October  2015
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Software, Apps and Connectivity

This newsletter will highlight Retrotec's software and apps and how to connect them with your mobile device or PC. 

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Feedback from the field
Q: I need to be able to control my DucTester while I am in the attic.  I'm not sure whether to use VirtualGauge or GaugeRemote app.
A: GaugeRemote app because of its mobile flexibility.  It works on a phone or tablet.   VirtualGauge only works on a PC.

Q: What software will allow me to run two fans simultaneously? 
A: VirtualGauge does this really well, you can see the gauges of both fans on the screen of your PC and have total control.  Your other option is to use FanTestic, which will run your test automatically to a specific standard.

Q: My DM32 is non-Wifi, how do I make it WiFi and do I need to send it back to Retrotec?
A: Your gauge can be updated to WiFi without sending it back to Retrotec.  Please contact for details.

Thank you for your email questions, keep them coming!
Send us your technical challenge
Tech Challenge
 Q: How do I connect my WiFi gauge to a phone, tablet or PC?

There are multiple options for these solutions:
  • The DM32 WiFi can [Create] a WiFi signal that other devices can join.  
  • The DM32 can [Join] a WiFi signal that is created from a router or hotspot from a phone.  
  • Remember the DM32 can [Join] a WiFi signal that doesn't have a password directly in the gauge.  If it has a password, you will need to use the Configurator to setup the gauge to connect to the secured WiFi signal.

For more information on how to setup the DM32 WiFi to [Create] or [Join] a WiFi signal and connect to other devices is fully explained in this document.
Software and Apps
GaugeRemote - iOS and Android Devices -  WiFi*
This is like a remote control for the DM32 WiFi* smart gauge.  Control the DM32 from anywhere in the house

VirtualGauge - PC - WiFi*
USB Ethernet
The VirtualGauge is two applications in one.  It is a live display of the DM32(s) that is connected to the PC.  You can connect and control multiple DM32s and share your screen/results with anyone in the world.  
It is also a simulator of the DM32, it performs all the functions of the gauge but you do not need to be connected to a fan.  Excellent learning tool.  

Data Logger - PC - WiFi*  
USB  Ethernet
The Data Logger is a simple and powerful tool.  It records [Channel A] and [Channel B] pressure readings to a spreadsheet file. It also logs many other settings in the gauge like the device and the range.  You can log multiple gauges at one time, including the DM-2 (USB only)

Configurator - PC - USB 
The DM32 Configurator updates the gauge firmware (currently v.62).  It is also used to update the parameters on gauges including network settings, and to update non-WiFi* gauge to WiFi*

FanTestic - PC - Ethernet
USB  WiFi* -
(not recommended, see below)
Residential, large building and multifamily blower door testing software that provides complete automated test, data collection and custom report generation.  
Retrotec does not recommend using a WiFi* signal for FanTestic because a WiFi* connection can have small signal gaps that could effect your data collection.  Wired connection is recommended.
*WiFi signal strength and distance can be affected by the construction materials, the individual device creating or receiving the signal or other factors.
Are you up to date? 
DM32 - v.2.3 Build 62 Last Update 2015-06-22  ...for more information

GaugeRemote iOS - v.1.3.1  New Update  2015-09-16
GaugeRemote Android - v.1.3.0  Last Update 2015-07-29
For more information on AndroidiOS
VirtualGauge - v. Last Update 2015-07-20   ...for more information

FanTestic - v.   New Update   2015-09-25  ...for more  information

Data Logger -  v.  Last Update 2014-12-17 ...for more information

Configurator - v. Last Update 2015-07-30 ...for more information
Connections and Limitations
WiFi* / WLAN
A wireless signal between 2 devices.  1 device creates the signal, the other device connects to the signal.  The DM32 WiFi can create or create a WiFi* signal or connect to one.  
Benefit:  No wires. 
Limitation: Approximately 435 feet (open space with an internal antenna, 60 feet inside metal frame building using an internal antenna, but this distance will vary due to the number of WiFi* networks in the area, type of building, etc.)
Did you know?  The term WiFi came from the term HiFi, which stands for high fidelity sound for those of you under 25 years of age.

Universal Serial Bus.  This is the same type of cord used to charge your DM32 or maybe even your phone.  
Benefit: Easily accessible, easily replaced.  
Limitation: Limited to 15 feet per cable, up to 5 lengths using powered hubs (approximately 75 feet max).

Ethernet (LAN)
Local Area Network.  Used to connect the DM32 to a PC.  If you're connecting multiple gauges you will need a router.  
FYI: This is also the cable used for the speed control cable between the gauge and the fans, in case your cable becomes damaged.
Benefit: Allows you to connect multiple DM32 gauges to your PC.  
Limitation: maximum length is 328 feet (100 yards) unless you use a powered hub, then it is limitless.

*WiFi signal strength and distance can be affected by the construction materials, the individual device creating or receiving the signal or other factors.
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Tuesday, October 20th: 

Commercial Duct Tests 

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Thursday, October 22nd:

Retrotec Apps and Software 

with Joe Medosch and J. West

Tuesday, October 27th:

Testing for MultiFamily Homes

with Joe Modosch and J. West


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