Rethinking Legal Fatherhood through the Lens of Human Rights 
Tuesday, March 26, 2013 
Emory Law School 4:00-5:00pm Room 575    
Visiting Scholar Presentation   
Discussion will focus on: 
  • What type of engagement makes someone a legal father, if any at all? In order to ensure the well-being Sperm Bank Donation of all family members, on what basis - biology, marriage, social and cultural conventions - should paternal rights and responsibilities be allocated?
  • Is the European Court of Human Rights challenging or reproducing the traditional ideology of the family?
  • Why does the Court feel more prepared to disregard the traditional ideology of the family in certain case-law domains rather than in others?
  • Are human rights the right means of achieving changes in family practices?
  • How can the FLT paradigm be employed to enhance the rights of fathers?    
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Alice Margaria
Alice Margaria is a PhD candidate at the Department of Law of the European University Institute (Florence, Italy). Her current research investigates how human rights tools have been employed to adjust outmoded legal concepts to evolving family forms and practices. More specifically, her doctoral thesis considers and critically analyses how the jurisprudential activity of the European Court of Human Rights has contributed to outlining the contours of the rights and responsibilities of fatherhood. Alice can be reached at