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Roselawn Happenings!
August 25, 2017
The staff at Roselawn Elementary would like to officially welcome students, parents and community members to the start of the 2017-2018 school year!  There are plenty of new changes to Roselawn Elementary this year, and we hope to use this August version of the Roselawn Happenings to communicate some of those changes to parents before the start of the school year.  
Student Drop Off at the Beginning of the Day

Parents who drop their children off at school at the start of the day will need to do so in the front of the building, using the main school entrance. Please do not drop off your child on Morrison Street or in the back parking lot. These areas are for buses only. Once inside the building, your child will be directed to go to the playground using the back doors. 
Parent Pickup at the End of the Day
Parents who pick up their children from school will now pick them up in the front of the building. You may park curbside on either side of the road or in the parking lot across the street from the school. Your child will be waiting for you outside the building (with supervision) and will only be able to leave the area when you come out of your car and let the supervisor know that you are taking your child. We will not allow the child to walk to the car, even though they will recognize the vehicle and the driver. This is a safety measure that will be strictly enforced. Thanks for your cooperation in keeping our children safe.

New Bus Loading Procedure

As you probably noticed, our playground area has been upgraded with new equipment, a basketball court, and a bus loading zone. On the first day of school, buses will be loading at the end of the day in the back of the school on the newly cr eated blacktop road. This road is for buses only - no other veh icles will be allowed. 

We ask your cooperation with this rule since
we are looking o ut for the safety of all of our students who will be using that area, along with the playground, throughout the day. 


New Security Entrance 

There will be a new security entrance for the main entrance at Roselawn this year. Community members and parents will be able to enter the building during hours into an enclosed foyer. Then they can buzz into the front office where they can check in, grab a visitor badge or meet with the school personnel they need to see. Some of the advantages to this new set up; parents no longer need to wait outside to be let in and the large front window, once parents are inside, allows for front office personnel to see who is coming and going easily. The new entrance was designed with student safety in mind and follows the best practice guidelines for school safety procedures.

Thank you, 

Roselawn Administration Team
"Every Bulldog.  Every Day." 

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