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September 2014
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2014 National Gunner Dinner
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Formal notification of the Royal Australian Artillery Historical Company's 2014 Annual General Meeting.
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Dear Gunners (Readers) -


The year has flown! The Annual General Meeting is on again but this time at Sydney Harbour Federation Trust Headquarters' Board Room, 28 Best Avenue, Georges Heights 2088. For those that remember this is the site of the old HQ Training Command and the even older Middle Head fortifications. Meeting commences at 10:30 AM. The formal notice and documentation for the Meeting can be found on the website and there is a link in this Airburst.


 The Australian Artillery Association (AAA) National Gunner Dinner held at Caloundra in QLD was fantastic and a credit to the organisers. Over 400 attendees enjoyed the event and a full report is contained in a separate article. Well done the AAA especially President Kim McGrath and Secretary Graham Hampton.

The  ANZAC Centenary 18 Pounder Gun Project was officially launched by Major General Tim Ford and a spontaneous collection at the dinner raised over $3000. To all those who contributed a heartfelt thanks.

We still need your donations! Only 45 Gunners have individually donated (not counting the 200 or so present at the National Gunner Dinner) and there must be thousands out there loose in the community. Please get onto your mates and twist their arm and get them to cough up. We need every dollar to make this vision a reality.
You can see who has donated and total donations to date by visiting the website- click here. Remember donations are tax deductible! 
At the National Gunner Dinner the RAAHC launched its Affiliate Membership Program. If you have friends (or even acquaintances) who are members of any artillery organisation but not members of the RAAHC they can become Affiliate Members  by going to the website and joining on line. Affiliate Membership benefits are detailed on the website. Send this Airburst onto a friend.
Ian Ahearn
Deputy Chair

AGMFormal Notice of the
2014 Annual General Meeting


The Royal Australian Artillery Historical Company will hold it's 2014 Annual General Meeting on Saturday the 18th October 2014 at the Harbour Federation Trust Board Room located at 28 Best Street, Georges Heights NSW 2088 commencing at 10:30 Hours.
For full details of the 2014 Annual General Meeting please visit the website.
DidYouKnowDid You Know?


Did You Know:   Captain General:   The rank of field marshal came into being in 1736 when it replaced that of captain general. The title of captain general was re-introduced in 1950 by His Majesty King George VI, when he expressed his desire to have his title of Colonel-in-Chief of the Royal Regiment of Artillery changed. Today Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is the Captain General of the Royal Regiment of Australian Artillery. In the Australian Army the title is unique to the Gunners.
GunnersAroundTheNationGunners Around the Nation
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GunnerDinnerAustralian Artillery Association -
2014 National Gunner Dinner


The Australian Artillery Association held the 2014 National Gunner Dinner at the Event Centre in Caloundra on 23 August 2014.  The event was a great success with in excess of 400 in attendance.

From the M2A2 Howitzer display on the lawns of the Event Centre, the display of the 18 Pounder in the foyer to the Sunshine Coast Symphony Orchestra performance followed by the dinner during which the Band of the 1st Regiment RAA performed  there was much to be taken in and the senses and emotions were on overload.

The dinner achieved it's aim of bringing together Gunners of all ranks, trades, units both Regular and Reserve to come together and celebrate being Gunners and a great day was had by all in attendance.

Below are a number of photographs taken on the night.  To view the almost 2000 photographs visit the Australian Artillery Association's Photo Gallery.

Part of the Foyer  Advertising
The 18 Pounder in the Event Centre Foyer

Colonel Ian Ahearn (Retd) Speech with Gobo in background

Band of the 1st Regiment RAA

L to R: Chris Jobson, Graham Hampton, LTCOL Dave Edwards, Kim McGrath, Elizabeth and Colonel Ian Ahearn (Retd) and MAJGEN Tim Ford (Retd) enjoying the evening.
DoYouRememberDo You Remember - 
the RAA Association NQ Newsletter - Gunner's Gossip?
Here we go back in time to 2004 to view 2 of the RAA Association NQ Newsletters - Gunner's Gossip