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Darius Ndyamuhaki, Kutamba Primary 1
Mackline Kihembo, Nyaka Primary 6

Sheila Mujuni, Secondary 2

Do you remember nervously lining up with your classmates for the first day of school as a child?


Earlier that morning someone probably told you:

"You can be anything if you work hard."


When you become a sponsor TODAY, you will become that voice of encouragement for one of our students!


For as little as $21 a month you can help us raise our goal of $128,500. 


This is where "the rubber hits the road at Nyaka" and we need your help!


This is the cost to educate all 457 students still in need of a sponsor.



Someone who loved you both mentored and invested in your success:  

"Study hard and set goals for yourself."


 A special person in your life had your back

no matter what:

"Please remember that you have people believing in

and supporting you."


Meredith Partain Graves wrote these encouraging words to Aloysius, one of three children she sponsors.



Please join her and 95 other sponsors who are helping 118 students realize their dreams.

Sadly, Nelson did not receive a letter of encouragement this year.


YOU can  remedy that.


YOU can be Nelson's voice of encouragement.


You can change a child's life forever through a small investment of treasure and a large investment of love and care.


96% of our students are double orphans - without a mom or a dad.  For as little as $.70 a day you can be there for Nelson and his classmates.


Click here to meet students in need of sponsorship. 


You can send letters full of love that help Nyaka and Kutamba students believe in both themselves and their future.


You can make a difference today.


Sponsor a student NOW!   

The Nyaka and Kutamba Students Thank You!




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