Get your SPRING on!  
Flowers, spring training, sand in your toes &  gorgeous weather! 
The Cliff Notes...not the whole volume! 
  1. Reorganize your pantry - Toss the sugary cereals and snacks and all the salty snacks or tinned goods that hinder your health. Only have pantry foods that you would want a child to eat anytime.
  2. Get outdoors! Take a hike, join your kids or friends on a leisurely bike ride, plant a garden. 
  3. Spruce up your meal plan. Add foods like crisp snow peas, fresh cherries, avacados and a host of others to your meals. Research online. Get creative!
  4. Throw out those old medicines. Not only are some of them potentially addicting (post-surgery pain pills), but if any have expired, they could be harmful.
  5. Kill kitchen germs! Do you know that there is probably more e.coli in your kitchen sink and on your cutting board than in your toilet? Do you realize sponges are breeding grounds for bacteria? Use a mild bleach or alcohol solution regularly to protect your family's health.
  6. Update an old, boring workout. Your body and mind need constant exercise variety! Add something totally new to your routine.
  7. Schedule an appointment with your doctors - your GYN, dermatologist, primary care physician, dentist - to evaluate your state of health. Don't wait until you're sick or that strange "thing" on your skin requires surgery. Prevention can be life-saving.
I tried that Japanese decluttering trend where you 
hold each thing you own and throw it out if it doesn't give
you joy...

So far I've thrown out all the vegetables and the
electric bill! 
John Tesh's "Rules for Life" ~ Profound and Do'able!
CLINIC CORNER: Spotlight on Plantation Clinic!
Don't take our word for it...take THEIRS !    

This month we are shining the spotlight on our  fabulous team of physicians, therapists and staff at Global's Plantation office, located at 201 N. Pine Island Road, Plantation, FL. When a group of professionals in the healthcare field show genuine concern for the well-being of their patients, it's impossible to hide. Not only does our Plantation staff enjoy what they do...but so do their satisfied patients. 
  • "Tracy" rated her clinical experience as "EXCELLENT" and gave the same rating to the Administrative team. She then wrote across her evaluation page: "Awesome and courteous doctors and staff!!"
  • "George" also gave us "EXCELLENT" clinical and administrative ratings, and wrote: "A very clean, thorough, and just a beautiful, lovely establishment. Doctor and nurses are very efficient and compassionate. They explain everything so you understand it as a patient. I would highly recommend this place!"

Are you smarter than a 3rd Grader? Probably, but maybe not smarter than whoever came up with this WC WORD SCRAMBLE!


(Answers at the end of newsletter.)
The Lawyer's Laugh
An Observation by Sandra Day O'Connor
"There is no shortage of lawyers in Washington, DC. In fact, there may be more lawyers than people."
Welcome to Global's Plantation, FL clinic!
Lovely reception area
Dr. Vrable & Staff
Dr. Vrable with a patient
Single, Double & Triple Boarded, Fellowship Trained Physicians 

Intervential Pain Medicine 
Orthopaedic Spine Surgery
Headache ~ Neurology 
Electrodiagnostic Services (NCV/EMG)

Please click here for maps of our 10 locations.

Centralized Records & Scheduling
10 Locations - 1 Telephone number
(800) 735-1178

ANSWER to Word Scramble, in the order listed above:  employer, accident, compensation, disability, indemnity, deposition, adjuster, litigation, claimant, settlement