2017 has been a great season for those who like to paddle really long distances.  The OUPPS started on May 27th with its 40km warm-up, the Algonquin Outfitters Big East River X.  Next up was the new Algonquin Outfitter 24 Hours of River X which challenged teams to paddle as far as they can in 24 hours.  Last weekend saw the Kingston to Ottawa, better know as the K2O offering distances up to 200km.   This weekend is the 4th race of the series; Ontario's classic ultra event, the 64km North Bay to Mattawa.  September will bring the season's last race, Algonquin Outfitters Muskoka River X with both 80 and 130km of pure expedition paddling/adventure racing.  Where else but Ontario, Canada can you find such as race schedule?     

After 3 races, there is a 4-way tie for 1st place; each paddler having earned 300 points for finishing 1st place in all three of the OUPPS races.  What's more exciting is who the front runners are.  No surprise is Tom Phillips, who won the OUPPS last year and has proven himself a force in the ultra distance ranks.  New to the ultra community are Jennifer and Sebastien Courville.  This tripping couple from Golden Lake blasted out of the back-country into racing with wins in all three races paddling.  Not to be outdone is Courtney Sinclair, paddling solo on a SUP.  Did we say that she is the world record holder for standing in one stop without moving her feet?  She's a hero in our book.  Give her ice cream!  Oh wait...she already had one last weekend at K2O....
We're excited to see how the standings turn out after this weekend's North Bay to Mattawa race.  Remember, the more you paddle - the more points you earn.

On behalf of the K2O and North Bay to Mattaw, River X thanks you for choosing our events.  See you at the races!