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April 2016
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Dear Gunners (Readers) -

 National Coral Gunner Dinner Week-End

A reminder: come one come all-all ranks, spouses, partners and families welcome.

Friday - 13 May 2016 to Sunday  15 May  

Friday - 13 May 2016 
RAA Association (ACT) Gunner Drinks (Hosted by CC-ER and P           FIREPOWER Seminar: Lessons from The Great War                                        
Saturday - 14 May 2016
Australian War Memorial: Guided Tour (Hosted by Colonel Chris Hunter)                               
National Coral Gunner Dinner (Hosted by RCC & HOR)                             
Sunday - 15 May 2016
National Gunner Commemorative Service (Hosted by RAA Association ACT)                                   
Post Commemorative Service Brunch (Hosted by CC-ER)
You can indicate what events you are planning to attend, and pay, by accessing the on line form . TO REGISTER  
Let's make this an occasion to remember!


Ian Ahearn
Deputy Chair

Background.  2016 marks the tercentenary of the formation of the Royal Artillery when, on 26 May 1716, by Royal Warrant of King George 1 two companies of artillery were formed at Woolwich, alongside the guns, powder and shot located in the Royal Arsenal.
Ubique 300.  'Ubique' (meaning everywhere) is the Royal Artillery motto.  'Ubique 300' is a global circumnavigation, launched on 1 May 2015 at the Royal Arsenal in Woolwich.  It will consist of a relay of 60 expeditions through 30 countries.  The expeditions will range from adventure training to battlefield studies to sports tours: over one thousand men and women from the Royal Artillery will take part.  The circumnavigation will carry the Captain-General's Baton and will conclude at a Royal Review in Larkhill on 26 May 2016 where the Queen will be presented with her Baton and a Message of Loyal Greeting from the Heads of the Commonwealth Artilleries visited en route.
Captain-General's Baton.  The Captain-General's Baton was designed to reflect the full gamut of Gunner heritage.

Congreve 6 pounder gun barrel.  The essence of the design, unsurprisingly, is a gun barrel and a significant one has been chosen - the 6 pounder gun which was one of the two main types in service in General Congreve's time when the Regiment came of age.  There are many of the originals to be seen around London and in museums to this day, in Chelsea Hospital and the Tower of London for example.
Fuze and primer.  The Regiment reached its zenith in terms of size and capability in the two World Wars.  This period is recognized in the design by a WW1 mechanical time fuze (a significant technological breakthrough in the attack on trenches) being mounted on the point of the Baton and a WW2 shell primer being screwed into the base.  Both these brass items are originals.
Congreve 3 pound rocket canister.  Congreve was an innovator and pioneered the use of rockets of a variety of sizes.  The dimensions of the smallest one, a 3 Pounder, has been hollowed out of the gun barrel to create a small chamber to carry the Message of Loyal Greeting.
Technological advances.     Since WW2 the Regiment has been involved in every theatre and every conflict - latterly, of course, in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Our range of capabilities has expanded to reflect the advances in surveillance technology which allow application of indirect fire with great precision.  A prime example is the Watchkeeper Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV).  So to reflect the 21st Century Regiment Congreve's 6 Pounder barrel is made from a lightweight material used in that UAV - titanium.
Message of Loyal Greeting.  The Message of Loyal Greeting has been inscribed on a specially commissioned vellum scroll.  It is being signed by the Heads of Commonwealth Artilleries visited by Ubique 300 (Gibraltar, Malta, South Africa, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Canada) as well as by the Master Gunner St James' Park.
centenaryCentenary of the Raising of the
7th Field Artillery Brigade
7 Field Regiment RAA Association recently had the privilege of celebrating the centenary of the raising of the 7 th Field Artillery Brigade 3 rd. Div. AIF, with ceremonies held on Saturday 19 March at the Pymble, NSW, Multi User Depot and later at Chatswood.

The Pymble ceremony consisted of a short march by members of the association with music provided by the band of 4/3 RNSWR and a catafalque party provided by 7 Light Battery RAA, the latest successor unit to the 1916 brigade.

Association president Jim Nash gave a warm welcome to guests of honour Major General Tim Ford AO, Brigadier John Keefe and LtCol James McGann, CO 2/17 Battalion RNSWR.

Prior to the parade being dismissed, Gen. Ford gave a short speech on the meaning and intent of the celebrations. An afternoon tea was held inside the depot building.

Following the Pymble ceremony a centenary dinner was held at Chatswood RSL club with the guests of honour again welcomed and being joined by Major Philip Wong, BC, 7 Light Battery. A special welcome was given to five serving soldiers from that battery, all of whom travelled from Newcastle to attend the dinner.

The highlight of the evening was a highly informative speech by General Ford on the Brigade's service in France and Belgium from 1916 through to the end of hostilities two years later. Earlier in the evening eight former COs of 7 Field Regiment gave short accounts of memorable moments or incidents that occurred during their respective periods of command.

At the conclusion of the evening Mr Nash thanked by name all members of the association's sub-committee responsible for organising the celebrations and room decorations. Mr. Bob Moysey headed the organising team and also arranged the display of Brigade embarkation rolls and associated memorabilia.

Thanks were given to the 4/3 RNSWR band for their playing of historically relevant marches and tunes and to Chatswood RSL staff for their work on the logistics and services necessary to make the night the success it was. Association secretary John Balfour OAM deserves a particular word of thanks for liaising with club management on matters as diverse as menus, program, seating and financial arrangements.

A special word of recognition is due to LtCol McGann for providing the Cataflaque Party & giving permission for the parade to be held at the Pymble depot .

Both ceremonies were well attended by association members and spouses or partners. It was especially pleasing to see a substantial number of young children present at the Pymble commemoration. The parade and dinner reflected on times past - the children represent times future.
DidYouKnowDid You Know?
Did You Know:   Prior to 1832 the Royal Regiment of Artillery shared, with a large number of other British Regiments, a number of Battle Honours, including GIBRALTAR and WATERLOO; however, in 1832 these were substituted with the single Honour of UBIQUE (Everywhere). The Honour implies that where and whenever there is a battle the artillery will be found in support.

The Royal Regiment of Australian Artillery was granted the Battle Honour UBIQUE by His Majesty King George VI in 1950. The gunners are the only Regiment to share both a Battle Honour and a motto (the Royal Australian Engineers also has the motto UBIQUE; however, it is not the Corps Battle Honour).

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