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This Week's Fresh Fish UN-Fry

Alaskan Salmon Veruska
poached in a lemon vodka cream sauce
cooked and served in parchment paper

thru the weekend or until it runs out (call ahead to reserve)

Eggplant Heroes
2-5 PM Sunday

The weather was a bit questionable going into last Sunday, our first outdoor music performance of the season. But apparently our music fans are as eager as we are to get the summer underway, as we had a darn good turnout despite the threat of showers. And they were rewarded with a great show and beautiful day in the end.

At the outset we toyed briefly with the idea of bringing the show indoors. But the band opted to set up outside as we monitored weather radar and observed clearing skies to the northwest once a few lingering cells passed on through. And indeed there were several  sprinkles...even a five minute downpour...during the first hour. But everyone stayed dry, as both  the audience pavilion and stage canopy did their jobs. And when the sun finally poked through, the latter part of the afternoon was as nice as could be. I always love it when perseverance pays off!

Of course you never know about the weather here in NW Wisconsin. At this point the coming weekend could be shaping up to be similar to last. But do yourself a favor in any event. Persevere! It's gonna be worth it, we promise.

Why? Because the Eggplant Heroes are returning to the Rookery this Sunday. You've gotta love their name, right? Just wait until you hear their music! Eggplant Heroes blends multi-part harmonies with guitar, trumpet, violin, Mandolin, and bass, presenting an eclectic mix of originals, literary adaptations, mountain gospel, and folk. Americana music in the full sense of the word. You can preview a few of their songs HERE.

Eggplant Heroes performs in several incarnations, typically with a subset of 3-4 band members when they travel a significant distance  from their home base in Eau Claire, as they will this Sunday . So we hope you'll drive just a few miles,  no matter the weather,  to hear this great band and help give them a warm Rookery welcome.

In Memory of Glenn Stoddard

It was just a month ago I noted that a planned "pre-season" performance at the Rookery by Molly and the Danger Band on Memorial Day weekend had been cancelled due to the serious illness of Molly's husband, and my friend, Glenn Stoddard. Since then I've received numerous inquiries about both Molly and Glenn.

It is with great sadness I must now report that Glenn passed away last Friday, June 16. Molly, as you can imagine, is devastated. And yet she exhibited amazing courage, grace, and love in caring for Glenn in their final days together at their lake cabin near Hayward.

I was especially touched by Molly's tender description of how she and a number of close family and friends continued to care for Glenn immediately after his passing. How they  washed his body with warm essence water, anointed him with oil and frankincense,  wrapped him in cotton blankets, and covered those with beautiful Indian blankets. Molly then stayed with Glenn one last night at their house  together , with an alter of pure bees wax candles burning through the night, saying her goodbyes. Her words evoked a most beautiful and loving journey of passage that we all must ultimately travel.  A memorial service will be held sometime in October.  

I want to share with you here the final message Glenn posted on his Caring Bridge web page, less than a week before he died. May we all draw some inspiration from his words:

A beautiful scene, pairs of loons on the lake, beautiful song birds, green leaves, blue water, wonderful people, a baby....

These are what my senses have brought me since arriving home at our cabin near Hayward. For years now I've thought about life in context of what my senses bring me. By moving home through hospice, I've been able to tweak all of these senses, including fresh air and good smells.

And my life has been enriched.

I am so grateful for all of this. I am also very grateful for my friends and acquaintances, and even those I've not yet met, who have posted things on Caring Bridge.

If I had the time, I would hold a big party and invite all of you to celebrate these things that I've experienced, and to introduce you to each other if you've not yet met. Thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers, and for caring about me.

I love you all and hope you are all doing well.

Please make sure you tweak your senses with all the good in this world, and tune out all the negative and bad things that are happening, as much as possible.


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