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A message from Jay Brodbar, our National Executive Director:
Dear Friend,

It is a custom (noted in the Talmud), to eat specific food as simanim (Hebrew for signs) or omens for the new year.  Hence the association of honey, in its various forms, with a sweet year.

Another sign is carrots, in part deriving from the Yiddish word for carrot, mehr, which also means 'more.' It can be  an omen for a year of plenty, a year of increase. We certainly wish that for you and your family.

But in the spirit of all that MAZON Canada stands for, let us also reflect on our relative riches and think of those  for whom mehr can make the difference between dignity versus shame, between being able to concentrate in  the classroom versus hunger pangs, between enough for food and enough for a roof over one's head versus  having to make impossible choices. There are always those who need substantially mehr to live a life of mere  subsistence.

In this season of hope, let us take meaningful action through tzedakah to provide for the most vulnerable among  us. Thus we ask that you be generous in supporting MAZON Canada, The Jewish Response to Hunger, with  your donation to help alleviate hunger in Canada.

This is an auspicious time in MAZON Canada's history - celebrating thirty years of supporting hunger-relief  organizations with our grants. On the accompanying page we look at our history and continuity. But this is a time  to also look forward. We are in a period of transformation: a renewed Board, an expanded and more uniform
allocations process, and some innovative projects that break new ground, such as:

  • Supporting game-changing FoodReach, a state-of-the art new online platform that enables agencies fighting hunger to order and have delivered fresh produce at or below wholesale.
  • Funding three schools in BC and SK serving kids in remote food-insecure areas where students learn local indigenous skills of harvesting, preparing, and preserving food. This is sustainable for the land, for the students, and for their communities. Talk about futuristic visions!
  • Supporting the Miles Nadal JCC in downtown Toronto that is expanding its community-building outreach to host monthly Shabbat services and dinners aimed specifically at Jewish communities often neglected (e.g. LGBTQ community, people with disabilities). We're supporting a new dinner series reaching out to Jews in financial need.

Our tradition teaches us these simanim are also reminders of the need for repentance, tshuva, in order to be  worthy of all that we hope for. Acts of kindness on behalf of the vulnerable and less fortunate are powerful concrete  manifestations of our noble aspirations of tshuva.

You have enabled us to provide more funding this year than last. But the requests of Mazon were larger than  we could meet. Please be generous with your new year's donation to MAZON Canada and in joining other  members of the community in addressing the scourge of hunger throughout our nation.

Wishing you and your family a sweet and bountiful 5778!

Jay Y. Brodbar 
National Executive Director

Holidays snuck up on you?
Our eCards are an "ASAP" way to celebrate with your friends, family and loved ones, while supporting food projects for Canada's most vulnerable. Order now!
Mazon celebrates 30 years since our first allocations! We've grown so much since then...

"It all started, our founder Rabbi Arthur Bielfeld has written, when 'a small group of prominent Canadians gathered in the living room of Peter Bronfman's downtown duplex to hear a well-fed Rabbi speak about hunger.'"  Learn more...
Grantee Highlights

Wondering exactly how those donated dollars have an impact? Here are 2 examples from among the 125+ organizations that are receiving our grants in 2017 who do truly creative, inspiring work to holistically improve the lives of people in need.
Meanwhile, On Facebook...

A recent comment: "Ummm...hey Mazon! I see the Magen David and then I read delicious pork chops are being served...???"

What?? Don't worry, there's a perfectly good explanation for it.   Learn more...

...from Noreen Gillertz, longtime Mazon supported and original editor of  Second Helpings, Please! This iconic cookbook has guided us through wholesome cooking since it was first self-published in 1968 by a Montreal chapter of B'nai Brith Women of Canada. As mentioned above, carrots symbolize more ( mehr) - our wish for ourselves and the vulnerable among us. Here is a simple delicious recipe for this traditional New Year Dish:  Learn more...
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