IEC-61131-3 Best Practices

Following IEC 61131-3 best practices allows: 
  • Operator
  • Maintenance
  • Developer
These different layers will help the programmer to significantly cut down their code overhead. 

LMI Multi-Model Production Line

The aim of multi-model production
is to increase productivity and profitability through a more efficient use of time, floorspace, and resources.

Download Parker Automation Manager

While the PAC  is Parker's all-in-one machine controls solution that combines PLC, HMI, and motion control (and robotics!) functionality into a single device, PAM  is the single integrated development environment (IDE)
used to program it.

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True Gantry Mode from ACS    
Improved Performance  

For highly accurate gantry positioning tables, where two motors (each with its own feedback) are used to control an axis, ACS Motion Control has developed unique and powerful algorithms that provide an unprecedented levels of position accuracy, speed stability, and settling time.

Key features: 

  •  Two separate axes are controlled as one gantry axis, improving stability in the servo control loops

  •  Multi Input Multi Output (MIMO) control algorithm provides higher system bandwidth, improving system performance
  • Ability to auto-align the gantry pair through software to
    compensate for hardware misalignments
  • Flexibility to be deployed in stiff and loose gantry systems 

MIR Fleet Control 

This video demonstrates how to keep a large fleet of mobile robots running 24/7 through a single PC based user interface. 

Nabtesco Rotary Actuator AF Series 
Evolving into All in One

The AF Series was created to achieve automation as simple and quickly as possible. This has been achieved by integrating precision reduction gear RV with servomotors into a simple, compact design. The resulting high quality unified drive section ensures safety, comfort, and a sense of security.  

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