Ringer Digest
May - June  2017
A Charter of the NHPA
Official Publication of the Minnesota Gopher State Horseshoe Pitchers' Association
President Rick Wright
President's Message

Hey Everyone,
I would like to welcome everyone back for another season. I would also like to welcome all the new people to our Horseshoe family.  I think you will find that the people in our sport are very friendly and fun and that is what it is all about.
Mark your calendars for June 3rd for our spring meeting to be held at the Bud Nelson Open in Forest Lake between shifts of the tournament. (about 12:30). We would like to make a proposal where I will need a membership vote.  I am proposing that the boards limit of $500 to be raised to $1000 without having membership approval.  Now a days you can't get a lot accomplished with $500 limit.  Our trailer needs to be repainted which will cost over that amount. I will be bringing this up at the meeting and would really like some input from the membership. If anyone has anything they would like to bring up, just give me a call or email and I will add it to the agenda.
I wish everyone good luck in league play.  Thanks to all the league directors for their time they put in to run a smooth league. 
Don't forget to sign up for our tournaments early because they do really fill up fast.
And lastly, don't forget to just have a lot of fun and friendly competition!
See ya on the courts!


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Thank you, Casey Sluys NHPF Board of Directors President

Janet Larson
Pitching?  Remember to "Pitch In"

I am very fortunate in our club in that we have a lot of members that are very willing to help out in a variety of ways.  It was a big advantage for us when we hosted the State Tournament and it is a great asset for our club and our club tournaments.  If you are a member of a club or if you sign up for a tournament please remember to offer to help out in some way.  Help get courts ready, or clean up at the end of the tournament.  Help fill water jugs.  Offer to be a scorekeeper.  Help with concessions or just be available to run an errand.  Help spread the word that your club is hosting a tournament.  There are many ways to pitch in and lend a hand.  The old saying "Many hands make light the work" is so very true.  Being a tournament director can be overwhelming, but with a little assistance you can help lighten the load.  We all appreciate having tournaments to attend, do what you can to help out those who are willing to be tournament directors.  Have a great season with lots of ringers!       Janet Larson, NW VP  

Minutes from MGSHPA Spring Board Meeting  3/25/17

Meeting was called to order at 10:00am by President Rick Wright in the Greenfield HS Barn.  Those in attendance were Denny Keogh, Janet Larson, April Lynch, Josh Olson, Shawn Warnemunde, Bonnie Holland, Marlys Timm, and Rick Wright. 
Motion was made by Janet Larson and 2nd by Josh Olson to accept the October meeting minutes, motion was approved. 
Treasurer's report was presented by Bonnie H., we have a current balance of $9,610.29.  The state will be sponsoring 2 teams this year in the Team World competition in Beloit WI.  Team One will consist of Sig Armitage, Ray Volkers, Sara Otto and Mark Smith.  Team Two is Jim Aleckson, Bill Danielson, Josh Olson, Alan Larson and Janet Larson.  The cost is $200.00 per team.  MN will be represented by a total of 4 teams at Team World this year.   Shawn W. made a motion to accept the treasurer's report.  It was 2nd by Janet L. and approved by all present.  
Shawn W. (NE VP) reported that Hibbing is on track to host the State Doubles Tournament on Sept.16th.  Isanti has hosted numerous tournaments throughout the winter.  Several of the clubs in his district will have tournaments this summer.  The RJ Challenge will have a new date this summer.  That date is still pending. 
Josh O. (Statistician) reported the Pitcher of the Year Points are currently up to date.  He would like to remind all tournament directors to get their tournament results to him including Club only tournament results.  He will then send the results on to Natstats, Rob Hagman for the Website and Jerry LaBrosse for the Ringer Digest.
April L., Junior Director, would like all clubs that have Cadets/Juniors to let her know who they are so she can connect with them.  Forest Lake has the only Junior League at this time, but Alexandria is hoping to get one started this summer.  It would be nice if we could encourage more Cadets and Juniors to participate in the State Tournament this year. 
Janet L. (NW VP) had someone from her district express the need to have a streamed-line document on the website that listed all the information and steps required for a tournament director to run a tournament, who to contact to get a date approved, how to get a sanction #, use of HS Master, how to get it advertised, what to do with the results, etc.  It would be helpful to have a similar document for running a sanctioned league.  One of the duties listed for VP's is to promote the sport of horseshoes and Janet asked if this could include non-sanctioned leagues in our districts.  Maybe along with listing the Sanctioned Leagues in MN on the Website, we could also have a category for Non-Sanctioned Leagues with contact information.  An explanation of the difference between the two should be included.  It might make it easier for someone interested in the sport to find a league in their area.  It could draw someone from a non-sanctioned league to a tournament.  The possibility of it leading someone to a non-sanctioned league rather than a sanctioned league was also discussed, but overall it was agreed that it would be a good idea to do this.  Janet brought up the need to have a simple one or two page flyer that listed all the sanctioned tournaments for the year, with contact information.  The VP's could use this for promoting tournaments when visiting non-sanctioned clubs in their area.  It would also be handy for some of our less computer oriented members.   Janet also suggested that part of each meeting agenda should be choosing the date for the next meeting, that way everyone can get it on their calendars earlier. 
Denny K. (SW VP) reported that the clubs in his area, Kilkenny, Montgomery, and N. Mankato are getting organized for their summer leagues.  Savage and Litchfield were recently added to Denny's district and he will be checking in with them shortly.  N. Mankato and Montgomery (Kolacky Days), will both host tournaments in July.  These tournaments are associated with town celebrations so there are plenty of activities for everyone.  Kilkenny was experiencing some difficulties getting their league stats from last year posted.  They are working with the National league director to correct this. 
Jerry LaBrosse (RD) was unable to attend the meeting due to unexpected health issues.  Rick announced for him that Jerry wished to nominate Marlys Timm for Media director, the position was most recently held by Gene Gross.  Marlys received a unanimous yes vote by the board members present. 
The Communication Committee has the new website up and running and looking good.  New pictures can be added to the Website, they need to be sent to Rob Hagman.  It was suggested that pictures from 2016 MN Banquet and State Tournament should be added.   
The Forest Lake and Pine City Clubs will be getting together in April to get things in motion for this year's State Tournament in Genola. 
Rick W. will be making a motion at the Spring Membership meeting to raise the amount of money the Board can spend before it needs to be approved by the membership.  The State Hall of Fame trailer is in need of fresh paint, the project is expected to cost approximately $1000.  There was discussion as to which clubs were in which districts, this will be posted on the Website along with a map of the districts.  Rick encouraged VP's to get out to the clubs in in their districts, establish good communication,  let them know that we are here to assist them with any issues they may have.   VPs should also be getting articles about happenings in their districts, sent into the Ringer Digest.  
Our next board meeting will be the Spring Membership Meeting on June 3rd, in Forest Lake along with the Bud Nelson Memorial Tournament. 
Shawn made a motion to adjourn the meeting, 2nd by April, motion was approved at 11:15am. 
Minutes submitted by Janet Larson

On The Court
with Josh Olson

Hello again everyone, by the time this reaches your computer screen the Summer season of horseshoes will basically have started by now. League meetings have begun or will just begin. Leagues might even have started already. The Winter season in Minnesota was very good, we had 10 horseshoe tournaments throughout the winter months. Which is almost triple the amount that we use to have, So thank you Becker, and Isanti for giving us pitchers an additional opportunity at some practice this winter, If you haven't attended one of the tournaments at either one of these facilities, it's a must for the Fall and Winter months in the future!

There will be 4 teams from Minnesota going down to Beloit, Wisconsin this May to compete in the Annual Team World Tournament.
 Team #1
Sig Armitage, Ray Volkers, Sara Otto and Mark Smith
Team #2
Bill Danielson, Jim Aleckson, Josh Olson, Alan and Janet Larson

Team #3
Helen Hawkinson, Eric Dehkes, Dustin Dahl, Melissa Wimmer and Jenifer O'neil.

Team #4
Tiffany Syring, Joe Mueller, April Lynch and Tom Prokop.
Good Luck and Have Fun! 
St. George, Utah
The World Tournament Deadline is fast approaching, are you qualified? Are you Going? Did you know that you can sign up online now? All this can be done through the National Website, www.horseshoepitching.com .


St Michael courts
Welcome St Michael Horseshoe Club
MGSHPA's newest club

      About 5 years ago, long time charter member Jim Wagner of St Michael worked with the city of St Michael to get some new courts built in their community. He got them to construct 4 beautiful courts with complete walkways and beautiful infield quality sand for the pits. Jim then fell away from the game for a few years due to personal reasons. In the meantime a club has been forming led by Pat Backhaus as their first president. Pat had the RD do an inspection of these courts and they are fully qualified for a full NHPA court sanction. They are sanctioning this year as the newest club in our state horseshoe community. Congratulations to all the members of the St Michael Horseshoe Club. They are currently forming their leagues, so any interested pitchers should contact Pat Backhaus for more information.  612-207-2196
Shawn Warnemunde
Happenings in Isanti
By Shawn Warnemunde

There has been a lot going on in Isanti the past 6 months. First I would like to share with all of you who may not know that we operate a Fall and Winter indoor league three nights a week in our beautiful " 4 court arena" located within the Junction Bowling Center in Isanti. You can see what it all looks like in the picture folder on the state website. With that said our Fall league ran from October 15th and concluded at the end of 2016. Here are the stats from fall:
Tuesday night
Champ - Ben Lacoursiere
Most Improved - Josh Clemens +1.56%
High Average - Tom Prokop 44.51%
High Game Over Average - Shawn Warnemunde +22.84%
High Game - Tom Prokop & Shawn Warnemunde 62.5%
Wednesday night
Champ - Brad Heth
Most Improved - Jennifer O'Neil + 8.81%
High Average - Helen Hawkinson 45.17%
High Game Over Average - Helen Hawkinson +19.83%
High Game - Helen Hawkinson 65%
Rookie - Jennifer O'Neil
Thursday night
Champ - Ron Monson
Most Improved - Mike Demars +2.76%
High Average - Ron Monson 28.33%
High Game Over Average - Ron Monson +24.17%
High Game - Ron Monson 52.5%
Rookie - Craig Rolf
Winter league ran from January and concluded the last week of March. Here are the stats from winter:
Tuesday night
Champ - Patti Oakes
Most Improved - Joe Mueller +8.98%
High Average - Joe Mueller 46.98%
High Game Over Average - Joe Mueller +25.52%
High Game - Joe Mueller 72.5% (3 years in a row!)
Wednesday night
Champ - Helen Hawkinson
Most Improved - Jennifer O'Neil +9.64%
High Average - Helen Hawkinson 47.71%
High Game Over Average - Helen Hawkinson +24.79%
High Game - Helen Hawkinson 72.5%
Rookie - Trevor Teich
Thursday Night
Champ - Craig Rolf
Most Improved - Kevin Hagman +2.71%
High Average - Mike Demars 26.46%
High Game Over Average - Ron Monson +18.94%
High Game - Mike Demars 45%
Rookies - Kevin Hagman & Jim Kilpatrick
Congratulation to all award winners!
Another fun thing that happened this past season was the friendly rivalry that brewed between Tuesday and Wednesday nights! It all began on a Wednesday night after Eric Dehkes and company completed their games. They must have all pitched well and felt a little chippy afterwards or maybe it was the beer because they gave me a call and officially challenged us Tuesday pitchers to a contest! I thought about it for a bit and came up with a mini tournament consisting of the top three pitchers from each night and set a date to pitch. Myself, Joe Mueller, and Tom Prokop then took on Helen Hawkinson, Eric Dehkes, and Jennifer O'Neil. By a 9-6 margin the Tuesday crew took home the bragging rights! I must say that it was a heckuva good time and I am sure this will turn into a yearly thing. Here are the results:
Class A                                  Won  Lost        R%
1.Shawn Warnemunde    5         0           55.0
2. Eric Dehkes                    4         1           48.0
3.Thomas Prokop              2        3            35.5
4.Joe Mueller                     2        3            47.0
5.Helen Hawkinson           1        4            44.5
6.Jennifer O'Neil                1        4            37.5
Then to officially wrap up the winter season we had a club tournament that was broken down into three nights. The top 6 pitched on Tuesday, the next 6 on Wednesday, and the next 6 after that on Thursday.
Congratulations to Class A winner Helen Hawkinson, Class B champ- Brad Heth, and Class C champ- Al Barclay.
Class A                                Won  Lost        R%
 1. Helen Hawkinson          4.5   0.5         58.00
 2. Joe Mueller                   3      2              53.00
 3. Thomas Prokop            2.5    2.5         40.50
 4. Eric Dehkes                    2      3             47.50
 5. Jennifer O'Neil               2      3             46.00
 6. Shawn Warnemunde    1      4            38.50
Class B   
                                           Won  Lost        R%
 1. Brad Heth                     3      2             32.00
 2. Al Blumer                     3       2             30.50
 3. Patti Oakes                   3      2            35.00
 4. Ben LaCoursiere          3      2            40.00
 5. Rich Bialek                    3      2           26.50
 6. Mike DeMars               0      5            18.50
Class C   
                                         Won  Lost        R%
1. Al Barclay                     5       0            30.00
 2. Craig Rolf                    3       2            21.00
 3. Ron Monson               3      2            30.00
 4. Al Zimmerman           2       3            17.00
 5. Trevor                          1       4           16.00
 6. Jim Kilpatrick              1       4           21.50
We have also hosted 4 tournaments. The Junction Toss in December, the Arctic Open in January, the Ice Hole Open in February, and the Isanti Spring Fling this past April. Congratulations to all place winners and a big thanks to all that participated. The results are all on the state website. We will be looking to put on more tournaments again next fall and winter.
That is all for now. I wish to conclude by thanking everyone who pitched this past fall/winter. I hope you all had as much fun as I had and I look forward to doing it again next fall!

Regional Director's Report                
Spring is here, and so is a new season of fun pitching in leagues and tournaments.
Part of my responsibilities as the NHPA Regional Director is to make sure that everyone runs their leagues and tournaments in accordance with the NHPA rules and bylaws, and also that the courts are sanctioned and certified.
I am happy to say that we do not have problems with either of those issues in our great charter. 
If you have any questions regarding the rules, bylaws, or court sanctioning, do not hesitate to contact me for further information.
Good luck with another great season of pitching !!!
Jerry LaBrosse
NHPA Regional Director

From The Statsman - Josh Olson

Tournaments will be in Full swing starting at the end of May with the Alexandria Open, and continuing throughout the summer.
Tournament Directors, thank you for sending me results right away, the winter months have been great with tournaments and getting everything sent off and tallied for the Pitcher of the Year points. Don't hesitate to email me or call me if you have any questions.
Hope Everyone had a blessed Easter and I will see you on the Court! 


There is a new website for help with HSMaster and HSScorekeeper.
www.hsmaster.info You will be able to download both programs from there along with
help using the programs. You can leave comments  about the programs and get 
help from Rob Hagman with any part of the program. Both of these programs and the 
website are free there is a place where you can donate to further the  development  of
these programs. Please keep in mind the website is always being worked on and added on to so if you have any ideas please share them with us.
Rob Hagman  NHPA IT Director.
Denny Keogh
The Montgomery Horseshoe Club 
built a new club shed to hold all of our horseshoe materials. We received donations from Montgomery Community Club and the Montgomery Lions Club. The shed was built by Dick David, Denny Keogh, Curtis Proehl, Mark Tellijohn and Bernie Caron. Our club meeting will be sometime in April. We will send our own email blast to our existing members. If you are looking to pitch in two fun tournaments this summer, please check out Montgomery Kolacky Days' annual tournament on July 29th and North Mankato' fun days tournament on July 8th. Both of these tournaments are held in conjunction with their town celebrations.  Denny Keogh Southwest VP
Cathy Ziemann
Jim Holland Memorial Tournament 
The annual Jim Holland Memorial Tournament will be held on June 17.  The tournament is open to the FIRST 48 paid entries. 
Entry fees : $30 for adults, $5 for juniors.  The tournament will be held at the Brooklyn Park courts in Central Park.  (8440 Regent Ave. N., Brooklyn Park.)  There will be concessions on site, a 50-50 drawing, cash prizes.  (Depending on entries: 50 shoe games for 6 person classes, 40 shoe games for 8 person classes. Handicapped if needed.)   Please send entries to:  Cathy Ziemann, 2874 Pascal St., Roseville MN 55113.  Deadline for entries is: June 3, 2017. 
Update from the Fridley Horseshoe Club
The Fridley Horseshoe Club's current court location has been reclaimed by the City of Fridley for city projects.  The Club Officers continue to work with Anoka County on an alternate location.  The design of the new courts is still being worked on and final costs determined.  The hope is to have this finalized within the next few months.  If all goes well, the Fridley Club may have a new location for the 2018 season.  Any "profits" from the Jim Holland Memorial Tournament will be added to the club's current savings account to help pay for the new courts.
For 2017, many Fridley members will be playing with different clubs, including Brooklyn Park and Forest Lake.  We would like to thank our "horseshoe family" for reaching out and welcoming us for this season.    
Cathy Ziemann

Grebmorts Family Horseshoe Tournament 

When you grow up in a rural area with eight siblings (and six of them are brothers), you are destined to play horseshoes. And so began the Stromberg Family Tournament with the inaugural games on July 2, 1972. It may say something about my family that we named the tournament "Grebmorts" which is "Stromberg" spelled backwards. Every summer, our relatives and a few friends would get together for a family horseshoe tournament in the backyard of my parent's home in New Prague, MN.
Each year, the number of family and friends that participated grew. It wasn't long before we decided to give out trophies and charge a small entry fee to cover the costs of the trophies. Everyone had so much fun! However, the tournament took all day because we only had two pits in the backyard. Later, we moved the tournament to my brother's home in North Branch, MN. We were able to put eight horseshoe pits in his backyard, so the tournament could be completed in one day.
We've made the tournament somewhat "official" too. The pits are sand courts and close to regulation size and dimensions. We all use the same brand of horseshoes, - Champs, and no one is allowed to bring their own. The tournament is double elimination and we try to limit it to 32 teams. The teams are a random draw (the morning of the tournament) and consist of one man and one woman. Juniors (age 13 and older) can also participate.
For 44 years, we have held the invitation-only Grebmorts Tournament - rain or shine! One highlight of the tournament is the "Hulgar Award". Named after my wonderful Swedish father, Hulgar Samuel Elof Stromberg. The Hulgar award is the consolation trophy and is made to look like an outhouse. The Hulgar Award winners are responsible for making the outhouse trophy for the next year. (Each year these trophies get more creative - truly a sight to see!).
The family tournament was the incentive for me and my sister to join a horseshoe league. We wanted to beat our brothers so bad, that we decided we needed to play every week to get better. We joined Montgomery Horseshoe League in 2001. Over time, we became more actively involved; - I was the league statistician from 2002-2010. As my sister and I improved, we took the game more seriously. We played in many tournaments over the years, including State and World Tournaments. We improved, and I can safely say that we can out-shoot all of our brothers now. Colleen Szabo (my sister) holds the family record of 46 ringers in one tournament!
Our family horseshoe tournament spurred other relatives to join leagues and become involved with the MGSHPA. You may recognize some of my relatives or have even played against them in tournaments. Pictured below: Cheri Newcombe, Cyndi Stepka, Tera Shusted (like a relative), Colleen Szabo, Cathy Ziemann, and Robyn Holien. Not pictured are Jackie Johnson, and Mick Ziemann (just to name a few).
The interest in this sport is increasing, and I believe the handicap league program is very successful because it allows beginners as well as seasoned players to pitch together. It's not the game itself that keeps me coming back, it is the friendships that I have made within our league and the tournaments. Horseshoe players are family, whether related or not.
Respectfully submitted by:
Cyndi Stepka

Click the link to download the pdf file. 
Grebmorts Family Horseshoe Tournament

2016-2017 Pitcher of the Year Standings
(As of April 26, 2017)

NAME                                   POINTS

Rich Bialek                           46
Sig Armitage                       45
Mark Smith                         31
Henry Greenwaldt          30
Dick Dvorak                        29
Jim Aleckson                      29
Melvin Larson                    29
Al Woida                              29
Joshua Olson                     28
Bob Knudtson                   27
Ben LaCoursiere               26
William Nelson                  25
Tyler Stone                         24
Janet Larson                       23
Shawn Warnemunde     22
Alvin Barclay                       22
Joe Mueller                        20
Mike Littell                          20
Randy Werk                       19
Richard Giese                    19
Gary Boots                          17
Colton Williams                 17
Brad Heth                            17
Ray Volkers                        17
Jeannie Rajkowski           16

See All Upcoming Tournaments Click Here

See All Tournament Results Click Here

            Upcoming Tournaments

Alexandria Open
May 27, 2017
Date:                       Saturday,May 27th, 2017
Location:                Alexandria Club Courts
Director:                Gary Boots
Director Email:         garyb@runestone.net
Director Phone:       320-760-2383
Director Address:   PO Box 95    Barrett,MN    56311
Deadline:                 May 20th, 2017
Fee:                         $30
Sanction Number:   23-17-010
Additional Information: Eight-person classes; 40-shoe games; Handicapped if needed..
Concessions on site. Fun and prizes await !!  Rain location is Bertha Lions Building

Brooklyn Park Open
Sanction # 23-17-013
Date 6/11/2017
Entry Fee $25
Dead Line 6/1/2017
Director Jon Von Rysky
Director address
4215 Xenia Ave N
Robinsdale MN, 55422
Location Central Park
Phone# 612-735-0473
Additional Information
50-50, concessions on site.

Bud Nelson Open
Sanction # 23-17-011
Date 6-03-17
Entry Fee $30
Dead Line 5-27-17
Director Rick Wright
Location 50586 Shorewood Circle
Ruch City MN, 55069
Phone # 651-491-2404
Additional Information

Jim Holland Memorial
Sanction # 23-17-014
Date 6/17/2017
Entry Fee $30   juniors $5
Dead Line 6/3/2017
Director Cathy Ziemann
Director Address
2874 Pascal St.
Roseville MN, 55113
Location To Be Determined
Phone# 612-242-7226
Additional Information
Shifts at 9 am and 1 pm, format details forthcoming

West St. Paul Open
Sanction #23-17-012
Date 6/10/2017
Entry Fee $25
Dead Line 5/31/2017
Director Patti Oakes
Location 2138 Williams St
Roseville MN, 55113
Phone# 651-489-5304
Additional Information

Moorhead Open
Sanction # 23-17-015
Date 6/25/2017
Entry Fee $30  juniors $5
Dead Line 6/16/2017
Director Sandra Carlson
Director Address
PO Box 101
Moorhead MN, 56561
Location Moorhead
Phone# 701-371-0129
Additional Information
Limited to first 56 players   tournament to be held in Davy Memorial Park 

MGSHPA Executive Board       MGSHPA Directors

Rick Wright
50586 Shorewood Circle
Rush City ,Mn 55069

North East Vice President
Shawn Warnemunde
414 11th Ave. NW
Isanti, MN 55040

North West Vice President
Janet Larson
22651Co Rd 82 NW.
Evansville,MN 56326

East Metro Vice President 
Jim Woods
808 3rd Ave. SW
Forest Lake, MN 55025

West Metro Vice President
Robin Constance
18273 Emerald Trail
Farmington, MN 55024

South East Vice President
Dustin Dahl
617 Terry Ln
Winona,MN 55987

South West Vice President 
Denny Keogh
203 Fischer St NW
Montgomery,MN 56069
612 756 0419

Ringer Digest Editor
Jerry LaBrosse
8170 Fern Lane
Greenfield,MN 55357

Josh Olson
PO Box 353
Bertha, MN 56437

Rob Hagman
652 Cross st.
Anoka,MN 55303

Nominations Director 
Joe Mueller
2057 152nd Lane
Ham Lake, MN 55304

Constitution and Bylaws
Gordy Schmidt
5631 187th St. W
Farmington, MN 55024

News Media Director
Gene Gross
9716 Oxborough Rd.
Bloomington,MN 55437

Junior Promotions Director
April Lynch
25679 Friesland Ct
Wyoming, MN 55902

Communications Director
Jerry LaBrosse
8170 Fern Lane
Greenfield, MN 55357

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Mike's Horseshoes

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