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Classic Sumatra cup profile - big and earthy. Slightly herbal character, with exotic spice notes of clove and fruited nuances of tamarind and raisin.
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Ethiopia Misty Valley

Big body.  Deep, bittersweet chocolate. Aggressive warm fruits: cherry, strawberry. Lemon verbena.
Now only $14.45/lb.
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Happy Thursday! 

August is among us and for some, it's almost back to school time.  Let's finish out the lazy days of summer pool side, sipping iced coffee, like our Ethiopia Yirgacheffe or perhaps enjoying the sandy beach with a cup of Tropical Rooibos iced tea in your hand.  Not an outdoorsy type?  Then sit inside on a comfy chair while sipping some Deep South coffee or relax in an air conditioned hotel room while on vacation.  Remember to pack your Muddy Dog coffee!

Have a wonderful week! 
Debbie and Jim


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