July 2015
Acronym of the Month


Do you know what this stands for?  Look for the definition in August's Newsletter


June's Acronym WRT means...

With Reference To ie: during the blower door test, indoor test pressure is measured WRT outside

Tech Challenge

When doing a depressurizing duct test where should the rings or plugs be located?


a) Visibly on the inlet side of the DucTester.

b) Not visible and inside the flex duct on the inlet side of the DucTester.

c) Visibly on the outlet side of the DucTester.


Last months Tech Challenge (June)

If you cannot reach test pressure, which of these actions should you take?

b) Change fan to a larger range or ring and reestablish your test pressure.


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Web Based Training and Educational Webinars
July Webinars

11:00 AM  to 12:00 AM PDT


Thursday, July 2nd:   Duct Testing 101

with J. West and Joe Medosch


Tuesday, July 7th: Air Leakage Testing for Home Inspectors

with J. West and Ben Gromicko of InterNACHI


Thursday, July 16: Blower Door Testing to Code

with J. West and Joe Medosch


Tuesday, July 21st: Energy Leadership From Habitat X

with Joe Medosch and J. West


Tuesday, July 28th: Gauge 101

with J. West and Joe Medosch


Thursday, July 30th: Infiltration and Duct Leaking with BPI

with J. West and Joe Medosch


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Did You Know...?
  • The DM32 gauge can provide ACH Air Changes per hour live directly in the gauge  
  • Here is how...

    Tap > [Settings] > [Results to be displayed] > [ACH: Air Changes per hour] > [On/Off | Home button]

    Remember to enter the Volume for the ACH Calculation. Tap > [Settings] > [Volume] > enter the volume [Set] > [On/Off | Home button]

For more information, go to Retrotec's support page, under the quick guide for Blower Door with DM32.
This is Must Read About How We Improve Lives in Our Profession
The Following is an inspiring story of how Weatherization Without Borders is changing lives of people like Irma in Latin America. 
Retrotec is ANAB Accredited
Retrotec is now ISO 17025 accredited for pressure and flow. This takes years of work to accomplish and a huge investment in quality calibration equipment. No other blower door company has this. ISO 17025 calibration is now included with every Retrotec Gauge and is optional for all our newest duct testers and blower doors. Authorities worldwide recognize this accreditation
DM32 Firmware is NOW v.62
Is your software up to date?  To check your firmware on your gauge:       
Go to your settings and look at the last page, which will give you your current version.  We have a  video which   easily guides you through the update process.  
To see what's changed in version 62, Click here.
Feedback from the Field

Q:  I want to exchange my DM-2 gauge to the new DM32 smart gauge, but I have an older Blower Door Model (Q46) and a DucTester (Q32).  Will the new gauge work with my old equipment?


A: Yes.  The new DM32 smart gauge will work with any Retrotec fans that have the ethernet style speed control ports.


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Upcoming Events


Retrotec is proud to sponsor the Fourth Annual Summer

Habitat X National Conference

Tuesday, July 21st-Thursday July 23, 2015, at Big Sky Resort in Montana. 

Habitat X is an innovative venue for advanced business networking, technical training, and personal development. It's a place to solve problems, develop solutions and create the future.


Infiltration & Duct Leakage (IDL) Training Opportunity 

and SEBC Energy Forum 

Thursday, July 16th, 2015 @ Southeast Building Conference, Orlando, FL  

Want to be up-to-date and certified in accordance with IECC and the Florida Energy Code (FL 553.990)? Attend the  Training Program for BPI's Infiltration and Duct Leakage (IDL) Certification. During this course you will learn how to perform mandatory and voluntary tests for residential air infiltration. The course will provide hands-on instruction to perform blower door and duct leakage tests, preparing you for BPI's IDL certification exam. Take the exam Friday, July 17, or Saturday, July 18 by appointment


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Multi-Fan Road Show Coming to a City Near You

Call to action!  Be on the lookout for Registration in the following cities:

    • San Francisco-September 8-11
    • Chicago-September 23-25
    • Atlanta-October 14-16
    • New York City-October 26-28
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Happy Independence Day
We Hope You All Have a Safe and Happy Fourth of July!