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March - April  2017
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Digest schedule considered

After several discussions with Rick and other officers, it has been decided that for the remainder of 2017, the Ringer Digest will be published March/April, May/June,July/August, September/October, and November/December.
In 2018, the publishing schedule may be altered again. Let us know your thoughts on having the Ringer Digest become a quarterly publication.
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Jerry LaBrosse, Editor
Website Rebuild Complete !    
By Rob Hagman, MGSHPA Webmaster

        Check out the new web site for the MGSHPA 

You are invited to inspect our newly designed state  website. You will find everything you need in a user friendly way. All tournament information including schedules, results, and history is clearly at your fingertips. There are photo galleries for your enjoyment, as well as state information for Officers, Hall of Fame, Ringer Digests, CB&L.
HSMaster help and many important links are listed.

There is also a better printable version of the Ringer Digest available in the Ringer Digest section.

President Rick Wright
President's Message

Hey Everyone,
          Spring is almost here and people are ready and looking for an inexpensive way to get outside and get some exercise so now is the time to recruit some new members.  I know that the Fridley Club has been told they need to relocate so the Forest Lake Club would like to welcome any Fridley Club member to come join us until a new location has been found.  We have Monday Singles and Thursday Doubles league. We still have the Tuesday Juniors program which is now up to 26 kids.  Forest Lake will be having their Spring Meeting on Thursday, April 20th at the Forest Lake VFW at 6:30pm.
We are starting a new come back as an association to bring Minnesota back to our No 1 status.  The board cannot do this by themselves and we need everyone's help in this endeavor. You may have noticed a lot of changes in our executive board recently.  We have some members who have stepped up and are excited to join the board to help strengthen our charter. Together we can do this and have fun at the same time. Thank you to all the board members and directors for their hard work towards our goals.
I wish all clubs a fun and successful pitching season!
See you on the courts

News from the NW District   by Janet Larson
   The Alexandria Horseshoe League will have their spring organizational meeting on Wednesday, April 19th at 7:00 pm in the Douglas County Extension Office, just down the hall from the Douglas County Library.  They are always ready to welcome new members, so please check it out.  Contact Gary Boots at 320-760-2383 or Janet Larson at 218-731-5987 for more information or with questions.  They would also like to remind everyone to sign up for the Alexandria Open Horseshoe Tournament, Saturday, May 27th.   See the tournament calendar on the state website for details.  They will have 50/50 raffles and drawings between shifts.  Concessions will be available.  Janet Larson and Bruce Swenson are working on getting a Junior League started on Tuesday evenings this summer through Lakes Area Recreation.  Information about the Junior League can be found on the LAR website, www.lakesarearecreation.com 

The Bertha Horseshoe Club Spring Meeting will be April 25th, the last Tuesday of the month. New and Returning Members welcome! Meeting will start at 6pm, and they plan to get courts ready for the season.
Meeting will be at the Lions Building where they pitch.
Any follow up questions and comments, please contact Josh Olson at 218-639-4641, email works to, scrunchy_8@hotmail.com.
The North Star League in Warren, MN is in the middle of their winter league that started on January 9th and will run through March.  They have two indoor courts in the horse barn at the Marshall County Fairgrounds and have 8 regular pitchers along with one sub.  They will also run a summer league starting in May.  Contact Leon Erickson at 218-745-526 for more information. 
The Upsala League is in their busy season with two league shifts on Mondays, an afternoon shift with 16 pitchers and an evening shift with 9 pitchers.  Their facility hosted the NHPF Tournament on Feb. 4th and they will also be the host site for March Madness on March 4th and the Upsala Spring Open Tournament on April 22nd.  Please check out these tournaments on the MGSHPA website and get signed up for some great pitching.  They have eight courts and usually have room for 32 pitchers/ four classes/ two shifts each tournament. 

Becker ran a fall league with 16 pitchers and will run a spring league starting mid-March which will run through April.  Becker had tournaments scheduled for November and December, but forgot to ok them with Mother Nature, she had other plans.  Hopefully the tournaments they have scheduled for March and April will meet with Mother Nature's approval.  Check out the state website Tournament Schedule for details on Cabin Fever, March 11th, and Rhubarb Rumble, April 15.  Wayne Peterson, 763-360-5914, is the Tournament Director and he does a great job over there.  They have 4 courts set up in the Becker American Legion building.  

On The Court
with Josh Olson

Hello everyone, I hope you all have had a great winter so far and I hope you are all as eager as I am to get this Season started...It will be here before we all know it, in just a few short weeks we will be having our annual league meetings to get everyone back into the swing of things for the upcoming summer horseshoe season. As your State Statistician it will be my job to post and make sure that all tournaments get reported to NATSTATS in a timely fashion, that will also include your Club only tournaments that happen during your season each year, Tournament Directors and League Directors, don't forget to send me the results from your tournament, Jerry LaBrosse is doing a fantastic job making sure everyone that is wanting to run a tournament this year that they get all the necessary information to him so that he can then get the correct information to Rob Hagman our State Webmaster so that everyone that will be getting there calendar ready for the upcoming horseshoe season knows when and where all of the tournaments are going to be played this year.

ARE YOU READY FOR WORLD THIS YEAR? I AM!!!! 2013 in St. George, UTAH was AMAZING just ask anyone that went then, I would be willing to bet that everyone that went then will be going again this year, and then some. JUNIOR PITCHERS, don't forget, if you are planning on going to world this year to SIGN UP NOW, you will be able to enter for FREE! WHO doesn't like FREE, AND don't forget if you went last time in 2013 and you know someone that is planning on going this year, there is still time to get $100 for signing someone up that didn't go last year, those DETAILS and EVERYTHING else you could need or want information wise about the world tournament can be found at
www.worldhorseshoes.com and you can also find helpful information at www.Minnesotahorseshoes.com and www.horseshoepitching.com .

Keep an eye out for upcoming tournaments this winter at Becker, Isanti and Upsala, I am running the Upsala Spring Tournament, that is always a fast one to fill up with snow birds coming back to MN and it's also a great tournament to kick off the Season!

        If you are  interested in playing in TEAM WORLD that is held in Beloit, Wisconsin, go to
www.teamworldhorseshoe.com , or contact me for more information, We have 2 teams confirmed for the 2017 Competition that Minnesota will be bringing to represent, Team #1 will be captained by our current 30-Foot Men's State Champion, Sig Armitage, his fellow Teammates are, Ray Volkers, Sara Otto and Mark Smith. Team #2 will have our other current State Champions as Co-Captains, and they are Alan and Janet Larson, with Bill Danielson and Myself, Josh Olson. I am sure we will have some more interest for Team World this year, more details to come with that in the near future.

That's all for now, I will be posting some cool action camera shots and some videos soon on to the website, I recently purchased a GoPro Camera and have been playing around with it so look for that on the website as well.


Ron Fadden,Pat Backhaus, Stacy Berning,Mike Demars,Bill Marquette,
Dave Borscheid, Dwayne Robeck. Not shown : Lowell Johnson

Mark Smith,Jerry Hokkala, Tom Prokop,Joe Mueller, Dick Dvorak,
 Lori York, Sara Otto,          Missing is Ray Volkers

Greenfield League News
            The Greenfield Horseshoe Club recently wrapped up their winter leagues, and capped off another very successful season.
The Monday Night League fall session was dominated by Mike Demars. Dave Borscheid won the winter session in a down to the wire shoot out with Lowell Johnson. Ron Fadden was the year end tournament champion. Most of these players are members of the Rockford Horseshoe Club and play each other in the summer months as well.
            The Thursday Night Straightaway League saw the unstoppable Ray Volkers take down both the fall and winter sessions.  There were many blistering games thrown between Ray, Sara Otto, and Mark Smith, all throwing in the mid 60% range.

Rockford Horseshoe Club News
           Rockford Ringers will be holding their Spring Meeting on Monday May 8 at the Red Vest at 6 pm Please bring along a new member and if you are unable to attend please contact League Director Marlys Timm at 763-479-2951. Please plan on paying your club dues and State Sanction fees at the meeting if you haven't already done so for 2017.

West Metro VP
  By Robin Constance
To my fellow horseshoe pitchers.
               It has been a fairly short Winter so far and of course it makes us think about doing things outside, whether it is working in the yard, going for walks, playing some horseshoes, softball, tennis, bocce ball or any other activity played out doors. Even though Winter is probably not completely over it is not too early to think about the friends we have met though pitching shoes, as well as the fun and fellowship we have had when pitching in the leagues at our various localities. It is true pitching and other activities can be frustrating when we do not perform as well as we think we should or could. If we prepare now by doing stretching exercises, walking or losing a few pounds which we added during the Winter time, these things could give us a better chance of pitching a little better with less aches and pains. If you are like me, we do not like to lose but if we pitch near our ringer percentage then it can be a little less frustrating.
                If you look at the great new web site which Rob Hagman and others have established online, you can see there are still a few tournaments in Upsala, Becker, and Isanti which have openings to enter them, before the outdoor league season is in full swing.
               Remember to tell others about the low cost of horseshoe leagues  and fun we have during the outdoor season competing with pitchers from ages FIVE to NINETY FIVE, while watching them improve and gain confidence in their pitching abilities. Encourage them to pitch in leagues and  tournaments by stressing that there are classes for everyone which range from 1% to 75%. Good luck everyone.

Regional Director's Report                
by Jerry LaBrosse
            This year the world tournament is going to be held in St George, UT. It is shaping up to be another fantastic event. It was held in St George in 2013, so we've seen the area and the arena. They've got world class clay this time, so the pitching conditions will be world class, and the area is a sightseers dream come true. The national parks and red rock scenery will blow you away.
I am hearing about a lot of MN people planning to do this trip. If you have never attended a world tournament, you're missing the best horseshoe experience of your life. This is the year to do it.  I have been to many world tournaments, and I strongly advise you to attend a world tournament. You just may get hooked for life. The friends you make from all across the country are amazing. Just do it!
I need to remind you that to qualify for entering the world, you need four sanctioned events on your natstats record between May 15th of 2016 and May 15th of 2017. Leagues or tournaments count as events. The winter tournaments offered here in MN are a great way to get your events in. Isanti, Becker, and Upsala all are hosting winter events, check the schedule and enter these events early, as they could fill up quickly because of their small size.

Financial Report for 2016
 by Bonnie Holland,MGSHPA Sec/Treas/Mem Director

Beginning Cash        $7048.95
Adult dues              18,945.00
Transfer from savings   1200.00
Scoreboard sales   600.00
Junior donations   586.00
State tournament entries, Friends of horseshoes
Banquet sales, raffle,  and prize fund     9211.00
              Total Revenue    30,542.00
Digest        740.00
Adult and Jr dues to NHPA         11,016.00
Officers Salary         3080.00
Team world entry fee         150.00
Hall of fame trailer         39.00
Office supplies and stamps   236.00
Court storage      200.00
NHPF donation      325.00
Transfer to savings     1200.00
Door prizes   260.00
Jr trophies and party   223.00
State tournament expenses         9593.00
              Total expenses   27062.00
Ending balance        $10,528.84
Net income       $3480.00

From The Statsman - Josh Olson

         HI Everyone,
    As your new State Statistician it is my job to submit all Sanctioned tournaments that are pitched in the Gopher State. With that being said, please remember to send all tournament results in full, to me at scrunchy_8@hotmail.com, I not only need the stats for your NATSTATS average, but also for the Pitcher of the Year Standings. If you visit the website you can see an updated standings list of the POY race that will be going on until July 31st, 2017. IF YOU Plan on attending World this year make sure you get your 4 sanctioned events in by May 15th this year in order to qualify for the World Horseshoe Tournament that is held in St. George, UTAH. THANKS!
-MGSHPA Statistician Josh Olson
**Here is the current standing of Pitcher of the YEAR.**

Mel and Joyce Larson
NHPF Benefit Tourney Recap
   by Jerry LaBrosse      
            Everybody showed up to play winter horseshoes and visit with friends. It was a great day for travel and everyone seemed to be having a great time.
The morning shift had some close action in D class, with Ivis Lee from SD winning his first class title as a junior boy, just moved from the cadet division. Gary Kirckof took second and Bud Schaefer took third.
Class C was dominated by Kelsey Nordick, going 6-1 @ 30.71%. Mike Littell and Bill Nelson finished 2nd and 3rd.
            Afternoon shift provided plenty of hot action. Dick Dvorak went undefeated in his first event in the Elder's division, posting a nice record of 7-0  48.21 %. Once he finds his groove he will be untouchable ! Gary Boots came in 2nd and James Syverson took third place honors.
Class A went down to the wire, but Thomas Lee from SD proved to be too tough. He polished off Henry Greenwaldt in the last game with a blistering 75% game. Thomas posted a 6-1  @  61.43%  winning record. Mel Larson placed second and Henry Greenwaldt held on to third.
I want to thank our wonderful Hall of Fame hosts Mel and Joyce Larson shown here accepting their Hall of Fame recognition.
The 50-50 drawing was won by Joe Mueller, and we thank everyone who participated. We raised a total of $278, and this was donated to the NHPF Foundation on behalf of the MGSHPA. The NHPF promotes and builds the sport of horseshoepitching by supplying support to new and existing clubs, including financial grants.
I want to personally thank Josh Olson who setup and got the first shift running for me, and all the assistance he gave me to produce this event. I also want to thank you who kept score. When everybody chips in a little, it makes it fun and easy for everyone. 

See All Upcoming Tournaments Click Here

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Print 2017 World Tournament Entry Form Here

            Upcoming Tournaments

Isanti Spring Fling
Apr 08, 2017
Date:                       Saturday, April 8th, 2017
Location:                Junction Bowl,  Isanti
Director:                  Shawn Warnemunde
Director Email:         smwarnemunde@msn.com
Director Phone:       763-227-1804
Director Address:    414 11th Ave NW    Isanti,MN  55040
Deadline:              April 1st, 2017
Fee:                         $25, Juniors $5
Sanction Number:   23-17-007
Additional Information:  First 16 PAID entries accepted.Eight-person classes;
40-shoe games; Handicapped if needed

Apr 15, 2017
Date:                       Saturday, April 15th, 2017
Location:                 Becker American Legion, Becker
Director:                  Wayne Peterson
Director Email:        wrpeterson@windstream.net
Director Phone:       763.360.5914
Director Address:    16910 Garden Grove Rd SE, Becker, MN 55308
Deadline:             April  8th, 2017
Fee:                         $30, Juniors FREE
Sanction Number:   23-17-008
Additional Information: Eight-person classes; 40-shoe games;
Handicapped if needed; Concessions; Cash Prizes; 
Visit our web page:  http://clankandthud.weebly.com

Upsala Spring Tournament
Apr 22, 2017
Date:                       Saturday,April 22nd, 2017
Location:                Upsala arena
Director:                 Josh Olson
Director Email:         olson4@arvig.net 
Director Phone:       218-639-4641
Director Address:   PO Box 353   Bertha,MN    56437
Deadline:                 April 15th, 2017
Fee:                         $30
Sanction Number:   23-17-009
Additional Information: Eight-person classes; 40-shoe games;
Handicapped if needed. Concessions on site. Fun and prizes await !!

Alexandria Open
May 27, 2017
Date:                       Saturday,May 27th, 2017
Location:                Alexandria Club Courts
Director:                Gary Boots
Director Email:         garyb@runestone.net
Director Phone:       320-760-2383
Director Address:   PO Box 95    Barrett,MN    56311
Deadline:                 May 20th, 2017
Fee:                         $30
Sanction Number:   23-17-010
Additional Information: Eight-person classes; 40-shoe games; Handicapped if needed..
Concessions on site. Fun and prizes await !!  Rain location is Bertha Lions Building

Tournament Results

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