September  2015
Industry term of the month
Zonal Pressure Diagnostics
Q: What is ZPD, and how to perform a ZPD test? 

A: ZPDs are used to identify and measure leaks that pass through several zones or spaces of a building. This testing method determines if the attic or crawl space "is connected " (has air leakage) to the house. It can be a powerful diagnostic tool to understand how the home is performing.

These connections are are the pathway for pollutants and infiltration.  ZPD can evaluate issues relating to comfort, energy efficiency, building durability, and indoor air quality.
Educational Webinars
September Webinars

11:00 AM  to 12:00 AM PDT


Thursday, September 10th: 

Zone Pressure Diagnostics (ZPD)

with J. West, Joe Medosch and Bill Eckman of NME$A


Tuesday, September 15th: 

Blower Door 101 

with Joe Medosch and J. West


Tuesday, September 22nd:

DM32 Smart Gauge 101 

with Joe Medosch and J. West

Tuesday, September 29th:

Passive House Testing

with J. West and Kevin Brennan of The Passive House Academy


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Feedback from the field
Q: What is the difference between [Set Pressure] and [Set Speed]?  When would I need to use [Set Speed]?
A: [Set Pressure], allows you to use the @ feature that mathematically adjusts the result to display what the flow would be at the exact test pressure you set.  Must only be used when you're standing next to the fan because if someone opens a door during your test, the fan will speed up; when the door closes, the panels will get blown out of the doorway and the excess pressure may cause damage. 
A: [Set Speed], is used when you are not standing next to the fan.  The speed will stay constant, even if a door is opened. Use this when you are fixing leaks or any time when the fan is not being watched. 

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How to do Zonal Pressure Diagnostics (ZPD)
After running a Baseline, get your blower door depressurizing the house to -50 Pa using the speed control knob.  Then connect a tube between the Blue port of Channel A and the garage. The pressure you see on Channel A shows how connected the garage is to the house. This connection is the pathway for exhaust and other pollutants to enter the house.  

This is a simplified explanation, to learn more about ZPD tests, join our webinar on ZPD on September 10th
Tech Challenge

Q: I'm an HVAC contractor, how do I get my DM32 gauge to measure inches of  water column (in. WC)?

A: The DM32 makes it easy to find the measurements you want.

1) Just tap the home screen on Channel B

2) Then tap "Pressure: Pa" until it displays "Pressure: In WC." 

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SMACNA Annual Convention
Tuesday, September 29, 2015
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Remodeling Show/Deck Expo/JLC Live Residential Construction Show
Wednesday, September 30-Friday, October 2nd
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