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March 19, 2017  3rd Sunday of Lent

   The 3rd Sunday of Lent is has the atmosphere of cleansing, water, and renewal.  This weekend we will sing one of our favorites, "As the Deer Longs".  This will also be one of our psalms for Easter Vigil. 

The picture above is one that I took while on a weekend hike with my daughter last summer.  A wonderful get-away and renewing time... good memories....  :)

As I was reading and reflecting this week, I came upon a poem about grace, love and hope that ties in with cleansing and renewal. 


Lord, give me the grace to know myself, that I may love myself. 
Give me the grace to love myself, that I may love others. 
Give me the grace to love others, that I may do your work. 
Give me the grace to do your work, that I may have true joy. 
Give me the grace to be joyful, that I may bring hope to the world, 
A world that is poor, a world that desperately needs your light. 

by Rachel Fitzgibbon

How often have you heard that you must love and accept yourself before you can reach out in the same way to others?  It is a challenge of mine to love myself and to feel worthy.  Many of my prayers throughout my life have been about this.  I am touched by how this prayer takes that personal peace and acceptance and radiates it outward with God's grace, to do God's work.

Lenten Peace and Blessings! 
Kathleen Faust
Music Director
Church of the Resurrection

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The second collection this weekend is for St. Vicent De Paul.  Please be as generous as you can, as this is our big outreach to those at our doorstep who are in need.  

  Wednesday evenings during Lent, from 6 - 8 pm, the church of our diocese are all open to offer the Sacrament of Reconciliation.     
Lenten Fridays At Resurrection
Mass - 8:15 pm
Stations of the Cross - 6:15 pm  (This Friday we will use the contemporary setting of the Stations of the Cross.) 
Soup Supper - 6:45 pm
It's ADA time! Annual Diocesan Appeal  Last year we had 24% participation.  Fr. Noel is asking that the other 76% of our parishioners to participate this year too.  We all are in different economic circumstances and some are able to give more than others, but every single dollar counts.  Give what you can - Fr. Noel is asking us to, "give from the heart."  thank you! 
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on April 8th Fr. Noel will present
You are invited to join us for an hour of reflection as Fr. Noel Sanvicente our pastor, leads us to revisit Mount Calvary and ponder upon the Lamentations of Jesus on the Cross (traditionally known as The Seven Last Words).
On April 8, 2017 at 11 am in the morning, to be followed by Holy Mass at 12 noon at the Church of Resurrection, between Hollenbeck and Cascade Drive. Please plan to arrive at 10:45 am. We will start promptly at 11 am
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Music Ministry

This Friday we will be using the contemporary setting for the Stations of the Cross.  Who would like to come help sing?!  We had a small group last year and it was beautiful.  I will go over the parts tonight at choir if anyone is interested in helping out.

I have created an updated DropBox for our music ministry.  Email me if you continue to have difficulties accessing our music.

rehearsals are on Thursdays 7:30 - 8:30 in the church.  If you are singing for the evening Masses on Saturday or Sunday, the rehearsal is at 4 pm before Mass. 

Chimers - chime 10 am Mass if 2 or more of you arrive early to set up the chimes, stands and microphones.  Thanks!

BB-16  is Breaking Bread (copies in pews and also in choir room)
S&S is the new Spirit and Song  (loaner copies in choir room)
CP3 - is the hardbound Choral Praise 3rd edition. (loaner copies in choir room)
If you borrow books for Mass, please return them after Mass.  Thanks!

Director of Music - Kathleen Faust 
Drop Box    

Revised Cantor Schedule as of 2/16/2017

Save the trees!  Come early for your Mass, prepared with your music.  We are weaning ourselves from lots of copies. Print your own copies at home from dropbox and SAVE them in a binder. Bring Choral Praise 3 and Spirit and Song to every Mass.     
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