JUNE 2017
The secret is in the soil

After a successful spring of planting activities the campaign is again focused on site preparation for both this fall and spring 2018. As every good gardener knows - "The secret is in the soil".

There are many factors that cause stress and mortality in trees growing near a busy transportation corridor. We've talked about them before - salt, lack of water, pollution....but the cutting-edge research performed by our partners at The Vineland Research and Innovation Centre has indicated that soil compaction and low/no organic matter in the soil are very significant contributing factors to tree mortality. Makes sense! Trees don't grown on concrete and don't thrive in gravel.

"Soil" found along the highway
Compaction & low organic matter limits tree growth
Careful preparation of planting beds rich in compost
Notice the types of soil that exist next to the highway....gravel. Therefore, we remediate the ground with deep-ripping to break up soil compaction and facilitate water penetration into the root zone. We add compost (by the truckload) to ensure the "Hero Trees" have everything they need to survive and thrive. When you set trees up for success - they can work their magic and grow, grow, grow.

You've heard the expression " We support our troops", we like to say " We support our trees"!

We are working hard to ensure that your " Hero Trees" survive and thrive. It's expensive to do it right. Much of this work goes unnoticed and isn't "flashy"....but it makes a significant difference in the long run. As always, we need your continued financial support to enable us to prepare the planting sites and ensure campaign success. Please make the Highway of Heroes Living Tribute a recipient of your thoughtful charitable donation.

Rooted in this campaign together.
Scott Bryk, B.Sc.
Executive Director, Highway of Heroes Living Tribute  

#150trees are arriving across the country!

Thank you to all of our early supporters!  As a tribute to Canada's 150th birthday and another way to honour our Canadian heroes, the Highway of Heroes Living Tribute has held a "#150tree Champion" program that many of you participated in.  You generously rose to our call to action to donate  a tree to be planted on the Highway of Heroes and in return we sent you a Certificate, T-shirt, and a seedling that you could plant in the location of your choosing.  

With spring's end, the last of the seedlings have been sent to their new homes to be transplanted at their final destination.  Every tree planted holds the story of a life that's been given for our country.  We want to tell these stories - we need your help.   

Encourage others to join the movement!  Become a Highway of Heroes Living Tribute Champion today by inspiring others to join you.  On social media, share the news of where YOU will be planting YOUR #150tree and WHY using hashtag #150tree.  Following are some suggestions and sample posts/tweets:
  • Take a picture or short video and post it on our Facebook page so we can share it.                                                    FB:  Highway of Heroes Living Tribute                                         
  • Tweet a picture or video with your hero's story using hashtag #150tree.                                                    Twitter:  @HOHTribute
  • "Proud to be a Champion of the @HOHTribute!  Planting my #150tree in honour of _________. http://tiny.cc/150Tree"  
Worried You May Have Missed 
Your Chance To Be A Part Of 
The Living Tribute?

Don't be.... 

While the #150tree Campaign comes to an end with the spring planting season, our plan to raise money to plant 2 million trees, one in honour of every Canadian who has served our country since Confederation, is still going strong. 

You can still be a part of the Highway of Heroes Living Tribute by purchasing one of our 'Hero Trees'. For a donation of $150 we will plant a tree in honour of your Canadian hero and send you an Official Highway of Heroes Living Tribute certificate showing the same.  Still want the T-shirt and/or the seedling?  We can fulfill orders for these items at a small additional cost.  Click the link below to donate your Hero Tree or visit our website at www.HOHTribute.ca 

Tree Planting FUN at Iroquois Park, Whitby in Support of the Highway of Heroes Living Tribute

100 trees planted at Iroquois Park, Whitby
Iroquois Park, Whitby, hosted a special Highway of Heroes Living Tribute tree planting event in May.  It was made possible by TD Bank Group, as well as part of the Town of Whitby's official celebrations of Canada's 150th birthday.

While the sky was grey, the rain held off for most of the morning for our energetic volunteers  on the misty morning of Saturday, May 13th.  Our supporters and volunteers gathered to hear a few words from our hosts and government representatives, followed by a lovel y reminder from our Executive Director, Scott Bryk, of those that are being honoured by the trees planted that  day.

A big, heartfelt, THANK YOU to all of the wonderful volunteers that came 
out and really worked hard to get the trees into 
the ground.  With a little help from the experts at Lloyd's Landscaping and  the City of Whitby - Parks & Recreation Dept., and not to mention, a LOT  of sweat and elbow grease from the volunteers. It was amazing to see the  immediate transformation of the landscape from grass to rows of conifers and deciduous trees that were not there just a few hours earlier!

Gunner Norman Brydges

Gunner Norman Brydges
January 22, 1896 - July 15, 1917
35 Canadian Field Artillery,  10th Bde.

Killed in action in France at the age of 21.

See family notes, letters, and newspaper article with Norman's full bio.
Benefits of Green Space Go Beyond What You Might Think

We all intuitively know that  more plants are good for us -  but in a world that is driven  by facts and figures, how do we quantify the impact that plants have on our day to day lives? The experts at  Landscape Ontario  have put together some information that may surprise you.

Providing results from a study called, Project Evergreen, the industry professionals at Landscape Ontario show us the surprising, not so well known, reasons we should all consider planting more trees, shrubs, and plants.

We Want To Know 
Your Story...

You continue to  share stories of friends and family members who served in t he Canadian Armed Forces defending Canada in times of war and peace - some making the ultimate sacrifice.  Many honoured friends and colleagues who, in your experience, are heroes too. We thank you.

We want to hear from more of you!!  Who do you honour by supporting the Highway of Heroes Living Tribute?  Where did your loved one serve?  Where did you serve?  We would  love  to hear and share your story. If you would like to share with us, please click the red button below.

Mark Cullen at Brookmill Blvd PS

Driving through our communities you will see a sea of red white tulips across Toronto District School Board schools everywhere!  This past fall some of the schools with the TDSB showed their support of the Highway of Heroes Living Tribute, by fundraising and received Canada 150 Bulbs to plant in their gardens courtesy of Mark's Choice.

A great big thank you to our tulip schools - collectively they raised over $10,000 which will go toward planting trees in honour of Canadian heroes along the Highway of Heroes.  A living, breathing memorial.

Golf Tournament in Support of the Campaign

Thursday, August 24th, 2017
Port Hope Golf & Country Club

Consider sponsoring or registering for the tournament with all proceeds going towards the purchase, planting and maintenance of trees!
To learn more please contact: Brenda Hensley
Planning your next neighbourhood BBQ now that the weather is finally warming up?  Make it a fundraiser and help us honour the 2 million Canadians who have served our country and the 117,000 who have given their lives in service since Confederation.

Here's a few quick ideas to get you started, however, the only limits are your imagination!  Feel free to make it your own and make it an event the whole family can enjoy.
  • Ask a local butcher or grocery store or food chain to donate all or a portion of the food to help with expenses.
  • Let everyone know what you are doing in advance so they can be prepared to save the date, offer a hand, and have time to raise funds in advance of the BBQ as an additional contribution.
  • Sell burgers and dogs and drinks - have signage that tells people a portion of the proceeds are going to HOHLT.
  • Have activites for the kids like facepainting and have volunteers accept donations to have their faces painted by them.
  • Get the community involved.  Collect donations from local merchants to raffle off or hold a silent auction at your BBQ.
  • Have your BBQ double as your neighbourhood multi-family garage sale with a portion of proceeds going to HOHLT.  It's a win-win...you also get your spring cleaning done!

Turn your Miles into a Memorial!
Aeroplan Match Week: June 26 - July 2nd

At the end of this month and just in time to celebrate Canada Day, we will be having our first Aeroplan Match Week!  Every mile donated to the Highway of Heroes Living Tribute (up to 500,000 miles) will be matched not once, but twice, by our partners at Aeroplan and Avis Rent a Car!  Help us reach our goal of raising 1,500,000 miles.   We will use miles donated for fundraising purposes, to help involve Silver Cross mothers and family members of fallen soldiers at our ceremonial plantings and much more.

Honour & Remembrance
You continue to  share stories of friends and family members who served in the Canadian Armed Forces defending Canada in times of war and peace - some making the ultimate sacrifice.  Many honoured friends and colleagues who, in your experience, are heroes too. We honour those specifically named with a donation in May.

We Honour & Remember:

William Greenaway: KIA Aug 19,1942 Dieppe FranceMichael Derek Lawrence:  RAF pilot in WW 2 and the Berlin Airlift. Service Number 553773
Russell  Boswell:  who is a living Veteran of WWII
Alex Racette:  WW1 veteran
Major Robert Forbes, CD
LCol R.E. Gilbank, CD
Thomas King
Thomas R Carr
Charles Edward Cromwell WWI 
Ollie Edward Cromwell WWII
George Bushell: 
who fought in WWI
Staff Sargeant Thomas Thewlis Moore
Alan Foy: gunner in WW2
Private Jean-Maurice Dicaire:  Regiment de Maisonneuve- KIA on Sunday October 29, 1944 in Kloetinge/Goes, Holland. He was 23 years old.
Private Henry J. Frost:  Edmonton, Alberta Second World War North Nova Scotia Highlanders Deceased - Normandy, July 1944
Kenneth Lloyd Duncan: who served in WWII navy
William Tough: who served in WWI as a Marine
Frederick Francis Duff:  KIA, June 1942 in the 1000 Bomber Raid over Bremen, Germany
CHARLES:  (1967) 22ième Régiment Royal du Canada (2ième Guerrre mondiale)
Kenneth George Truin: S.P.R. A48528  Born Dec 17,1919 Died Mar 15, 1945 In Holland
Past and present members of  Thornhill Presbyterian Church who have served this country.
Sgt. Craig Paul Gillam:  KIA serving his country October 3, 2006
Sir Herbert A. Strutt:  who served in the RCAF 411 Squadron, 126 Air Field, 2nd TAF. This was the Leading Air Field for France/Hamburg. He signed up in 1940, age 20, and was discharged Sept 15, 1945. In his tour of duty, he travelled to England, Belgium, France, Germany, and Holland.
Herbert Osborn:  KIA, 100 years ago on April 1 1917 in the trenches at Vimy. He is buried in France.
Private Cecil Everett Cathcart:  from Ottawa, Served in WW1, 74th 11, enlisted 1915
Private William Ward:  142633, 21st Battalion, Canadian Infantry (Eastern Ontario Regt.) died October 8th, 1916 -  buried at Contay British Cemetery, Contay, France. Left behind 5 children.
James Albert William Jolley & Sarah Elizabeth Jolley:  (Blick) RCN veterans of World War II
Charles MacDonell:  who fought in the Second World War
Robert James Ingram:  lieutenant in the Royal Canadian Navy who served throughout the Second World War on a corvette.
Allan Doiron:  killed in Action Sept 5,1944 He lays buried in France

We Recognize:
Marsha Fortus
In honor of a friend, great man and true hero, Albert De Lorenzi
Robert Soper
Carole Labonte
Beta Sigma Phi Trenton and Area Chapters
Lorraine Miller
Glenn Edmund Morris
Lawrence Keith Canning
Dr. John FitzGibbon at the University of Guelph