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Adam ondi ahman
Romancing the Grid & 
Healing the waters of the world



Hello friends,  


      I'm so excited to be traveling to northern Missouri for the next stop on my quest to light up the Holy Earth Grid with ceremony of Male and Female working together in Harmony! Romance is the essence of the universe, so let's romance the grid together! Whether you have a significant other or you want to romance the male/female within yourself, meet me on skype or in Missouri and let's dance the holy grid together! Normally, I travel with my partner James "Torg" Torgersen who passed away so now he will be joining me in spirit! Every sacred site has a caretaker and Lori Fisher is the caretaker for the Missouri site and I am so excited that she will be joining and assisting us in Missouri!


       Why is this so important? Have you heard of meridians of the body? Well, the earth has her own net of meridians called ley lines. Nodes hold the ley lines together and Adam-ondi-ahman is one of at least 20 other nodes around the earth.  Each sacred site is connected to heaven and earth. Also,whatever happens on these ley lines and nodes can be felt through out the earth. These nodes need to be energized and activated to help the shift into the new Millennium happen with less catastrophic results. What it means is that there will be less earthquakes, hurricanes etc. Wouldn't you like to know you've saved people from disaster just by dancing, praying and singing?


      I've also been asked to do a blessing for the waters of the earth along the Missouri river. Somehow it is connected to all the waters of the planet. I was told that the earth under the pacific ocean near Hawaii is shifting right now and this spring there will be lots of water coming from the pacific. There could be lot's of Hurricanes and storms because of it. This will affect the American Continent because our storms come from the pacific oceans, so get your sand bags ready!  By blessing the water near Missouri these storms will have less of a catastrophic effect. I need other people to assist in this process. If you feel called to assist, please join us on this exciting quest to assist with the earth changes into the new Millenium by romancing the grid and healing the waters of the world!!!!


Romancing the Grid @Adam ondi Ahman

Saturday, March 8 @ 2pm. 


Healing the waters of the world on the Missouri River.
Sunday, March 9 @ 2pm. 

Contact me if you are either interested in meeting me in Missouri or want to join us through skype @ 801-500-0335.


Looking forward to seeing you!





(Renee Shaw)




My Journey....

     In 2004 while my mission partner James "Torg" Torgersen and I were speaking to our spirit guides, beings calling themselves "elements" and Gaia started talking to us and asking us to "Save Gaia and save the people". I was absolutely surprised that elements, as in earth, fire water and air could even communicate. 

     And who was Gaia? I looked it up on the internet and found it meant the earth. They taught us how to prepare Gaia (the earth),  to shift; what she calls "Gaia Yoga", in the most gentle way. I asked, "how can we help? They said, "Dance, sing and pray!"  That's all?? How easy is that?

     Then they taught us about the earth and it's Holy Grid. They showed us specific ceremonies to perform on the Holy Grid system. In 2010 we were asked to do a Male/Female ceremony at a sacred grid spot called Adam's Temple that corresponded with the exact date that the Mayan calendar predicted Male and female coming into harmony. How cool is that!

     Before Torg passed in June, 2013 we were blessed to travel to Pele in Hawaii, Uluru in Australia, Mesa Verde in Colorado. In spirit he met me at Machu Picchu and we will meet at Adam ondi ahman, Missouri to continue our mission quest to assist the earth shift into the next millenium!    


About the Holy Grid....   


          When the earth was originally formed by the most powerful fire elements, who call themselves dragons, they created leylines and anchors called nodes around the earth. They say it originally looked like a soccer ball. After billions of years, these leylines and Nodes have shifted. It's just as important to her as it is for humans to keep their meridians and chakras aligned. Except we don't have humans living on us! That is why it needs to be an applied  process, so when her leylines snap back, we don't all fall off! On Dec. 21, 2012, the dragons danced to re-align the leylines and nodes to adjust Gaia, hence "Gaia" Yoga. 



         Gaia and the elements say these changes are needed to keep Gaia alive. Minerals and air need the movement. Mountains and smokers (volcanoes) need it too. Gaia is sick and needs to move. If there is no movement, all will suffocate and starve, the oceans will wash away the land until the earth is all water and no land. All higher life would be dead. There would be no life in the ocean. There would be no food, no minerals, no life on the planet anywhere. Movement restores. This last dance will crystallize Her for 1000 years.


How can you help? 

              Sing, Dance and Pray!!!!  Send love and gratitude to  Gaia, and Mother and Father in Heaven to power up the grid! The more power, the easier the shift! It doesn't matter where you are, the Holy Grid is affected.


Renee Shaw (Ryxi) 

Autor of "Talks with My Heavenly Mother" and "Dancing with the elementals". She is a Shaman and teaches Shamanism 101. A sweat lodge facilitator, and ceremony leader.  She is a co-founder of the Safe Haven Sustainable villages, and creator of the Empowerment Channel Webcast that teaches sustainablilty.




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