eNews : September 2017
A Safe Haven for Wildlife
Frost Pond property maintains water access for animals

When Lin McKelvie and her husband bought property on Frost Pond in Jaffrey back in the early 90s they knew this would be the place they would want to spend the rest of their lives. There was just something about it that called to them -- even though they first saw the property in the winter, covered in snow. "We just knew that ..." 

Quest for Views 
Hike to the state's 15 fire lookout towers 
With big fires blazing out West, New Hampshire's Division of Forests and Lands continues to keep tabs on forest health and safety at home. Fire towers are still in use around the state, and many offer great hikes with panoramic views and even the option to spend the night in the life of a fire watchman. 

Eyes to the Sky 
Hawks making incredible migrations

Be on the lookout for broad-winged hawks this month. These great birds of prey are currently making their migration south for the winter by the hundreds. They often group together in "kettles," soaring on thermal air currents. It's a stunning sight to see and only happens for a few weeks.

Round-up for Change
You can make a difference, one dollar at a time

This month the Monadnock Food Co-op is asking customers to round up their checkout totals to the nearest dollar, or add a dollar or two as a donation, as a way of supporting the Monadnock Conservancy's work. This great partnership will help us partner with more landowners and farmers, saving more land.

Photo of Ryan Owens by Alyssa Salerno
This Saturday, September 16, is our 28th Annual Celebration. I'm especially excited about having Ernie Hebert, a Keene native and well-known local author, with us to share stories about who we are and how each of us have a stake in the land.

It'll be entertaining and thought-provoking. Come let his stories and characters reignite your passion for our region, for your neighbors, and for the land. I look forward to seeing you there!

Ryan Owens
Ryan Owens
executive director
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