November  2015
Industry focus of the month
Check calibration and correct equipment operation

This newsletter will highlight field calibration checks that will not only prove your equipment is working correctly, but are a great learning tool to ensure your'e using the equipment correctly.  

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How do I perform Field Checks?
Gauge Checker
Q: How do I perform a field check for my gauge?
A: For step by step instructions, click this link
DucTester on Field Calibration Plate
Q: How do I perform a field check for my DucTester?
A: To field check the DucTester calibration, follow these easy steps:

Check Fan on Field Calibration Plate attached to Flex
This check will ensure that the DucTester is connected properly, and will ensure that the measured results for flow are within 10% of the true value when using the DucTester as a system with Flex Duct
The calibrated fan and flex duct has now been checked as a system, removing that major source of error.

The Field Calibration plate is an option, or make one using thin, solid, cardboard with a 4" x 4 5/8" square hole (18.6 sq in) cut in the center and a 1/4 inch diameter hole for the blue tube.
Run this field calibration if you  depressurize ducts

1.       Tape the Field Calibration Plate to the Flex Duct Flange.

2.       Install Range 74 Flow Plug and set same Range on the Gauge.

3.       Attach the Flex Duct to the inlet side of the fan and to the Flex Duct Flange.

4.       Stretch the Flex Duct to its full length using heavy objects to hold the Plate vertical.

5.       Attach the Yellow and Green tubes to the fan, the Blue tube to the Flange and to the Gauge. 

6.       Set the "Mode" to "Flow".

7.       Press [Set Pressure] [25] [Set] and the fan will automatically control to 25 Pa.  Press @ to display CFM @25 Pa. 

8.       The closer your reading is to *99 CFM at 25 Pa the better.  If your reading is less than 89 or greater than 109 CFM, redo the test, check the Range on the Flow Plug and Gauge to see they match.

*Retrotec's current metal Calibration Plate yields 99 CFM whereas a hole yields 102 CFM.

Run this field calibration if you pressurize ducts

1.       Same as above but on Step 3, attach the flex to the outlet of the Fan.

2.       The closer your reading is to 105 CFM at 25 Pa the better.  If your reading is less than 95 or greater than 115 CFM, redo the test, check the Range on the Flow Plug and Gauge to see they match.

The calibrated fan and flex duct has now been checked as a system, removing that major source of error. If you can perform this test, then you're ready to try testing a real system.
Check Fan for leaks
Q: What must be done if my Fan fails the Field Calibration Check? 
A: Check the Fan Pressure tubing inside the Fan for leaks. 


If Fans read low, it may be caused by internal disconnections. This can be checked by taping over the eight pressure pickups inside the Fans inlet. Then attach a tube to the Yellow port, T the tube to the gauge, then push the third tube about 1 inch under the water.  You should see roughly 100 Pa staying fairly constant. If it drops slowly, that is not a problem but if it falls to zero in a minute or less, there is a leak in the system which will cause the Fan to read low.
Shake water out of the tube when done. 
Tech Challenge
Q: When do you need to calibrate your equipment?
  • Gauge  
    • DM32 - Every 5 years
    • DM-2- Every 5 years
  • DucTester - Does not need to be calibrated by Retrotec unless it is not passing the user field calibration check
Here is the link to have your gauge or fan calibrated or repaired
ILAC Calibration Certification - when accuracy really matters
After more than a year's effort, Retrotec has finally achieved ISO 17025 accreditation for our pressure and flow calibrations.  
  • We are the only blower door manufacturer who can provide Ilac ISO 17025 accreditation with each system ensuring that when accuracy matters, Retrotec is the superior choice.  
  • Ilac calibration can be provided for any gauge, blower door, DucTester or flow device. When you require the top level of calibration to perform your tests, Retrotec is there.
Feedback From our Customers
"I was running a 6 fan job last week and will perform an 8 fan job next week, love the setup with the DM32s and have been very impressed with the connectivity and performance, especially with the most recent FanTestic update.  It worked quickly and seamlessly."
-Stephen R. Shanks, Chief Operating Officer, CTI Facilities
Are you up to date? 
  • DM32 - v.2.3 Build 62 Last Update 2015-06-22  ...for more information
  • GaugeRemote iOS - v.1.3.1 New Update 2015-09-16
  • GaugeRemote Android - v.1.3.0 Last Update 2015-07-29
  • FanTestic - v.  New Update  2015-09-25 ...for more information
  • Data Logger - v.  Last Update 2014-12-17 ...for more information
  • Configurator - v. Last Update 2015-07-30 ...for more information
  • Virtual Gauge - v. Last Update 2015-07-20  ...for more information
For a complete list of our Software Updates click here
rCloud smart device testing and secure data storage
Retrotec created the first WiFi touchscreen smart gauge, the DM32. We're now unleashing an app as powerful and easy to use as the DM32.

Setup your equipment. Open rCloud on your smartphone or tablet, enter the address and type of test. Then select a compliance method (IECC, RESNET or CA Title 24 or ...) - then let rCloud do the rest.   rCloud will GEO-tag your test location, get the local weather conditions, search Zillow for existing building data and more...

rCloud connects to your DM32 smart gauge and performs the entire test automatically!
Accept the results or run the test again. Immediately share the saved compliance report that is stored securely in the cloud. The compliance report can be viewed from anywhere.
Want to be the first to know? Click here to join the rCloud email list. 

Meeting the RESNET Equipment Calibration Requirements
For more information, watch this  video
Educational Webinars
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Duct Testing: Basic to Advanced

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Field Calibration to Avoid Pitfalls

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Tuesday, November 17th: 

Deconstructing the Digital Gauge 

with Colin Genge and Bill Spohn


Thursday, November 19th:

Single Point vs Multi-Point Testing 

with Joe Medosch and J. West

Tuesday, November 24th:

Testing for Quality Control Inspectors

with Joe Medosch, J. West 


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A high performance tiny house on wheels will be spending a full week in 16 cities across the U.S. in 2016!  Retrotec helped launch the first Proof Is Possible Tour event in Tampa last year, and this advanced workshop series has now evolved into a weeklong consumer and pro workshop extravaganza including the filming of the new Home Diagnosis TV show! It's a big project- find out more

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