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July - Aug  2017
A Charter of the NHPA
Official Publication of the Minnesota Gopher State Horseshoe Pitchers' Association
President's Message     Rick Wright

Hey Everyone,
I hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far.  We had a great turn-out at the Bud Nelson Open. It got a little warm, but everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.
I would like to thank the membership for passing the boards spending limit.  We have a few things to accomplish and the $500 limit just does not go far nowadays.
This year at the state tournament meeting, we have 4 positions up for re- election.  President, NE VP, SE VP and E Metro VP.  As for the President, I am announcing that I will run for another term.  And I would like to thank everyone for their support.  I would also like to thank Rob Hagman for stepping up and finishing out the E Metro VP position until elections.  If anyone is interested in any of the open positions, please contact me by email (rwld1523@gmail.com) before August 1st.  If you are currently in the position, please contact me if you are still interested in another term by Aug 1st also.
I wish everyone heading to Utah good luck and enjoy the World Tournament experience.  Just a reminder to sign up for our MN State Tournament early as the deadline is fast approaching.
Good Luck to everyone and see you on the courts!

2017 MGHSPA Spring Membership Meeting Minutes 

     The meeting was called to order at 12:20pm. Officers not present were Dustin Dahl, Robin Constance, Gordy Schmidt, Josh Olson and Marlys Timm.
The minutes of the last board meeting were approved.
Bonnie reported that we have 444 members so far; we also bought a new computer, sent 2 teams to world team tournament and reimbursed 2 door prizes for world tournament entries. Our ending balance is $12,720. The financial report was approved.
Joe Mueller reported that we need nominations for Rookie and Edi Holland Sportsmanship awards.
Denny Keogh reported that Montgomery had 28 members and are using HS Master. Kilkenny has 12 members.
Janet Larson reported Bertha has 10 members and will be holding their tournament July 1st. Moorhead might come back with a club this summer. Upsala has winter league and 4 tournaments were held this past winter. Alex has 28 members and will have a Jr League with 10-12 members.  She also would like to advertise in the digest and give a list of all non sanction leagues.
April Lynch stated she is working on getting more Jr's to state.
Josh Olson reported by email to remind Tournament directors to send results to him. Pitcher of the year points are heating up and the last tournament that will count is Kolacky Days in Montgomery on July 29th.
Robin Constance reported by email that West St Paul and Bloomington have 10 new members.
Jerry LaBrosse stated world will be in St George, Utah and next year in Florence, South Carolina and the following year in Wichita Falls, TX. He mentioned that the NHPA is looking to raise the dues from $17 to $25.
Sue Pierce reported that State doubles was going good. They are looking for sponsors and doing up shirts and hope people will come. 
Rick reported that Pine City and Forest Lake are moving forward on the state tournament. 
A vote was taken to raise the board's spending limit from $500 to $1200.
Motion passed.
Brian Wipper asked if clubs could offer to have the state tournament. We still have the courts so any club can bid on having the state tournament.
Rick stated the officer positions up for re-election in Sept are: President, NE VP, SE VP and E Metro VP
Meeting adjourned at 12:45

Thank you to Bonnie Holland for taking the minute notes.

Northwest VP     Janet Larson
The Alex Open was held on Saturday, May 27 th and was probably the best weather we have had yet, mostly sunny and warm.  We had several new participants this year, Janet Rudd, Ben LaCoursiere, Richard Giese, and George Peterson.  I apologize for not including better directions for some of you.  Our schedule included four from North Dakota and one Cadet from Missouri, her Grandpa pitches in our league.  Seven of our 32 participants were Juniors and Cadets, Wilbur Gabel (ND) brought three of them with him.  He is a great teacher, his grandson Noah won a Cadet title at a WT a few years back.  His great grandson, Kyler Nielsen played in Class A, good enough to take on Sig.  But this tournament it would be another grandchild Uria, age 8, who would shine in Class D.  With just one loss, she became the one to fear as she worked her way through the round robin to claim 1 st place.  Both Classes B and C were tight races, with 3 way ties for 2 nd place.  In Class A, Gene Eitriem pitched 6.14 % over his average but would have to settle for 3 rd.  A playoff game between Phil Swenson and Sig would be required before Sig would be able to take home 1 st place.
       Gerald Hagen entertained his grand-daughter by threatening to make her wear his umbrella hat if she didn't get whatever score he thought she should achieve, she would just smile and say, no way.  We had a 50/50 raffle which was won by Jeff Thompson, one of the NHPA pitchers on the Alex Eagles League.  It was Jeff's birthday and he just stopped by to visit us and was talked into a ticket.  The raffle tickets were also good for the specially made pick up hook donated by Kevin Richmond Sr., Janet Rudd was excited to be the lucky winner of that.  As I was an observer at this tournament I was reminded of all the reasons I love this sport, the horsing around on and off the court, the family ties, the generational interactions, the determination and sportsmanship, the familiar handshakes, the cooperation of everyone in our league who makes this happen, plus the help of a few others who offered to pitch in where needed.  It makes me so glad to be a part of this horseshoe family.  Congrats to all of all our tournament winners, we hope to see all of our participants back next year.


Class A
Gene Eitreim ,3rd
Phil Swenson,2nd
Sig Armitage,1st

Class B
Brian Wipper,2nd
Richard Giese,1st
Ben LaCoursiere,3rd

Class C
Kevin Richmond Sr,2nd
Tim Bayerl,1st
Janet Rudd,3rd

Class D
Gary Kirckoff,2nd
Uria Gabel,1st
Tina Matter,3rd

JudyBoots and
Uria and Wilber Gabel

Sig and Tyler Neilsen

Janet Rudd and Jeff Thompson

Rockford Ringer News   by Marlys Timm

        Since the Rockford Ringers Horseshoe Club first became sanctioned in 1987, our membership has only reached the thirties about six of those years.  After having only 21 club members in 2016 our club members began heavily recruiting and it has paid off with 15 NEW club members.
We welcomed 5 new pitchers on our Wednesday evening league which include: Jack Bacon, Jay Doran, Renee Knapp, Jay Minchow and Mike Wright. A total of 17 pitch Wednesday.
Our Tuesday morning league welcomed 10 new members: Tyler Condon, Ron Heacock, Gary Klingelhoets, Tyler Lazenby, Daryl Littell, Michael Littell, Mike Littell, Justice Martin, Jim Schmitt, and Mike Timm. A total of 17 pitch Tuesday.
We started league pitching the week of May 22nd. Three Rockford Ringers, Michael Littell who is pitching in his 5th WT, his first one as a Junior, and Marv & Marlys Timm, pitching in their 13th WT, being held in July at St George Utah. Think Ringers!
 This is Mike Littell with his 4 grandsons
L to R
Michael Littell,Tyler Lazenby,Mike Littell,Tyler Condon,and Justice Martin
Missing is Mike's son Daryl Littell
So we have three generations of Littell's pitching in Rockford :)
Looks like it's a family affair !! 


On The Court with Josh Olson
World Tournament 2017
By the time this comes to your screen some of us will be traveling to Beautiful St. George, Utah for the 2017 World Horseshoe Tournament. As many of you know, it is a beautiful part of the country out on the west coast. Zion National Park is A MUST SEE when visiting S.G.U. The Northern Ridge of the Grand Canyon is also 2.5 hours away from St. George which is not bad at all. And obviously Las Vegas, is only a 90 minute drive away as well, I am sure many that are flying will take that route and shuttle or rent a car to St. George. For more information regarding how your fellow MN Pitchers are doing during the Tournament make sure you visit www.horseshoepitching.com and follow the directions to view the live stream that will be available for everyone. The official website for the World tournament is www.worldhorseshoes.com and you will find everything you will need that is related to the tournament and such.

 It has been brought to the attention of Jerry LaBrosse that there is some interest in Resurrecting the Border Battles that we once had with Wisconsin. I am personally going to help get this thing going, I recently traveled to Eau Claire, Wisconsin for their Open tournament on June 4 th , it was a beautiful day for Horseshoes. They have nice courts, 18 of them actually, which would be perfect. I would like to Make this a Summer/Winter Tournament if possible. I think we could pitch in the Summer at any one location in Minnesota or Wisconsin, then for the winter we could pitch in the other state. We have a couple locations in Minnesota that would be perfect for running this tournament in the Winter and obviously in the Summer, Wisconsin is limited for winter months, the Beloit Horseshoe Club facility is the only one that I know of that would work for holding a tournament in the winter in Wisconsin. Anyways to make a long story short, hopefully this can get going for next year, maybe as soon as this winter, so look forward to seeing more information coming in the future!

As usual thank you Tournament directors and League Directors for getting me your results at a timely fashion! We are in full swing of the Summer season and we have had a packed month of June tournaments with July looking to be just as busy around the Gopher State. I will have the Pitcher of the Year standings up-to-date at the end of each month leading up to the State tournament. Speaking of State Tournament, make sure you get qualified if you aren't yet already. AND incase you didn't know, you can now sign-up ONLINE and register for the State tournament on the www.minnesotahorseshoes.com website!

See you on the Court!

West Metro VP         Robin Constance
    Hello to all pitchers. Summer horseshoe leagues are well under way and we have had good weather for Wednesday evenings and some rain showers for a few of the Tuesday evenings. The Bloomington club has added nine pitchers for the two evenings and only lost a couple due to injuries or just retiring. In West St Paul the two leagues of pitching has added 10 new pitchers and lost 3-4. So overall both clubs are up in members and pitching has been fierce. There are still many tournaments to enter and all still have openings. Entries for the state tournament over the Labor Day weekend are due so be sure and send them in.
               Good luck to all of the World pitchers and be sure to visit at least a couple of the national parks in the St. George area. Remember the average daily high temp in Utah is 102 for the last two weeks of July but it is a DRY heat and is the same as about ninety degrees in Minnesota without the humidity.
               We also need to start thinking about the State Doubles tournament in September to be held in Hibbing Mn. Don't miss out.

News Media Director        Marlys Timm

      Back in 2000, when I was first appointed as News Media Director, MGSHPA had 1130 adult members and 111 juniors and around 32 sanctioned clubs.  We had the largest membership in the USA. Our NHPA had 13,000 members at that time. In 2017, when I was once again appointed as News Media Director, MGSHPA has 638 adult members and 51 juniors and 25 sanctioned clubs.  Our NHPA has around 9,700 total members and around 300 sanctioned leagues. 
Each one of us needs to help grow our membership once again by inviting neighbors, co-workers, bowling friends, classmates and church friends.  Offer them free membership into your club so that their only cost would be the $30.00 state sanction fee.  It takes each and every one of us to recruit new members if we want to see organized horseshoe continue on in the future.

Regional Director's Report                
I just wanted to wish each and every world tournament pitcher from MN the BEST OF LUCK in St George !
For several years I have had a personal "charter vs charter" competition going on with Bill Marvin from Illinois. It's all based on trophy winners, and the coveted win is rewarded with a top shelf steak dinner. This year Brian Fisher, NHPA travel agent , has begged to be a part of this inter charter competition. In a narrow vote, he was accepted.
So I will be there cheering you on, and be sure to look me up if you need help with anything, or just to visit. 
   And for you folks who cannot attend this year's world, remember to tune in to the live feed cameras we have running. Check it out on the NHPA website  horseshoepitching.com  

And a reminder to all of you interested in playing in the 2017 State Singles Event on Labor Day weekend. You need 3 sanctioned events (or a league average and one tournament), and enter by Aug 1st. Check your events here:      NATSEARCH
to be sure you're qualified.

Good luck with another great season of pitching !!!
Jerry LaBrosse
NHPA Regional Director

There is a new website for help with HSMaster and HSScorekeeper.
www.hsmaster.info You will be able to download both programs from there along with
help using the programs. You can leave comments  about the programs and get 
help from Rob Hagman with any part of the program. Both of these programs and the 
website are free there is a place where you can donate to further the  development  of
these programs. Please keep in mind the website is always being worked on and added on to so if you have any ideas please share them with us.
Rob Hagman  NHPA IT Director.


2016-2017 Pitcher of the Year Standings

(As of June 25th, 2017)

NAME                                   POINTS

Rich Bialek                           46
Sig Armitage                       45
Mark Smith                         31
Henry Greenwaldt          30
Dick Dvorak                        29
Jim Aleckson                      29
Melvin Larson                    29
Al Woida                              29
Joshua Olson                     28
Bob Knudtson                   27
Ben LaCoursiere               26
William Nelson                  25
Tyler Stone                         24
Janet Larson                       23
Shawn Warnemunde     22
Alvin Barclay                       22
Joe Mueller                        20
Mike Littell                          20
Randy Werk                       19
Richard Giese                    19
Gary Boots                          17
Colton Williams                 17
Brad Heth                            17
Ray Volkers                        17
Jeannie Rajkowski           16

See All Upcoming Tournaments Click Here

See All Tournament Results Click Here

            Upcoming Tournaments

10th Annual Santiago Open
Date: Saturday, July 8th, 2017 
Location: Santiago Lions Park
Director: Jim Aleckson
Director Phone: 763.261.2336 
Mail Entry to: 12340 44th Ave SE, Becker, MN 55308 
Deadline: June 30th, 2017 
Fee: $30
Sanction Number: 23-17- 034
First 32 Entry's, Eight-person classes; 40-shoe games
Handicapped if Needed; Concessions; Cash Prizes; 50/50

North Mankato
Sanction #  23-17-016
Date  7/8/17
Entry Fee $  25  juniors free
Dead Line  6/23/2017
Director  Erwin Tischer
Director Address
55903 174th Lane
Good Thunder MN, 56037
Location  North Mankato
Phone#  507-278-3424
Additional Information
concessions, beer garden,carnival,parade sat 11 am,6 person mixed handicapped classes, pay 3 places .

Bertha Open
Sanction #  23-17-017
Date 7/1/2017
Entry Fee $30
Dead Line 6/24/2017
Director Josh Olson
Director Address PO Box 353
Bertha ,MN 56437
Location Bertha
Phone# 218-639-4641
Additional Information

Hibbing Open
Sanction # 23-17-018
                        Date 7/22/2017
Entry Fee $10
Dead Line 7/15/2017
Director Ray Pierce  Jr
Director Address
12029 Cory Tracts Rd
Hibbing ,MN 55746
Location Hibbing Horseshoe Club
Email pierceray@msn.com
Phone# 218-262-5654
Additional Information
rain or shine, huge trophies, 10 am start

32nd Kolacky Days
Sanction # 23-17-019
Date 7/29/2017
Entry Fee $25   juniors free
Dead Line 7/14/2017
Director Richard David
Director Address
13232 Lake Avenue
Montgomery ,MN 56069
Location Memorial Park
Email rjdavid@frontier.com
Phone# 507 364-7673
Additional Information
First 32 PAID entries ,8 person classes, 40 shoe games,

Isanti Open
Sanction # 23-17-020
Date 8/5/2017
Entry Fee $25  juniors $5
Dead Line 7/29/2017
Director Shawn Warnemunde
Director Address
414 11th Ave NW
Isanti ,MN 55040
Location Junction Bowling Center
Email swarnemunde@msn.com
Phone# 763-227-1804
Additional Information
Depending on entries. 50 shoe games in 6 person classes. 40 shoe games in 8 person classes.

Holland Classic
Sanction # 23-17-021
Date 8/12/2017
Entry Fee $30
Dead Line 8/5/2017
Director Robyn Holland
Director Address
14891  125th Ave N
Dayton ,MN 55327
Location Rockford Horseshoe Club
Email robyn.rockfordringers@yahoo.com
Phone# 763-439-2722
Additional Information

Sanction # 23-17-022
Date 8-12th -13th 2017
Entry Fee $30 juniors $5
Dead Line 7/31/2017
Director Ginger O'Brien
Director Address
39768 Co. Road 1
Rice ,MN 55367
Location O'Briens Pub
Email gingio421@gmail.com
Phone# 320-253-1693
Additional Information
Class A and B play Sunday

65th Northwest Open
Sanction # 23-17-023
Date 8/19/2017
Entry Fee $30 juniors $5
Dead Line 8/9/2017
Director Brad Minion
Director Address
2056 Woodbridge St .
Roseville ,MN 55113
Location Ramsey
Email brad.minion@comcast.net
Phone# 612-701-2768
Additional Information
8 person classes, handicapped if needed, concessions, cash prizes

47th Donnelly Threshing Bee
Sanction # 23-17-024
Date 8/26/2017
Entry Fee $30 juniors free
Dead Line 8/20/2017
Director Jerry Werk
Director Address
22662 120th St .
Herman ,MN 56248
Location Donnelly
Email werkkrew@runestone.net
Phone# 320-246-3475
Additional Information
Held in conjunction with Old Time Threshing Bee. Concession. Bingo. Bean Bags. Mixed Classes. Cash Prizes.

MGSHPA Executive Board       MGSHPA Directors

Rick Wright
50586 Shorewood Circle
Rush City ,Mn 55069

North East Vice President
Shawn Warnemunde
414 11th Ave. NW
Isanti, MN 55040

North West Vice President
Janet Larson
22651Co Rd 82 NW.
Evansville,MN 56326

East Metro Vice President 
Rob Hagman
652 Cross st.
Anoka,MN 55303

West Metro Vice President
Robin Constance
18273 Emerald Trail
Farmington, MN 55024

South East Vice President
Dustin Dahl
617 Terry Ln
Winona,MN 55987

South West Vice President 
Denny Keogh
203 Fischer St NW
Montgomery,MN 56069
612 756 0419

Ringer Digest Editor
Jerry LaBrosse
8170 Fern Lane
Greenfield,MN 55357

Josh Olson
PO Box 353
Bertha, MN 56437

Rob Hagman
652 Cross st.
Anoka,MN 55303

Nominations Director 
Joe Mueller
2057 152nd Lane
Ham Lake, MN 55304

Constitution and Bylaws
Gordy Schmidt
5631 187th St. W
Farmington, MN 55024

News Media Director
Marlys Timm
4210 Woodhill Drive
Loretto ,MN 55357

Junior Promotions Director
April Lynch
25679 Friesland Ct
Wyoming, MN 55902

Communications Director
Jerry LaBrosse
8170 Fern Lane
Greenfield, MN 55357

NHPA Game Related Sales
Gary Boots

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