Rotary District 6440 Newsletter
Carlos Fr�m, District GovernorFebruary, 2012
In This Issue
-- Governor's Message
-- We need your help with club membership
-- Nominating process begins
-- Be a District Historian?
-- Use video for service & youth
-- Just for Fun Short List
-- Rotary's 107th Birthday
-- Vocational Scholarships available
-- District Conference, Seminar, & Sightseeing
-- A Short, Short List
-- Help PR & "Like" us
-- Online format explains Rotary
-- New Members Welcomed
-- The Foundation's Future
Quick Event Information
 See additional information about these events in this newsletter and on the District website at:
End Polio Now Symphony Concert 
Sheely Center for the Performing Arts
Feb. 26, 2012
Milwaukee, Wis. 
District Conference
& District Assembly 
Pfister Hotel,
April 20 - 22, 2012
Milwaukee, Wis. 
May 6-9, 2012
Bangkok, Thailand 
Evanston Golf Club
Jun 29, 2012
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Governor's Message
 2011 Theme Logo

              233 Days


  Being a Rotarian vs. Serving



Dear Friends in Rotary:


Should this be a choice or should one be part of the other?


As I was sitting, ready to write this message, it dawned on me that I was the only one in the district doing it. There is one monthly message to the district and one governor and I was it! Then the next question was why take this on?


When you read this, I will probably be doing what I enjoy most about being a Rotarian these days. I will be in a classroom full of Mayan teenagers trying to instill in them some entrepreneurship desires so they can find a way of getting out of poverty. This is what I understand to be 'Service above self'.


I am sure each of you has a favorite Rotary activity which gives you fulfillment and the satisfaction of contributing to society. Something you can say proudly when asked what else you do besides working or playing. Otherwise, why be a Rotarian, right ?


So, why am I a district governor ? Why do you serve on this or that committee in your club? Why are you a member of the board? Why did you volunteer to be president (those who have been know that's a good one!) ? Why do you raise funds selling raffle tickets or asking for donations from merchants ? Why do you contribute to the Rotary Foundation ?


There are others, too: what could be more fun than delivering a food basket, reading to children at the library, holding a holiday party at the local nursing home, or building a deck in a school in a remote corner of the rainforest ?


I think I know part of the answer to why you're a Rotarian -- you could not serve others, be a contributor to society, or be an example to others without your club, your district, your Rotary.


And Rotary would not be what it is for all of us if you didn't take some of the 'dirty' jobs from time to time! Yes, you stepped up when the call went out for volunteers. You responded 'yes' when somebody asked you to take a leadership role or just clean the tables after the picnic for the inner city kids. You are a Rotarian. You are Rotary!


Surely, there are other organizations and groups to serve and contribute but you chose Rotary. How did we get started? The reasons are different for each of us, but we all have something in common: We were invited! Somebody cared enough about us, somebody thought we were made of the right stuff, somebody recognized our nature, and said: "Would you join me for lunch (or breakfast, or whatever!)?"


So the answer to the first question is that one is a part of the other. And the next question: Why not ask somebody to help share the load and enjoy the fun of serving others above self? 


Yours in Rotary Service,


Governor Carlos


District 6440 Offers Clubs Incentives For Best Membership Increase


Maybe it's the weather, maybe it's the pace of life, but there's an unwelcome trend in our District this year -- addition of new members is turning out to be less than attrition. It's hard to tell why.


Today's newsletter and the website show a lot going on: service we're proud of, service we enjoy, fellowship we share, satisfaction that others will want to feel. Growing membership brings both excitement and resources to any club, increasing the ability to make an impact though Service Above Self. It's time to put membership growth back on the front burner.


To entice you to focus now on growing your club, Governor Carlos is making you an offer. Clubs that achieve the highest net growth in membership will be eligible to choose someone to receive Paul Harris Fellow recognition directly from Governor Carlos. Help your club grow stronger and more impactful; have a Paul Harris Fellowship go to someone you want to recognize. Paul Harris Medal


We can do more; we can be more, when more of us are working together. The District membership committee soon will distribute details of this offer. In the meantime, reach out to friends, to colleagues, to neighbors. Invite someone now to share in your Rotary experiences.

Nominating process for 2015-2016 District Governor begins -- You may play a role!

Immediate Past District Governor Bruce Baumberger has appointed a three-person Primary Committee that will select a Nominating Committee to recommend a Rotarian to serve as district governor for the 2015-2016 Rotary year.


Each club is asked to present one or more names of prospective Nominating Committee members to the Primary Committee chair by March 7. Those names should be sent by email to


To be eligible to serve on the Nominating Committee, a Rotarian must be either a past club president, an incumbent or past club secretary, a past district governor, or a past Rotary International officer. No member or alternate may have served on the Nominating Committee during the preceding year.



Old can be new, helpful...or at least interesting!  We're looking for a Historian ("Co-" or "Assistant")  


Benefiting Students in Guatemala
Rotary serves so us remember how.
Please let your editor Bob switch hats for the moment -- to that of District Historian.  Governor-Elect Mike and I talked about the Historian position for the coming year.  I volunteered to do it again, but candidly feel we could do much better justice to the position if I could work with someone on it. 
If you love history and Rotary, we could use your help.  It's important to remember ... helping recall what has been accomplished, what has been tried, what is new...especially in this era of change.
If you are interested in finding out more, please contact me, 847-427-4308,, or Gov. Mike.  You'd earn the standard Rotary pay -- an experience that's rewarding, and your efforts would be much appreciated.

What can your club do with video?  What for service?  For youth?  For a remarkable video doing all three, read the blurb and click on the link or photo.


Joe Starzynski and Karin Nuelle of the Rotary Club of Woodstock wrote, "Fellow Rotarians, thanks to Wookstock High School student Alex Krueger, we now have a YouTube video up for Christmas Clearing House. Take a moment, it's just a little over 3 minutes to visit the link   
Christmas Clearing House- Woodstock Rotary Club
Christmas Clearing House- Woodstock Rotary Club

A Short List ...of Just-for-Fun Short Items
  • Use the caps from plastic liter soda bottles as coasters on your porch furniture. The caps fit nicely and can be replaced whenever you finish another bottle of soda. The caps help protect both furniture and the porch. 
  •  This cleanup works while you sleep! Lay a barbecue grill rack on the lawn overnight-the dew will combine with the enzymes in the grass to loosen any burned-on grease. Try it with messy oven racks, too! (Wait for the snow to melt...)
  • To keep shower doors shiny and clear, use a soft cloth moistened with baby oil. It prevents scum build-up from dirt and soap. And hard water spots won't appear for several months.
  • "Dry clean" your dog during the winter months by rubbing baking soda into its fur. Brush out with an old hairbrush.
  • Your editor's favorite: Newspapers repel moths, which is quite helpful when storing anything made of wool.
  • If you find the tops are sticking to your tubes of glue, try rubbing a little petroleum jelly around the rim. It works on paint lids too.
  • And Rotary membership - it, too, is fun, meaningful and easy, so why not go ahead an mention it to your friends.  See if they'd like to join you and others in your club making your community a better place.

Celebrate Rotary's 107th Birthday,

February 23, 2012

Rotary is enjoying working together, accomplishing together.  How we do this is inspired by our Rotarian values.  Here's something from Paul Harris --

"Quite true, my dear father, you were never a knocker (whiner).

Paul Harris 1891 Iowa Law
Paul Harris 1891 Iowa Law

Your list of friends included all sorts and conditions of men and you were as free from religious and political prejudices as any man I have ever known, except perhaps your father, my grandfather, from whom both you and I inherited tolerance." 



-Paul Harris, My Road to Rotary


To hear his 1933 radio speech to non-Rotarians, click here.


Consider celebrating this birthday month by inviting a non-Rotarian to a your meeting.


Vocational Scholarship Available -- Due in March  


District 6440 will again offer $1,000 scholarships to students working toward an Associates Degree or Trade Certificate.  Each club in our district may nominate up to two candidates for the 25 $1,000 awards which will be awarded on April 28.    


To be eligible, students must be permanent residents of District Vocational Scholarship Artwork

6440; be a high school graduate, have a GED or be a non-traditional student returning to education; be accepted at a two year community college or trade school; and be nominated by a District 6440 Rotary Club.  Relatives of Rotarians are not eligible.  


Applications must be submitted by clubs to the District Vocational Committee no later than March 15.  An information sheet and the required application may be downloaded by clicking here

Contact Shel Hyman with any questions. 


District Conference Registration Now Open


 District Conference Promotional Ad



  • We'll recognize clubs that became 100% Paul Harris. 
  • Showcase new and innovative projects and practices in all avenues of service plus membership, fundraising and public relations.   
  • Meet the Heroes' Panel - We would like to hear from and honor returning veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts during our District Conference.  Soldiers that fought for our country deserve our appreciation for their effort.  If you know any local returning soldier who fought for our country in Iraq or Afghanistan, send the name and contact information to Nancy Keppel ( by March 1. 
    The Pfister - A Tour
    The Pfister - A Tour

For information and registration, click here.


A short, short list :


  • End Polio Now Concert - Northbrook Hilton-Allgauer's is offering 15% off on meals the night of the concert for all ticket holders.The Rotary Club of Northbrook and the Rotary Club of Chicagoland Korean, in partnership with the Northbrook Symphony Orchestra, present a concert on February 26, 2012 to support the End Polio Now! effort. Visit for concert information and to order tickets. 
  • Bangkok - March 1 is the next deadline for registration for the Bangkok Convention (May 6-9) at $195.00 per person.  There are aleady 58 Rotarians and spouses registered from our district.  We may set a new record!
    Register at  Interestingly, Gov. Bill Ferreira and Gov. Mike Yesner tell us that this year's RI Convention in Bangkok is surprising affordable.  Total budget for registration, travel, hotel, and meals is less than it was for New Orleans. 

What's not to "Like" ?


If you haven't done so already, please click "Like" on our Facebook Page  (  Presently, we have 256 Facebook users who Like us.  Globally over 50% of Rotarians use Facebook, and more than 25% use it daily  If not yet on Facebook,Facebook Cube logo consider signing up just to help promote Rotary's public image with friends and associates-- keep in mind, you don't need to share any other information about yourself. For more information contact Rich Lalle, Club Service Advisor & Webmaster via

or 224-305-3684

New Online Format makes it possible to share Rotary's work with donors, potential members, and our partners; and add a link to it from your club website.


You can share videos, photo galleries, and hear Rotary's leaders talk about the accomplishments of the past year through the online version of The Annual Report (for Rotary International and Tfhe Rotary Foundation).  The report and the stories within can be found here.


In addition to giving financial data, it describes how Rotarians are responding to a range of needs, with support from RI and its Foundation and shows the generosity of RotariansRotarian at Work and friends to The Rotary Foundation, our efforts to end polio, and our work in Rotary's six Areas of Focus (Service)


The Areas of Focus videos and a hard copy of the annual report, can be purchased on

Welcome New Members !
Des PlainesChrisSturdevant
Dundee Rotary ClubCindy Goodenough
Evanston LighthouseKristinBrown
Highland Park-HighwoodCarolynCerf
Lake ZurichMattWomack
Mundelein-Vernon HillsGeorgeHeady
Wilmette Harbor RotaryKatieLeMoyne
Rotary is 'well on the way' to a new Foundation


Halfway through the three-year pilot of the Future Vision Plan,FoundationBoydNewVisionPlan Rotarians are designing innovative projects and providing valuable feedback that will help improve The Rotary Foundation's new grant-making model. 


To right is William B. Boyd, Rotary Foundation trustee chair, gave incoming district governors an update on the Future Vision Plan during the International Assembly 



Bob Paddock