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EGSA members are encouraged to review and update their company listings in preparation for the publication of the 2018 Annual Buying Guide and Member Services Directory. The Buying Guide is distributed to more than 30,000 Diesel Progress subscribers, so it is important that each company listing be as accurate as possible.

We emailed all primary contacts last week to review and update their company's listing with EGSA. Being listed in the EGSA Buying Guide is a benefit of membership, and there is no charge to be included. Please help ensure that your company is presented accurately.

To see how your company is currently listed, please search for your company name in the online Member Directory on our website. 

If the information is correct then nothing has to be done.

If your company information needs to be changed, and you are listed as the primary contact under the company's membership, please log in at

You can request your password from the EGSA membership database if you do not know it.

If you are unsure of who is in charge of your company's membership, please click here or contact Liz Bustamante to have the name changed.

Member updates are due by Friday, October 6. The company information will be printed as is after that date.

Do You Have More Than One Branch?

As a member of EGSA, you are allowed a complete (detailed) listing for each branch location. The cost of each complete branch listing is $50.

To list your branches, you MUST download and return (by fax or email)  one Branch Listing Form  for each branch you would like to include. You must do this EVEN IF YOU PAID TO LIST YOUR BRANCHES LAST YEAR. They  will NOT be automatically renewed.