Rev. Mara Signing Off and Other Summer Updates!

Rev. Mara Signing Off

While we said goodbye to Rev. Mara at the wonderful celebration of our shared ministry on June 10, this week marks the official conclusion of Rev. Mara's tenure at FUUSB. Accordingly, we will soon be closing Mara's Society email account ( Additionally, Rev. Mara will be exiting the Society Facebook group - and, in keeping with best practices for departing ministers, she'll also be limiting her contact with us on Facebook and other social media platforms going forward. Practically this means that, while Mara will remain "friends" with FUUSB folks on FB, she'll be restricting the content we see on her page, as well as no longer following ours. Likewise, she'll be unfollowing on Instagram and Twitter. Though Mara has loved connecting with FUUSB folks and keeping up with our lives on Facebook, she realized that - in today's world - honoring her commitment to fully step away and make room for our future shared ministries means stepping back on social media as well.

If you missed Rev. Mara's farewell sermon, "The Heart of a Minister," back in April, you can listen to it here . Mara explains more about the ins and outs of what it means to say goodbye to a beloved congregation and healthy departure practices.

Also, we wanted to share with you all this farewell and thank you note from Rev. Mara, originally posted to the Society Facebook group the day after our June 10 celebration:

Dear ones, this morning, my heart is still bursting with gratitude for the special celebration of our shared ministry yesterday. What a day! Thank you to EVERYONE who pitched in to create an experience that so well reflected the spirit of our five years together. Thank you for wonderful words and reflections that moved me and us deeply, farewell banner notes and pictures, party organizing, delicious food, lovely decorations, setting up and breaking down tables, music, flowers, the purple parasol, fun activities for kiddos, cards, hugs, tears, laughter, singing, amazing cupcakes, and your presences at the meetinghouse (in body or spirit). Not to mention the box of blessings, which I will cherish.

Today, I am holding gently the mix of deep sadness in saying goodbye to you, beloved ones, and infinite joy for having gotten to journey with you, fabulous FUUSB, these past five years. With love, I wish you every blessing for your unfolding journey and future shared ministries. 💚
Acting Chief of Staff

Christina is our Acting Chief of Staff until our new Transitional Minister arrives. You can reach Christina at  or (802) 862-5630, ext. 22.
July and August Ministerial Coverage

Andre is returning next week to begin his new full-time position as our Developmental Assistant Minister for Pastoral Care and Membership. You can reach Andre at  or at (802) 862-5630, ext. 27. Rev. Susan Milnor, our Transitional Senior Minister, will be coming aboard in August. We will publish her contact information once she arrives. 
Office and Building Coverage

Generally our summer office hours will be: Monday – Thursday 9 a.m. – 2 p.m. These are the hours you can expect to reach Mary in the main office. If you come during these hours and the doors are locked, please ring the doorbell.
Each staff member has planned vacation time at different times during the summer, so if you want to meet with a specific staff member, it’s best that you contact them and make an appointment ahead of time. 
The office will be closed on July 4 and 5 for the Independence Day holiday.
The office will be closed on July 19 while the parking lot is being paved.
Parking Lot Closed: Please note that the parking lot will not be available for use on July 19 – 21. The lot is being paved during this time.
Please remember that we are currently in a time of great transition and are short-staffed. We have asked groups to schedule meetings in places other than the Meeting House during the month of July if at all possible. If you are using the building, please help us out by doing your own set-up, break-down and clean-up. Thank you!
Staff Updates

We have made job offers to someone for the Custodian position and for the Facilities Manager position. I’m hoping to be able to make those introductions in the next Enews.
Scheduling Space in the Building

Beginning on Monday, July 9, Mary will be taking over the scheduling of space in the Meeting House. You may continue to complete your Blue Sheets from the website at and they will automatically be sent to Mary. As Bob did before, Mary will always send you a confirmation email when she schedules your event on the calendar. If you need to be in contact with Mary directly, you can reach her at  or (802) 862-5630, ext. 21.