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Rockville Science Center Newsletter
May 2018
The Center at a Glance

Details for these activities are in this newsletter!

Science Tuesday 
at Rockville Senior Center 

May 8
1 pm to 2 pm

Science Cafe 
At Branded '72 Restaurant !!

May 15 7 pm to 8 pm
Hometown Holidays
Annual Memorial Day event
May 26 & May 27
Parade on May 28
See entry in this newsletter
Check out the Studio i Makerspace 
Meetup for special activities/classes

Explorer Post meetings

Every Wednesday
6 pm to 9 pm
Amateur Radio Technician License Class at Studio i Makerspace

Every Saturday, from March 31 to May 5 1:30 pm to 4:40 pm
Summer Camps June, July, & August.  Click here for camp information
Rockville Science Day

The 29th 
Rockville Science Day is history.
Are you ready for the 
30th ...
Rockville Science Day

It is not too early to think about exhibiting and volunteering. Just a year away!

The Rockville Science Center has been putting on Rockville Science Day at Montgomery College for over 29 years

We had a record breaking 109 exhibitors!  There were hands-on STEM exhibits from academia, scientific and engineering societies, government agencies, high-tech corporations and STEM organizations, live animals, and  exhibits from students.

Over 4000 people enjoyed hands on exhibits including ...
electric cars, boa constructors, antique radios and amateur radio, all kinds of robots and automatons, rockets, biting mosquitoes, comet making, inspecting brains, stage shows about radium, interpreting archaeological sites, steam ship technology, civil war medicine, homing pigeon release, archaeology mini-digs, piezoelectric energy demonstrations, ornithology, Botball demonstrations, solving drinking water scarcity, coding challenges, Civil Air Patrol, astronomy, rocket building (and launching!), Aruduino, concepts in electricity, concepts in optics, wind energy, live music, global warming, science songs, science of music, organ grinding, mechanical TV, science fair exhibits, 3D printing, vitamin C in fruits, math puzzles, experiments heading to the international space station, model aircraft and drones, prosthetics & orthotics, ultrasound imaging, MRI technology,  ...  And this is just the tip of the iceberg! 

Over 50 volunteers found plenty of time to enjoy the exhibits while clocking in a record number of SSL hours. They helped with planning, setup, running the event, and taking the event down. Without their help Science day would not have been possible. 

You can't do science on an empty stomachMontgomery College Food Services Department provided food and refreshment this year.

The weather was perfect!  

We plan for our 30th Rockville Science day 
to be bigger than ever! 

Some highlights from the 29th Rockville Science Day

Opening  Ceremonies


Comet Making and Rockets


Civil War Medicine and 

The photos are provided by  Yaakov Gridley. 
Yaakov's Camera, Rockville Md. 

Studio i Makerspace

Location:  Rockville Memorial Public Library, 2nd Floor, 21 Maryland Ave, Rockville, MD 20850
Registration:  May be  required  for some events.
Open Meeting Time:   Alternating Tuesdays,  7:00 pm to 9:00 pm  Just show up and learn about the  Studio  i Makerspace.
Calendar: Check out all our activities on the  Studio i Makerspace Meetup Group

A makerspace is a community center with tools and materials where people in the community can come to learn, teach, and make things. Our Makerspace  includes robotics, drones, rocketry, amateur radio, and many more activities. Check us out!

Other ongoing activities include Open Time, Microcontrollers 101, Drones and R/C interest Group, Coder Dojo, Space Blimp, and much more. 

Other Studio i Maker Space News

The Amateur Radio License Class, run by the Montgomery Amateur Radio Club, currently has about 20 participants. They include junior high school students to retired professionals, all working on their Technician Class FCC radio license. These classes are open to the public.

Coder Dojo (ages 7-17) is an ongoing program with 50+ youth attending routinely.  This is a low-pressure, learn at your own pace, group where you can share ideas and learning with peers and expert adult mentors.  

The MoCo Makers Thursday night series has had wonderful topics and talks which have included, Dive into Deep Learning - Neural Networks Introduction, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain: Introduction and Staying Safe, Micro-controllers Introduction and Projects, and Group Training for use of the ShopBot CNC carver.

The High-Altitude Balloon Project (a.k.a. Spaceblimp) continues marching forward. Spaceblimp is an educational and exploratory stratospheric balloon project that lofts various payloads to near-space (about 100,000ft). The Space Blimp Project Group was an exhibitor at the USA Science and Engineering Festival and at Rockville Science Day.   The readiness payload will include radio telemetry for position and tracking, various cameras, and a cosmic radiation detector. The work is a collaboration between the RSC Makerspace (Rockville, MD.), HacDC Hackerspace (D.C.), and Unallocated Space (Severn, MD.). 

May Science Tuesday
What's In Your Medicine
Date: Tuesday, May 8, 2018
Event: Rockville Science Center, Science Tuesday
Where: Rockville Senior Center, 1150 Carnation Dr., Rockville, MD 20850
Speaker: Jaap Venema

Jaap Venema, Ph.D., is Executive Vice President and Chief Science Officer (CSO) for USP.  He leads USP's scientific strategy and standards-setting activities around the world.  He also serves as Chair of the Council of Experts, USP's scientific standards-setting
 body, which continuously revises standards in the United States Pharmacopeia-National Formulary, USP Compounding Compendium, Herbal Medicines Compendium, Dietary Supplements Compendium, and Food Chemicals Codex.

A native of the Netherlands, Dr. Venema earned his Master's degree in Chemistry from the Free University of Amsterdam, and his Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from Leiden University in the Netherlands.

What's In Your Medicine

USP background: Empowering a healthy tomorrow
A healthier world needs a strong foundation - one that establishes quality, sets the bar forscientific rigor and technological progress, and epitomizes collaboratio
n between industry, nonprofits, government, and academia. From the standards we create to the partnerships and conversations we foster, our scientists, advocates, and network of experts are critical to constructing and reinforcing this foundation to en
sure people stay healthy. Every day, the health community confidently builds upon our ongoing work, supplying, manufacturing, and distributing medicines; making hospital systems more effective; meeting health provider, patient, and consumer needs; creating policies; allocating resources and responding to crisis situations. An independent nonprofit, we continue to expand our reach and impact to draw us closer
 to a world where everyone can be confident of quality in health and healthcare.

This presentation will provide an overview of the various scientific approaches necessary to maintain up-to-date compendia, including case studies that will provide a unique insight into what it takes to deliver high-quality health products to your home.

Science Tuesday programs are run  in partnership with the City of Rockville. Science Tuesdays meets on the second Tuesday of the month from 1:00 to 2:00pm at Rockville Senior Center. Science Tuesdays features a speaker with a science background giving a presentation and answering questions afterwards. Events are free to attend.

 May  Science Café
What's In Your Medicine
Date:  Tuesday, May 15, 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Event:  Rockville Science Center, Science Cafés
Where:  Branded '72 Pit Barbecue, 387 E Gude Dr, Rockville, MD 20850
Speaker:  Jaap Venema

Dr. Jaap Venema, this month's Science Tuesday speaker, is also our guest speaker for the May Science Cafe. Please join us for his riveting talk on an overview of the various scientific approaches necessary to maintain up-to-date compendia, including case studies that will provide a unique insight into what it takes to deliver high-quality health products to your home.

See our Science Tuesday entry above for this month's Science Cafe program.


The Rockville Science  Center Scienc e Cafés  are free and open to everyone. They feature a scientist engaging and leading discussions to encourage conversation, debate, and interaction. 

The Rockville Science  Science Cafe meets at the Branded '72 Pit Barbecue, soon to be renamed Crossroads BBQ &  Grill . The restaurant serves awesome BBQ, vegetarian dishes, and salads. Arrive early if you want to buy dinner or a drink and get a table.

Rockville Hometown Holidays

Date:  Saturday, May 26 & Sunday, May 27. Parade is on May 28.
Event:  Rockville Science Center at Hometown Holidays
Where:   Festival  is at Rockville Town Square. 
Parade (May 28) The parade travels throughout Rockville Town Square down Maryland Ave. View the full parade route


Join the Rockville Science Center at 
Rockville Hometown Holidays


Join the Rockville Science Center on Memorial Day Weekend, Saturday, May 26 and Sunday, May 27 in Rockville Town Center for the 30th Hometown Holidays Music Festival featuring more than 30 free live performances, the Taste of Rockville, children's activities and more! The festivities end on Monday, May 28 with the Annual Memorial Day Parade.

Visit with us at our kiosk. We will demonstrate straw rockets, measure body potential, demonstrate driverless car technology, and and more.

Sponsored Student Programs News

Explorer Post 1010

Post 1010 is a great group of over 40 high school students with interests in computers, robotics, rockets, drones, and engineering. The Post is sponsored by the Rockville Science Center. 

We meet at the  Johns Hopkins University, in  Rockville Maryland, on Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings throughout the school year. Members of the Post are developing experience designing and building engineering projects as they explore engineering as a career. Check out our website at

For  additional  information about Explorer Post 1010, FIRST LEGO League, or our other youth programs contact

April has been an extremely busy month for Explorer Post 1010. Besides helping with the USA Science and Engineering Festival and Rockville Science Day, all four of the projects have had significant progress.

Team America Rocketry Challeng Team 

Our Team America Rocketry teams have finished qualifying and both teams have been invited to the finals for the top 100 teams across the US. The finals are on May 12 at Great Meadows in Virginia ( Challenge teams are flying rockets with a hope of qualify for the national finals in May.

First Tech Challenge

Our FIRST Tech Challenge robotics team was invited to participate in the FIRST World championship in Detroit during April. The team had some challenges in the competition, but gained a great experience which they plan to use in the fall.


Our Botball Educational Robotics team competed in the DC regional tournament on April  7 at Annandale High School. While they had issues in the seeding rounds, they got it together and ended up winning the "alliance" competition. They are now working on robots for the Global Conference on Educational Robotics in late July in California.

Unmanned  Aircraft Systems Team
Unmanned  Aircraft Systems Team

Our Unmanned Aircraft Systems (drone) team competed in the UAS4STEM east tournament and came in third on a very windy day. They have been invited to the national competition in August in Muncie Indiana.


Other Youth Programs

The  FIRST LEGO League (FLL) 
Rockville Science Center received the Maryland Outstanding Qualifier award for our robotics tournaments held in January at the Universities at Shady Grove.

Sign up for Summer Camps

Sessions Filling Fast

The Rockville Science Center is again conducting
Science Camps  in summer 2018, to be held at the Bullis School and at various sites in the City of Rockville. We will have camps in geology, biology, astronomy, engineering, robotics, and electronics. The camps are focused on the critical growth of older elementary and middle school students. The Catalog is available now and registration will be run through the Bullis Summer program and Rockville City web sites.

Or email us at


Volunteer Opportunities at the
Rockville Science Center
We have many volunteer opportunities coming up as our busy season approaches. Volunteering at the RSC gives students an opportunity to earn SSL hours and adults to participate in our outreach to the community. 

  • Would you like to help with the Explorations! Field Trips program? To volunteer contact Howard at
  • We are looking for a college student to help with the Young Adult Science Cafe at the Universities at Shady Grove. To volunteer contact Howard at

Read About Our Previous Months Activities

April Science Tuesday

Dr Kimberly Jacoby Morris

Dr Kimberl
y Jacoby Morris is currently a postdoctoral fellow at NIH in the National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and B ioengineering Biophotonics Laboratory of Dr. George H. Patterson. 

Dr. Morris returned to Science Tuesday with a hands-on lab experience designed so that participants could have a relatable experience to concepts of acid/base chemistry  (saponification). Dr. Morris arrived with her portable lab and all essential protective gear necessary for the project. Adult learners engaged by "salting-out" bars of soap. Each participant took home a home a bar of quality, scented soap, and a new understanding of acid/base chemistry. We needed no lab experience. Just our enthusiasm for science. 

 April  Science Café
How you and I can change what we do to make a better 
county and world.

Danielle Meitiv

Oceanographer and climate scientist Danielle Meitiv joined us last month at our March Science Tuesday. This month she join us at the Roc kville Science Center  Science Café.  She attended the University of Buffalo and then went east to the University of Rhode Island for a M.S. in Oceanography. From work on the impacts of black carbon on the ice-covered areas of the Arctic, Himalayas and Andes to inventorying plant species in Central Park, Danielle has formed a deep understanding of climate change. 

Danielle discussed many of the causes of climate change. She shared her perspective, as a scientist and political activist, on what we can do as individuals to repair our climate and to make the country and world a better for our children.

USA Science and Engineering Festival 

The Rockville Science Center participated in the 5th USA Science & Engineering Festival Expo, at the Walter E Washington Convention Center.  It is the largest celebration of science, technology, engineering and mathematics in the U.S. featuring more than 3,000 exhibits and 30 stage shows. There were hands-on exhibits from the world's leading scientific and engineering societies, universities, government agencies, high-tech corporations and STEM organizati ons. 

The Rockville Science Center had a large exhibit space, displaying exhibits from our partners, including our Studio i Makerspace team, a geologist the Westminster Astronomical Society, high school robotics team, and students from the Montgomery County Science Fair. Our exhibitors demonstrated self driving technology, nano technology human body electrical potential demo, geology, electric power from pizioelectric cells, robotics demonstrations, and a comet  making demonstration

Some highlights from our exhibitors:

Self driving technology demonstration.

Nano fabric demonstration.

Y outh team demonstrating robotic technology and Dr. Justus talking about geology.

And so much more ...

Light as air.
Don't ask about the elephant in the room.
Flying drones in a cage.

STEM exhibits, as far as you can see.

Bread-Making at Johns Hopkins University

R ockville Science Center
at the annual 
Johns Hopkins Bread-Making Event


The  Rockville Science Center was invited to bring a STEM exhibit to the Bread Making Event. 

At the annual bread-making event, Johns Hopkins teams up with representatives from King Arthur Flour to teach chemistry basics to fourth- and fifth-graders. While the students waited for their turn to learn about yeast and baking, they were directed to an exhibitor hall with STEM with demonstrations explaining various principles of science. Maizie Cummings-Roke and Howard Lichtman demonstrated self driving technology, human body electrical  potential, and air pressure using straw rockets. 

Maizie demostratingStraw Rockets

A teacher watching our Driverless Car Demonstration

An exhibitor chilling with his bearded gecko. 

The exhibitor hall was very busy. 

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