fulfill.
let us grasp the law:
justice, love and compassion. 
Let the law make us holy.
Not like your Pharisees,
 who blow horns 
before they 
You showed us with your every breath
just what it means to be holy.
You are the wonder,
the goal and the
summit of
the law.
Teach us.
Turn all of our
law-keeping into love.

Kathleen Faust  
Pastoral Associate
Church of the Resurrection

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What's Happening 
 in the Resurrection Parish Community?
Please check our  Church of the Resurrection Calendar 
for daily listing of parish events.

There is no second collection this weekend.

Our community gives thanks for the life of Martha Chesely. Her vigil will be held in the church on Thursday at 7 pm and her Funeral Mass will be on Friday at 10 am.

Thanks to all who cheered at the Revs vs Sems game.

The Annual Diocesan Appeal kicks off this weekend.  Please open your heart in prayer and decide what your participation will be.  Everyone has something to give to our church and diocese, including our prayers!

 The Parish Blog is updated regularly with various announcements, flyers, pictures etc.   This week there are new postings about:
RISE - our new Youth Ministry.

Are you or someone you know in grades 9-12?  Then mark the calendar and be there for the kick off of RISE Youth Ministry

Are you ready to join the 
Tijuana Ministry?   

Mark your calendar 
Catholic Cemeteries presentations after all the Masses the weekend of February 25 and 26. 
Saturday's presentation will be in the Emmaus (Youth) room at 6 pm. 
Sunday's presentations will be after each Mass in the Farana Alcoves.
See the bulletin for more details.

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Presider Schedule
Reconciliation - Fr. Noel
Saturday 5 pm - Fr. Noel
Sunday 7 am Fr. Noel
Sunday 8:30 am Fr. Phong - Homilist, Deacon Mike
Sunday 10 am Fr. Noel
Sunday 11:30 am Fr. Phong - Homilist, Deacon Mike
Sunday 5 pm Fr. Noel

Church of the Resurrection Youth Ministry
RISE is here!

Join other teens (grades 9 - 12)

First meeting is February 19th at 1 pm. 

Parents' meeting is February 17th at 7:30 pm in the Youth Room.

For more information contact
 Robert Rodrigues


Proclaimers are trained volunteers who read the scripture during Mass.  This ministry is for those who enjoy reading for a large group of people.  Yes, we are always happy to train new proclaimers! 

The technical considerations are the proper use of the microphone and basic public speaking skills, enunciation, pace, eye contact, breathing, body language etc. The spiritual aspect of this ministry draws on our daily reading of the Word, our prayers and reflections and how the Word of God touches our lives. 

Those interested in joining this ministry please contact:
Kathleen Faust
and the Leaders in Proclaimer Ministry:

Dear Proclaimers,
Deacon Mike is the homilist this Sunday at 8:30 and 11:30.
If you need a Lector Workbook - see me or email me

Thank you for being awesome proclaimers!


Are you looking for more insight into the readings?  
subscribe to a weekly Gospel Reflection by emailing
6th Sunday in Ordinary Time readings 


  Please note that the prayers of the faithful may be edited between the time of this email and the weekend Masses.  The final version will be ready at the ambo before Mass, in the binder,  for you to preview.  
~ Kathleen
Sunday Hospitality 

We serve up Resurrection Hospitality each Sunday after the 8:30 am and the 10 am Masses.  Whether you are a "donut person" or not, still come over to Farana after Mass and enjoy the fellowship!    Are you outgoing and a "foody"?  Do you enjoy meeting people?  Consider joining our volunteer ranks!  The way things are going now, most volunteers work once a month or less.   We have some dedicated souls that help out more often.  We will work with you and your schedule so sign up! 

Ana Gawrosch - lead for scheduling
Amanda Vu lead for crews and supplies
Volunteers, please notify Amanda if any of our supplies are running low.   
Director of Liturgy, Kathleen Faust, Pastoral Associate,

Thanks you for serving our goodies each week.  I often wish that I could be there to talk with parishioners.  Take the opportunity to get to know someone new each week!
Thank you Darina, Dolors, Remi, Marichu and Kavitha for hospitality this weekend.


Hi Music Ministers,

Rehearsals are on Thursdays 7:30 - 8:30 in the church.  If you are singing for the evening Masses on Saturday or Sunday, the rehearsal is at 4 pm before Mass.  

NOTE - This Thursday, February 16th, we will NOT have choir rehearsal due to the vigil service for Martha Chesely.
Welcome to Kate Beal, our newest music minister! 

As always, please bring your own copies of Spirit and Song and Choral Praise 3 to all Masses.  There are loaner copies in the choir room for you to use and then return after Mass.

Kathleen  (
BB-16  is Breaking Bread (in the pews)
S&S is the new Spirit and Song book (all blue) 
CP3 - is the hardbound Choral Praise 3rd edition.   
Drop Box    

Save the trees!  Come early for your Mass, prepared with your music.  We are weaning ourselves from lots of copies. Print your own copies at home from dropbox and SAVE them in a binder. Bring Choral Praise 3 and Spirit and Song to every Mass.     

Chimers and Youth Ministry   

You can chime at the 10 am Mass if 2 or more of you arrive early to set up the chimes, stands and microphones.  Thanks!

Please remember that we are using ONLY the smaller binders that contain only the music for the current Mass.  They require the regular black music stands.   
No chime practice this week and next week.  I'll announce our next practice when it is scheduled.  Thanks! 

Altar Servers   
For more information, please contact :
Monica Rodrigues - Schedule Coordinator  
Pam Lugos - Recruiting Coordinator  (
Kathleen Faust, Director of Liturgy - Training and Formation

We are back in Ordinary time and the cincture color is now GREEN.
Servers - your service is greatly appreciated!  Please remember that you are in God's sanctuary and to strive to remain quiet and still during Mass, focusing your attention on the priest and the proclaimers. 

Did you remember that altar servers...
~  never need to "graduate"  - that all ages can serve at the altar including adults!
~ that you are part of the worshiping community which means that unless you are busy with a task, you need to sing, pray, participate, with everyone else.

When you are processing in to Mass and carrying Cross, candles etc. you do NOT stop and bow at the sanctuary steps.  The others do, but you continue the procession up to the candle and cross stand and then go to your seat.

Thank you for your service!   

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion Brightly lit candle

If you are not an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion - you can become one!!  We are always looking for more lay ministers to help distribute the Blessed Sacrament at our Masses.  Training is usually held on a Saturday afternoon.  It is a beautiful experience to be a part of this ministry.  Please give it some thought and prayer - we hope the you will join us!

FYI - We will need your help this year again on Ash Wednesday to help distribute ashes at the 8:15 am and the 7 pm Masses.  You most likely will hear from Ric on this.  

We continue our temporary procedures for the flu season:

 Bishop McGrath has instructed us to receive communion only with the Blessed Body of Christ and only administered in the hand, rather than the tongue.  We will not share the Consecrated Wine until further notice.  Also, all ministers must wash their hands thoroughly both before and after distribution with hand sanitizer.  It will be located in the sacristy.  This also applies to all ministers to the sick and homebound.

In addition to the restrictions on the Eucharist, we are also asked to refrain from holding hands during the Lord's prayer and to greet each other and offer the sign of peace without touching.  Finally, if you are ill, you are given special dispensation to stay home and not go to Mass.  All are asked to take care, use common sense and follow the Bishop's directives until he lifts them.   


please contact:
Ric Shimshock, Communion Ministry Coordinator
Mary Mansir, sacristan
Kathleen Faust, Pastoral Associate 

Deacon Mike is not on the Mass schedule this weekend. 

Usher Greeter Ministry

For more information, please contact one of the following: 
Willie Javier 
Tom Brand 
Kathleen Faust, Pastoral Associate

This Sunday we celebrate Scout Sunday.  There will be boy scouts and girl scouts assisting with greeting, ushering and a group of them will present the gifts and the food basket at Mass.  Thank you for mentoring them!

Heads up - "Our Light is On for You" will be back in Lent again this year.  Wednesdays from 7 - 9 pm.

There is NO second collection this weekend.


The tasks of Usher/Greeters....
Welcome, seat people, take collection, clean up pews and books, look out for our safety, and so much more!!  

In reverence for the word of God, thank you for refraining from seating people during our readings.   It allows folks to focus on the word of God.

Liturgical Environment    easter

We are back to Ordinary Time and the liturgical color is green.

We can not express enough our thanks to the volunteers who set up and cleaned up the Christmas Environment and to Carol for her leadership and daily work in the church!  See our blog article
Kathleen Faust 
Contact Carol Bruce

ResGeeks (ipad/projector ministry)

Thank you to all the ipad operators Pam, Allie, Joshua, Lauren, Julia, Bob, Alex, Margaret, Gabriel and all those who jump in when we need a hand - the Res Geeks!   We welcome our newest Res Geek - iPad operator Chung! 

Special thanks to Evan - who prepares all the slide shows.  :)
Some of you have trained and know how to do the initial projector and iPad set up.  If you have not learned this, I am happy to teach you!!  
It especially comes in handy if I am on vacation or away for a Mass. 

I appreciate how 
you  are always there at Masses to help keep everything running smoothly.    Check in with me at Mass to see if we need you whenever you are in church.   
Thank you! Kathleen

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