Spring is here! That means we are all either planning the opening of our outdoor pools for the summer or planning upgrades to our indoor pools.  Did you know there is a new on-site chlorine generation system that will fit in most spaces, is safer to use, does not require the pool to be converted to a salt water pool, and will give you a positive ROI in a short period of time? Read on to learn more.

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New On-site Chlorine Generator will
Revolutionize Your Pool Care!

The new product we have all been waiting for is here. Providing a safer and more cost-effective way to sanitize swimming pool water, ChlorKing On-Site Generators make liquid chlorine (bleach) at the point of use by using the pool water. No need for any transportation or storage nightmares, no chance of an operator mixing chemicals. This generator makes all the chlorine needed with all the safety wanted and... it has a pH neutral module that controls the pH of the chlorine while it is being manufactured. Click on the image to watch a short video and learn how ChlorKing can revolutionize your pool care .

ChlorKing On-Site Generator

Buckeye Aquatics is proud to be the exclusive distributor in Ohio and we look forward to helping you get one for your facility! Check out this list of facilities who have already installed theirs and take note, there are already 3 Goldfish Swim Schools in Ohio currently using this system with more installations coming throughout Ohio yet this year. If you would like to see one working in a real-time situation, I can help set that up.

The Biggest Expense

The biggest expense in operating a commercial pool is the staff and the utilities. Be sure to analyze your peak periods and down periods and staff accordingly so that you stay on budget. To increase pool usage during down periods, schedule some fitness classes!
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