Rosh Hashanah Menu 2017
Wishing you a good and sweet year!
Chicken Soup (matzoh balls sold separately)    $9.00 quart
Matzoh Balls    $9.00 1/2 dozen       
Campinelli's Chopped Liver
   traditional chopped liver from local chickens   $6.99 pint  $3.99 1/2 pint  
Vegetarian Chopped Liver    $6.99 pint   $3.99 1/2 pint  
Latkes handmade, the old-fashioned way    $9.00 1/2 dozen        
Roasted Root Vegetables    $8.99 lb    
Noodle Kugel,
   sweet noodle casserole with golden raisins    $25.00 1/2 pan 
Holiday Brisket Pot Roast,
   slow roasted with lots of sauce!    $45.99 1/2 pan 

Apple Spice Cake    $28.00 each  
Cheesecake    $18.00 each   
Flourless Chocolate Torte    $3.99 individual    $32.00 8"    
Macaroons    $1.00 each         
Rugelah    $.75 each   $6.00 dozen

Order Deadline: Monday, September 18th
Pick ups: Thursday, September 21st, after 3:00pm
Friday, September 22nd, 9:00am-8:00pm
Saturday, September 23rd, 11:00am - 5:00pm

Note: A 1/2 pan provides 8-10 servings
Richard, Mary Anne, and the Bistro staff are very grateful for the many wonderful years celebrating Feel Good Food here in the Hudson Valley. We all wish you continued blessings and love in the New Year.

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