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Epiphany Advocates Fall Kick Off Meeting

Join us this Sunday, after the 10:30 a.m. service in the Sanctuary. We will be discussing activities and presentations for the next few months. All are welcome to come speak our Christian values. Please contact Junior Warden, Karen Virtue ( or 508-328-2489) with any questions!
Advocates, the Noun: people who publicly support or recommend a particular value, cause or policy.
Advocates, the Verb: To publicly recommend or support a particular value, cause or policy *****

Becoming a People and following a God of---Creativity, Compassion & Connection.

Sermons Online

View the sermons preached each week at Epiphany, online
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 Quick Links...

September Adult Forum
Rev'd Jen's Holy Land Presentations
9:15 a.m. * Parish Hall
(ALL ages welcome, youth & adults)

September 10: Part 1
Tracing the Footsteps of Jesus

September 17: Part 2
20th Century Life in Palestine & Israel

September 24: Part 3
Contempary Conflict


Youth Formation:
PreK - 2 (Holy Moly Group):
Class at 9:15 a.m. Classroom downstairs

Grades 3-6 (Connect Group): Join the "Israel Presentation" in the Parish Hall

  • This Sunday
  • The Fourteenth Sunday after Pentecost:
    Sunday, September 10, 2017

    8 & 10:30 a.m. Holy Eucharist
    Sermon: The Reverend Jennifer Zogg

    Scripture readings:
    Ezekiel 33:7-11
    Psalm 119:33-40
    Romans 13:8-14
    Matthew 18:15-20

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    Liturgical Ministers for this Sunday:

    8 a.m. Holy Eucharist
    Altar Server-Arthru Manning
    Lector-Carl Mayse
    Ushers-Neal Harrington & Carl Mayse
    Greeter-John Guild
    Healing Prayer Team-Janice Johnson
    Coffee Hour-Janice Johnson

    10:30 a.m. Holy Eucharist
    Altar Servers-Christopher Utter, Liam Dee & Caroline Haggerty
    Lectos-Bill Dench
    Ushers-Bill Dench & Bruce Lambert
    Greeter-Beth Dench
    Healing Prayer Team-Michelle Callahan & Denise Messier
    Coffee Hour-Beth & Bill Dench & Julie Trudeau
    Altar Guild-Betsy Kelley
    Communion Bread (both services)-Linda Mendonca
    Counters-Kevin Kelley & Dawn Campbell
    Lawn Mowers-George Nunes & Kevin Kelley

  • Children's Worship Space
  • We invite our youngest, wiggliest worshippers (ages 1-3) to use a new "soft space" we've designed in the open pew area toward the back. This will hopefully be a more comfortable place for them to worship with their families before they can begin to follow along with prayers, hymns, etc, though we encourage that training as early as possible. They are welcome to stand at the table, sit more easily on the soft mats, color and play with some quiet toys. The nursery is also always available downstairs (though will remain unstaffed for the future). Children are valuable and welcome parts of all our liturgy together, so we hope to facilitate the most comfortable experience possible for them and their families. We are piloting this space for a few months in our designated "wheelchair" area before we create a similar, dedicated space elsewhere in the sanctuary. Please offer feedback to the Rector.

  • Prayer of the Week
  • Prayer of the Week from Book of Common Prayer
    A Prayer of St. John Chrysostom (pg. 126)
    Almighty God, you have given us grace at this time with one accord to make our common supplication to you; and you have promised through your well-beloved Son that when two or three are gathered together in his Name you will be in the midst of them: Fulfill now, O Lord, our desires and petitions as may be best for us; granting us in this world knowledge of your truth, and in the age to come life everlasting. Amen.

  • Stewardship Corner
  • As you know, the 2017 Stewardship Campaign is entitled "Where your heart is, there will your treasure be also." With this in mind, several weeks ago we asked for your feedback as to what keeps your heart at Church of the Epiphany. Over the coming weeks and months we'll be sharing those thoughts with you. We thank you for your feedback and for the presence of your heart in this parish.---

    • "Church school: I raised my children here. They were blessed with a loving, positive program that taught them about the Bible and Christian Fellowship."
    • "The Holy Spirit - - as evidenced by the abiding love of our fellow parishioners."

  • Hurricane Harvey Relief
  • The two best things we can do right now to help those in the greater Houston area is to offer our prayers and financial assistance toward the relief and rebuilding efforts. You may make a donation through Episcopal Relief and Development or the Red Cross

    For those who may want to volunteer in the rebuilding and cleanup efforts in the future, ERD is also compiling a "Ready to Serve" list you can join.

    This prayer was written by the Rt. Rev. Andrew Doyle, Bishop of Texas, in response to the hurricane:

    Heavenly Father, in your Word you have given us a vision of that holy City where the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD as the waters cover the sea: Behold and visit, we pray, the cities of the earth devastated by Hurricane Harvey. Protect and encourage all first responders as they rescue and tend to those in need. Sustain those displaced by the storm with food, drink, and all other bodily necessities of life. We especially remember before you all poor and neglected persons it would be easy for us to forget: the homeless and the destitute, the old and the sick, and all who have none to care for them; that, among all the changes and chances of this mortal life, we may ever be defended by your gracious and ready help; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

  • Thrift Shop Open
  • Regular hours: Tuesdays and Saturdays from 9 - 11:30 a.m. Donations are always welcome and can be left outside the Thrift Shop door.

  • From the Office
  • Epiphany Photo Directories are in! If you sat for a picture to be included in the new Parish Photo Directory, you may pick up your copy in the Parish Hall. They are labeled with your name. Limited extra copies are available for purchase ($5); see Janice Johnson or Beth Dench during Sunday's coffee hour.

    Lost & Found
    Over the summer several glass dishes and items of clothing have been left at the church after coffee hour. If you are missing something from your kitchen or closet, please look on the table in the Parish Hall this Sunday after worship and take it home with you! Thank you!

  • Epiphany photos
  • Mass on the "Grass"

    Holy Hiking: Colt State Park

    New Welcome Garden

  • Silent Ministries
  • Did you know that each week there are people at Epiphany who quietly do important work that helps maintain our life together and our sacred space? Periodically, we'll recognize these faithful servants among us and give them our deepest thanks!

    The Friday Folders
    Every Friday around midday, a group of dedicated women gather to fold and stuff our weekly Sunday bulletin, set out readings on the lectern, put up signs in the hallways and mail out bulletins to our homebound parishioners. It is a wonderful time of fellowship and a great support to our Parish Administrator. They celebrate one another's birthdays, support each other through life's challenges and enjoy fellowship while they work. Their help makes a large difference. Thank you, Friday Folders, and God bless you for your gift of time and talent to us!

  • Broadway Musical Series: Hamilton
  • You know of its popularity. HAMILTON had a record-setting 16 Tony nominations, winning 11, including Best Musical. It was also the recipient of the 2016 Grammy Award for Best Musical Theater Album and the 2016 Pulitzer Prize for Drama. But do you really know the story? Join Phil Campbell as he brings back his Broadway series on September 28 at 7 p.m. and find out what makes Hamilton one of the biggest musicals of all time. As always, we encourage you to bring treats to share.

  • Next Sunday
  • The Fifteenth Sunday after Pentecost:
    Sunday, September 17, 2017

    8 & 10:30 a.m. Holy Eucharist
    Sermon: The Reverend Jennifer Zogg

    Scripture readings:
    Genesis 50:15-21
    Psalm 103:(1-7), 8-13
    Romans 14:1-12
    Matthew 18:21-35

    Read these lessons

    Liturgical Ministers for next Sunday:

    8 a.m. Holy Eucharist
    Altar Server-John Turner
    Lector-Fran Motroni
    Ushers-Geri & Arthur Manning
    Greeters-Nancy Leggat & Carol Robitaillie
    Healing Prayer Team-Janice Johnson
    Coffee Hour-Sally Erskine & Judy Phillips

    10:30 a.m. Holy Eucharist
    Altar Servers-Michelle Callahan, Emma Chartier & Bridget Dee
    Lector-Bill Patterson
    Ushers-Carol & George Nunes
    Greeter-JoAnn Valentine
    Healing Prayer Team-L Vaughan-DuBois & Virginia Rocha
    Coffee Hour-Dee & Haggerty Families
    Altar Guild-Susan Bergstrand & Karen Turner
    Communion Bread (both services)-Linda Mendonca
    Counters-Vivain Johnson & Edie Menard
    Lawn Mowers-Phil Campbell, Evan McCarthy & Bernie Klim

    :: (401) 434-5012