Available in M-XXL in most colors, XXXL in Black/White only while they last!
This jacket is a terrific option for the approaching cooler weather. It comes with a thermal liner and has an integral waterproof liner, below is an excerpt from Paul's original review on this jacket:

A jacket like this with an integral waterproof liner will perform great at keeping out water… there are no openings in that liner (such as vents, pockets, zippers, etc) that can be potential leak points. But a jacket with a fixed waterproof liner can’t be well vented. This one has two sleeve vents and....... Click here to see full review .

MSRP: $299
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This new Butane 4 jacket by Fly Racing is a super versatile, “do it all” jacket for street riders. Its a traditional street cut (not a form fitted race cut), so it will be comfortable to wear on a daily basis. The overall sizing is generous, (an “American cut”) so it will fit comfortably for every-day use. The biggest feature to talk about for this jacket is climate controls....... Click here to see the full review

Available in sizes S through XXXXL!

Original MSRP $169.95

If you want even more air than the front “Air Induction” feature delivers, you can use the zips in the shoulder area. And in the back are two zip vents to exhaust the air you are letting in the front. This will help to prevent the jacket from inflating at highway speeds. The zip vents in front are...... Click here to see the full review

Available in sizes XS through XXXL!

Original MSRP $169.95

Dunk this vest in water and wear it under a mesh jacket (or with no jacket heaven forbid) to give a great cooling effect. These vests in one form or another have been around for a number of years. I’ve used one and they work great.

Original MSRP $39.95
Rainsuit suits from Tour Master are oversized with the idea you will wear it over protective riding gear (like a jacket with armor), so you can choose a size based......... Click here for more info

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