Newsletter 2015-Year in Review
Message from Colin Genge, CEO and Founder
2015 was Retrotec's best year ever.
This was the year where we went 100% injection molded sensors for an amazing repeatibility. From our super low flow Model 300 at 0.02 CFM to our slick 5000 and 6000 Blower Doors, our fans are the most accurate with the widest ranges of results.  No one comes close to our ISO 17025 accredited accuracy which was proved in thousands of field tests, where we are miles ahead.
Massive software advances with FanTestic and rCloud and numerous new products in our pipeline gives us an exciting future.
Stay tuned for more articles, more training and more industry leading ideas. 
We are all living in a new era with the Paris agreements giving the green light to massive reductions in energy use, conservation worldwide will have a brighter future as will our planet. 
I personally thank you for being a member of our Retrotec family!  Colin Genge
2015 Product Summary

We launched these new products in 2015:

  • 441/451 Commercial DucTester  


  • 5000 series Residential Blower door (formally the 1000) 
  • 6000 series Commercial Blower door (formally the 3000)  


  • Launching the Model 5121 Hard Panel available for the first time


  • FanTestic updates that includes Duct Tests. Residential & Commercial 
  • FlowFinder mk2 powered flow hood 
  • Passive House Window Frame

In 2016 we are also launching some amazing accessories for these products, like the Power Tiny Smoke Generator and the Clear Flange for the DucTester.
For more information about our products, click here.
Been There!
We were there, making every effort to go where you were.  We went to great lengths to have live equipment at the booth that you could interact with.   

Thank you to everyone we had the pleasure of meeting and who spent time at our booths.  
For a list of our upcoming shows, click here.
First Annual Holiday Office Party webinar
This Thursday, December 17th at 1pm CST ... register here for free
2015 was the year of Webinars and Training
From 56 webinars covering these topics below, Retrotec also hosted their world renowned Large Building training in Seattle, WA
The online National Manufacturer Certification course was successful for hundreds of duct tester and blower door users.  
It also serves as an approved IECC Code certification for Louisiana duct testing. 

DM32 smart gauge                                IECC Code testing  
Blower door tests                                   Duct tests
Leakage to outdoors test                       Multifamily homes
Weatherization testing                           Large building test
Multiple fan tests                                   Envelope diagnostics
Pressure pan tests                                  Zone pressure diagnostics
Commissioning HRV's & ERV's                

We will provide a Multiple Fan training at the 2016 RESNET Conference. 
Register for  RESNET  here
We put on a record number of webinars and were fortunate to have the number of registrants increase.  Thank you to all who have attended and continue to attend our weekly webinars.  
Is there a topic you would like to see covered?  Send in your webinar  requests .
Guest Speakers and Key Contributors
We can't host 56 webinars alone, we were fortunate to work with these guest speakers:
  • Ben Gromicko of InterNACHI
  • Ken Levinson of 475
  • Chris Dorsi of Habitat X
  • Bill Eckman of NME$A
  • Kevin Brennan of Passive House Academy
  • Rick Blumenthal of Knauf Insulation
  • Owens Corning
  • IDI - Insulation Distributors, Inc.
Interested in being a guest speaker/partner on a webinar? Let us know!
Clear flange and Range plugs product special
As a thank you to our customers, we are offering a special year-end promotion available only in this newsletter and in our First Annual Holiday Office Party webinar on December 17th.
Package includes:
Clear Flange -has hooks so you can install faster without removing the flex then it takes less tape to seal the return.  It's clear so you can see exactly what you're doing.
Range 29 & 18 for flows from 32 to 2 CFM

Regular $350, Special Year End Promo - $175

Available to Continental U.S. customers until Dec 31, 2015 and will ship late January 2016.   
Contact or 855-738-7683 for this offer.

Vernon House App
This app is a Quick Reference Tool using the Retrotec DM32 Smart Gauge. 
All references are intended for Energy Auditors and people who are trained in the Building Performance Industry. 

The references will cover basic testing. 
Currently only Android, iOS coming soon
Click here for the Android app

YouTube channel RetrotecEnergy
We update our YouTube page weekly...why you should check it out:
  • Webinars
  • Video instruction

Take a look and see for yourself...


Monthly Newsletter
Starting in April 2015, we started a monthly newsletter that focuses on:
  • Tech Challenges
  • Feedback from the field
  • Software Updates
  • Webinar Listings
  • Shows we are attending
  • News that is vital in the building performance industry
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rCloud smart device testing and secure data storage
Retrotec created the first WiFi touchscreen smart gauge, the DM32. We're now unleashing an app as powerful and easy to use as the DM32.
Setup your equipment. Open rCloud on your smartphone or tablet, enter the address and type of test. Then select a compliance method (IECC, RESNET or CA Title 24 or ...) - then let rCloud do the rest.   rCloud will GEO-tag your test location, get the local weather conditions, search Zillow for existing building data and more...
rCloud connects to your DM32 smart gauge and performs the entire test automatically!
Accept the results or run the test again. Immediately share the saved compliance report that is stored securely in the cloud. The compliance report can be viewed from anywhere.
Want to be the first to know? Click here to join the rCloud email list. is better than ever
Features we have added in 2015
  • Newsletter tab to view past newsletters
  • Find a tester - Search your area for certified testers
  • Add yourself as a trainer - Click a button and add yourself as a trainer 
Want to see for yourself?  Here is a link to our website.
ILAC Calibration Certification - when accuracy really matters
In 2015, after more than a year's effort, Retrotec has finally achieved ISO 17025 accreditation for our pressure and flow calibrations.  
  • We are the only blower door manufacturer who can provide Ilac ISO 17025 accreditation with each system ensuring that when accuracy matters, Retrotec is the superior choice.  
  • Ilac calibration can be provided for any gauge, blower door, DucTester or flow device. When you require the top level of calibration to perform your tests, Retrotec is there.
Are you up to date? 
  • DM32 - v.2.4 Build 71B1 New Update 2015-12-01...for more information  
  • GaugeRemote iOS - v.1.3.1 Last Update 2015-09-16
  • GaugeRemote Android - v.1.3.0 Last Update 2015-07-29
  • FanTestic - v.  New Update  2015-11-12 ...for more information
  • Data Logger - v.  Last Update 2014-12-17 ...for more information
  • Configurator - v. Last Update 2015-07-30 ...for more information
  • Virtual Gauge - v. Last Update 2015-07-20  ...for more information
For a complete list of our Software Updates click  here
Need Equipment?
Take advantage of the 2015 pricing as many products are going to increase in price in 2016. Contact or 855-738-7683
Retrotec holiday break
Our Everson office will be closed from December 24th to January 3rd.  
Our Vancouver office will be closed from December 25th to January 3rd.
Tech support will be monitored during this time for emergencies.
Our sales team will be checking emails regularly during the break.
Our shipping department will be closed from December 23rd to January 3rd. 
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