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Expect Wonderful Cosmic Perspectives for the New Earth 


Hello Sunshine!


May is approaching. I wanted to invite you to join me for an entirely new way of coming together, to share and harvest the offered energies of this amazing time.


The Eclipses that take place in the month of May are, I'm told, capable of "empowering those who are choosing and ready, to entirely change their relationship with physical reality."


"Okay. But what does this mean..." I asked Archangel Michael. He share this:


"The Earth is opening up dimensionally. For a long time only third dimensional energies were present here. Then gradually fourth dimensional energies became an option for more and more people oriented to love. 


Since the shift in 2012 the Earth has been unfolding new dimensional layers of reality. Each person will gradually, if they choose, learn to access these different layers, discovering the different energetic qualities of each, and then choose how and where to primarily orient, for the joyful benefit of their own Soul Evolution.


For those participating in ascension energies, the Eclipse Cycles in May will empowered a new way of connecting within their own experience, to these different dimensions, and with this to a greater knowing of the totality of their own wholeness. Both of which are incredibly wonderful experiences of reunion, familiarity at a deep level of being met and known and expansion."


I'd like to invite you to join Archangel Michael & I, for a new way of collaborating, during this potent time.




The program includes a daily, short live-channeled message (10-15 minutes) from Archangel Michael and the Council of the Golden Dawn Temple (who overlight my work) to support your sustained, rhythmic focus as you shift you into alignment with the new harmonics, the 5th dimensional energies and the new YOU.

It also includes 3 live Ask Michael Sessions -- on Day 7, day, 14 and day 21. You will be able to submit questions for these three calls before the call, and/or during the call. 

And it's all offered at a "Pay what you'd love to pay" price. :) Just because. 

Click here for more and to register:


the New Harmonics, a 21-day Practicum


Our amazing playground is getting new toys. Daily.

It's time to explore and discover what we most love about living here and opening to the assistance and love that will further support our remembering and with this the return of our capacities for wholeness!


Please consider joining Archangel Michael & I for this amazing month of potential and transformation!











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