Newsletter December 2015
IECCode Compiance - focus of the month
We will highlight everything you need to know to test for code compliance.  Why this is not a difficult task and how you can perform these tests with ease.  

We are hosting three webinars on IECCode compliance in December. To register for our webinars, click here.
Are you up to date? DM32 firmware update!
  • DM32 - v.2.4 Build 71B1 New Update 2015-12-01 released today...for more information  
  • GaugeRemote iOS - v.1.3.1 Last Update 2015-09-16
  • GaugeRemote Android - v.1.3.0 Last Update 2015-07-29
  • FanTestic - v.  New Update  2015-11-12 ...for more information
  • Data Logger - v.  Last Update 2014-12-17 ...for more information
  • Configurator - v. Last Update 2015-07-30 ...for more information
  • Virtual Gauge - v. Last Update 2015-07-20  ...for more information
For a complete list of our Software Updates click here
Retrotec has always provided code results in the gauge and apps
DM32 smart gauge: The results can be provided in ACH50, CFM/ 100 sq ft. or CFM/ sq ft. and many more.  Tap Channel B and select the desired results. 
For more information, refer to the DM32 manual, section 3.3.9. 

DM-2: Even the older DM-2 gauge can provide the results in ACH50, CFM/ 100 sq ft. or CFM/ sq ft. and many more.  To add results, Tap [Setup] then [Mode Setup] then [Enter] then select the results and units you want to have displayed then [Exit]. To change results Tap the [Mode] button. For more information, refer to DM-2 manual, section 3.3.  
Feedback from the field
Q: Can I depressurize my duct system for IECCode compliance? 
A: The IECCode allows for either pressurization or depressurization of the duct system. Confirm with your local jurisdiction if they have any amendments stating otherwise. 
We highly recommend that you depressurize when testing the duct system. This provides the most accurate test of how tight the duct system is. Pressurization can cause leaks in the duct mask that is sealing the registers and grills. Depressurizing will pull the duct mask, and any other device used to seal the ducts, tight up against the drywall. 
When depressurizing with the Retrotec DucTesters (340 or DU200 systems) there is nothing to add or tubing to change in the setup. Simply turn the DucTester around and test in either direction. Remember when performing a depressurization test, the rings or plugs are inside the flex duct.  Pressurizing the duct system can be valuable when searching for leaks. Seal the leaks, then turn the DucTester around and depressurize the system. Want to learn more refer to section 6.9 of the DucTester manual

What is your code?
What are the code requirements in your jurisdiction? Keeping track of local codes is an ongoing challenge, please help us update our database by emailing us at and provide...
  • What version of the code? (example 2009)
  • What tests are required and what are the compliance requirements? 
  • Who can perform the test? 
  • Is it enforced?
Tech challenge
Q: Will the DM32 smart gauge control my Duct Blaster ®?
A: It not only controls it, but will provide you with the code compliance results mentioned above.  The Energy Conservatory speed control must have a 1/8th inch input jack on the side for the Retrotec speed control adapter to function properly.   for more information refer to the Speed Control Adapter (for TEC fans) manual

Smart gauge - new brain for your existing fan
Do you have a Retrotec DM-2 or a TEC DG700 gauge? Consider a new brain to your existing fan. Trade in your old gauge and take advantage of the newest features:
  • Intuitive touch screen
  • Runs all Retrotec and TEC fans
  • Updatable firmware (just to name a few)
Then the Retrotec Gauge exchange is exactly what you're looking for.   Click  exchanges    
rCloud smart device testing and secure data storage
Retrotec created the first WiFi touchscreen smart gauge, the DM32. We're now unleashing an app as powerful and easy to use as the DM32.

Setup your equipment. Open rCloud on your smartphone or tablet, enter the address and type of test. Then select a compliance method (IECC, RESNET or CA Title 24 or ...) - then let rCloud do the rest.   rCloud will GEO-tag your test location, get the local weather conditions, search Zillow for existing building data and more...

rCloud connects to your DM32 smart gauge and performs the entire test automatically!
Accept the results or run the test again. Immediately share the saved compliance report that is stored securely in the cloud. The compliance report can be viewed from anywhere.
Want to be the first to know? Click here to join the rCloud email list. 

Educational webinars
December Webinars   11:00 am to 12:00 pm PST


Tuesday, December 1st: 

IECC 2012/2015 Blower Door Testing for Code Compliance 


Tuesday, December 8th:

IECC 2009/2012/2015 Duct Testing for Code Compliance


Tuesday, December 15th: 

Commercial Duct Testing Compliance 


Thursday, December 17th:

First Annual Holiday Office Party


We offer BPI and InterNACHI CEUs for every webinar.  


We add webinars throughout the month, click here

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First Annual Online Holiday Office Party
Join us for this special year end fun guaranteed!
  • Year in review
  • Test your knowledge trivia quiz
  • New product announcement for 2016
  • A relaxing and fun time for everyone
To join our online holiday office party, click  here   
Upcoming events
JLC Live Residential Construction Show -  Wednesday, December 2-Friday, December 4, 2015
@ Oregon Convention Center, 777 Northeast Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Portland, OR

BPI has sponsored the Proof is Possible Tour
A high performance tiny house on wheels will be spending a full week in 16 cities across the U.S. in 2016!  Retrotec helped launch the first Proof Is Possible Tour event in Tampa last year, and this advanced workshop series has now evolved into a weeklong consumer and pro workshop extravaganza including the filming of the new Home Diagnosis TV show! It's a big project- find out more

Join us and the tour creators, Grace and Corbett Lunsford, as the 16 cities get selected for the weeklong event and the filming of the new  Home Diagnosis TV show !
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