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February 2014
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The vision is to produce a living memorial to Australian Artillery by deploying the 18 Pounder gun and horse team....
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Dear Gunners (Readers) -


The Vision


The vision is to produce a living memorial to Australian Artillery by deploying the 18 Pounder gun and horse team for commemorative events starting in 1915 for the 100th anniversary of Gallipoli.


The RAAHC has assembled a team to deliver a World War 1 Quick Firing 18 Pounder gun and ammunition limber complete with horse team and gun detachment. It is intended that the gun, limber, detachment and horses provide a living memorial to both the men and horses who served in the "artillery war".


The Project


The project is a daunting task and will involve the restoration/rebuild of an 18 Pounder, its ammunition limber, the acquisition/restoration of harness and saddles, the recruitment of gun detachments, the acquisition of horses and the replication of period uniforms.  The gun, limber and associated spare parts are being rebuilt and restored at North Head . An 18 Pounder projectile will be collected from each of the battlefields where Australians fought and placed in the ammunition limber. 


It is intended that the gun and limber be restored by 31st March 2014. Concurrent action will occur to put in place the necessary horses, people, uniforms and harnesses to enable training to take place before an appearance for ANZAC commemorations in 2015. After that the gun and team will be available for other events during 2015 to 2018.


Funding the Project


The project cost is estimated at $350,000. The RAAHC will actively seek grants and donations to complete the task. Applications for grants are being prepared but unfortunately we were unable to secure the gun in time to make a bid to the ANZAC Centenary Fund. 


How You Can Help


There are thousands of Gunners out there, both serving  and retired. We need to harness their generosity to enable this unique endeavor to succeed! You all have your networks-pass this Newsletter to all your contacts in the world of Gunners and ask them to donate. Or even consider making a donation yourself! CLICK HERE for a donation form. Remember the RAAHC has Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status under the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997 Sub-Division 30.15 Item 1 and 4 - donations over $2 are tax deductible!


A second thing that you can do is identify potential donors among your contacts in the business world and facilitate a meeting with them. 



Please pass this on to your own networks and let us, together, make the vision a reality 



 CLICK HERE to view a video on the project


Ian Ahearn
Deputy Chair

DidYouKnowDid You Know?



Did You Know:   Artillery equipment is served by 'detachments' and not 'crews'. In the early 1700s Artillery companies consisted of pools of trained gunners, but they had no guns. However, when a field army was raised for a particular campaign, it was issued with artillery guns and the gunners were then detached to the army to serve these pieces.

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