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June 2014
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The History of the King's Banner is an interesting article explaining the origins of the Banner.  Well worth a read.
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Dear Gunners (Readers) -

It's worth repeating that Subscription to Airburst is FREE. Simply forward to your friends using the "Forward this Email" link at the bottom of this page and follow the prompts.
The 18 Pounder project continues to progress. The gun and limber are nearing completion and we now have seven  horses in Canberra and a further three in Sydney. We have managed to obtain a loan of original WW1 harness from the Mudgeeraba Light Horse Troop from the Gold Coast; their support is greatly appreciated.  Six volunteers have put their hand up to be part of the detachment and we are discussing the involvement of cadets from ADFA.
Funding is still an issue and I am hoping that we will receive more donations over the coming months. We need all Gunners to rally around the colours and contribute  to enable us to produce a living memorial that all Gunners will be proud of. I appeal again to members to help by direct donation and by spreading the word.
Remember donations are tax deductible! 
We are still waiting advice on our grant applications. Here's hoping.
Work is continuing on an interim display at Puckapunyal of items from the Artillery Collection at Bandiana. It is hoped that a display will be available in the Tank Museum by the end of June 2014 although a lot of refurbishment by a very few workers has to be completed. It will be a modest display but at least it will establish an artillery display presence while we wait for word on the construction of permanent  combined Armour/Artillery Museum at Puckapunyal. A report by the Curator of the Collection at Bandiana is included below
Ian Ahearn
Deputy Chair

Credit Card/PayPal Facilities Now Available                    

Those wishing to donate to the 18 Pounder Project may now do so using their Credit Card or PayPal account with the introduction of this service effective from 1st July 2014.  


Shortly hereafter we will also provide you with the convenience of making online payments for, general donations; donations to a specific project; pay your membership dues and even purchase items from the Regimental Shop.


See the Home Page of the website to make an online donation using your Credit Card or PayPal now!



DidYouKnowDid You Know?


Did You Know:   The Gunners' Sword:   The gunners' sword was introduced into the Royal Artillery in 1788. The Royal Horse Artillery thought the infantry sword of the day was too heavy and was "....good neither for cut nor thrust...." (2). However, the Light Cavalry pattern sword was described as giving "....impetus to the slash as the mounted man flanked past his quarry" (3). The 1822 Light Cavalry sword incorporated a three bar hilt which assisted in making the sword even lighter. The sword underwent more changes in 1850. The blade of the sword is lightly curved.
GunnersAroundTheNationGunners Around the Nation
Newsletters from Other Associations                   
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Locating Surveillance & Target Acquisition - Newsletter
12 Field Regiment (Vietnam) Association - Information Bulletin
A Field Battery Association - Newsletter
rslclubs RSL Clubs Now 


I have been forwarded an article that appeared in the 'The Business Insider Australia' that was written by a former Army officer.


The article explores the relevance of RSL's today and is a worthwhile read if only to inform yourself.  


Read article...

kingsbannerHistory of the King's Banner

In 1904, following representations by Major-General Sir Edward Hutton. The Commander of the Commonwealth Military Forces, His Majesty King Edward V11 presented the King's Banner to the Royal Australian Artillery in recognition of  'A' Battery's service in the Boer War.

This distinction conferred upon the Regiment is  unique for two reasons: first, because no other Royal Regiment of Artillery in Great Britain or the Dominions has ever been honoured in such a manner; and second, because the initial confusion that surrounded the designation of the King's Banner. From 1904 to 1908 it was thought to be a King's Colour and Military Orders Nos 243,258 and 263 of 1904 referred to it as such. It was not until 1908 that the Commonwealth of Australia was informed that it was a banner.

The King's Banner is now 67 ears old and, despite every effort to preserve and maintain it, (sic) has become very fragile. The Centenary year of the RAA's oldest regular unit was considered to be an appropriate time to renew the Banner. Accordingly, an approach was made to Her Majesty to present a new Banner to the Regiment.

In approving the presentation of the Queen's Banner on 3rd September, 1970, He Majesty expressed the wish that the Banner replace the King's Banner presented by Edward V1. In this maner Her Majesty most graciously preserved the unique significance of the original presentation of the King's Banner.

Military Orders 1908 No 123 (1874/3/22

Honorary Distinctions-South African Campaign

"Instructions have also  been received that the Banners presented to the Australian Light Horse Regiments, Royal Australian Artillery, the Victorian Rangers\, and the Australian Medical Corps (GO 258/04) are not Kings Colours, but honourable insignia presented by the King as a special mark of favour in recognition of the valuable services rendered in South Africa in 1899 to 1902, and that Honorary Distinctions are not to be borne on these Banners ."


Directorate of Artillery (DARTY)  File 373-1-1 Laying Up Kings Banner/Presentation of Queens Banner 1971

doyourememberDo You Remember - 
the 1
0th Medium Regiment?


Recently a number of websites have closed down due to multiple reasons.   Fortunately we have been able to secure the contents of some of these website and we hope to be able to re-establish a number of webpages for these associations from within the RAAHC website.
Securing the contents of these website enables us to now look back at the past and remember some of the great units within our corps and what was happening to them at a particular time through their newsletters, images and other documents which we will make available to you from this issue on.
First up is a number of newsletters from the 10th Medium Regiment, Newsletters produced in 2004.   Enjoy!
With the evolution of the 131st Divisional Locating Battery to the 20th Surveillance and Target Acquisition Regiment we thought you may be interested in the capability of high end drones and what a Drone can see from 17,500 feet.

Watch this short video and see what a drone can 'see' from altitude.  The size of the area being covered and the high quality of the imagery are beyond incredible!

This imagery is being taken from 17,500 feet up - roughly equal to 3-1/2 miles.   Objects as small as 6" can be seen.


Watch video


Interim Australian Army Artillery Museum


The Australian Army History Unit (AAHU) decided that due to the delay of a combined Armour/Artillery Museum at Puckapunyal, an interim display would be installed within a separate building within the current Tank Museum. The Tank Museum has generously given up an entire building, which has four rooms, for the project. The rooms are 7mx7m and while not overly large will enable us to facilitate a small but comprehensive display.




Once allocated it was decided that extensive self help refurbishment was required. The building is approximately sixty years old and, as happens with buildings of this age, not a square angle could be found. I was also informed that there was asbestos present, but under control, so the initial plans for the display had to be changed. Plan B was then in effect and the items for the display requested. Due to matters beyond my control this also had to be changed. Plan C was now in effect with an opening date of early to mid March 2014.


Due to a lack of manpower, Christmas leave, weather extremes, extent of renovations required and other factors this has now been pushed out to June 2014 with Plan D now in effect. I have been lucky in that WO2 Steve Knoakes has made time to travel from Sydney to assist me in the refurbishment. Together, we have plastered, painted, hammered, nailed, swept, shovelled, sweated, froze, and generally had a great time.




There is still some painting and building to complete, as well as installing the display items. A special mention must be made of the dedication of the Old North Fort Volunteers who continue to travel to Bandiana to assist. While they have all moved on to other museums in the army Network their hearts remain with the Artillery museum. As recently as 19 May 2014, six volunteers and WO2 Knoakes, have been at Bandiana helping with the preparations of collection items for the interim display at Puckapunyal.


We have also had help from the School of Artillery and the Army Museum Bandiana for which we are very grateful. Last but by no means not least, the substantial financial support from Army HQ has made the refurbishment possible.


Peter Armstrong

ad_bandBand of the 1st Regiment
Royal Australian Artillery

Next Performance - Sunday 27th July 2014                

The Band of the 1st Regiment, Royal Australian Artillery will hold their next performance at the Marist College Ashgrove on Sunday 27th July 2014.
This is a great opportunity for those living in the South East Queensland region to see the band at its best with a concert along the lines of a PROMS.
For more information view:

armouredandartillerymuseumThe Australian Armoured and Artillery Museum


I have received an email with advice regarding the current construction of The Australian Armoured and Artillery Museum in Cairns.  Little is know of the museum and it appears to be a private venture not to be confused with the Armoured and Artillery Museum to be built at Puckapunyal some time in the future.
I thought you would appreciate having a look at their website however it is strongly recommended you visit their Facebook site that contains much more information.  The Facebook site can be accessed via their website.
This article should not be confused with the article on the Interim Artillery Museum above.