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Weekly Blog Update - 10 April 2016
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Join Michael in Salt Lake

There's still time to join me for a week of research at a time when the library is not crammed with other people or there is a conference going on. Our rate is the lowest there is.
Some of us plan quite a bit what we are going to do and others do not. I have a short list of things of my own I need to look up. It is important to remember that there are things at the library that are not online.  Our trip is informal and laid back. The only "scheduled" activities are a short meeting the first evening and (optional) morning sessions. Attendees are encouraged to plan ahead and meet with me during the trip to work on research strategies. That can be done before we leave as well online.  Otherwise it's about the research .
Recent Articles on Rootdig

50% off Webinar Sale

To celebrate 50000 fans of Genealogy Tip of the Day on Facebook, we're having a webinar sale through 11 April. Use coupon code 50000 at checkout when ordering and your charge will be cut in half. 

Photograph of the week

The family of Samuel and Annie (Murphy) Neill, taken probably in the 1890s at their home near West Point, Hancock County, Illinois.
Citation of the Week

James R. and Margaret R. Holden, to Wilson Pryer, warranty deed, 6 June 1863; original, privately held by Michael John Neill, [ADDRESS FOR PRIVATE USE], Rio, Illinois, 2010.

I is for Index

Genealogists use indexes frequently. Make certain you know what names are in the index--is it every name, "main names, etc.? Not knowing can negatively impact your search results.  

Can You Read It?

This signature appeared recently in our Genealogy Transcriber Blog .

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Casefile Clues Update

The latest issue of  Casefile Clues  analyzes an 1889 will from a German immigrant, focusing on what the will says, what it does not, and where research should go next. 

You can learn more about Casefile Clues on our website or our blog.

Casefile Clues discusses genealogy methodology in clear, organized, and to-the-point prose. 

If you'd like to learn methods and sources without the long winded academic prose, give us a try!

Tombstone of the Week

This is the stone for Lucinda Kile in Keithsburg, Illinois's Greenmound Cemetery. Always be prepared to do a little digging when going to the cemetery. Just be careful that the stone is not damaged or knocked over in the process.
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