April 2015


Web Based Training and Educational Webinars

April Webinars

11:00 AM to 12:00 AM PDT


Tuesday, April 7th: New Testing Opportunities for Equipment You Already Own 

Tuesday, April 14th: Blower Door Testing 101

Tuesday, April 21st: Leakage to Outdoors and Advanced DucTesting Methods

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Upcoming Events

April 7-11: High Performance Insulation Convention, Hilton Head Island, SC

April 7-9: ABAA Conference & Trade Show, Dallas, TX

April 13-15: Best4 Performance Driven Architectural Design, Kansas City

April 16-18: NEBB Annual Conference, Honolulu, Hawaii

April 28-30: CxEnergy 2015, Henderson, NV

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New Product Releases

450 Commercial Duct Tester

"It is so light, you simply carry the entire system from test to test"

Don't let the small size fool you, this duct tester creates 20 in. WC . And  the 450 will test 7,000 square feet of commercial ductwork at 3 inches Water Column or higher. 

The brain of this unit is the DM32 smart gauge. It's intuitive design helps you deliver the results you need. It all happens live and in the gauge.

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