Quarterly Newsletter
June 2017
Greetings and happy June and Pride month from the Rustin Fund for Global Equality!  Lots has been happening in 2017 and we thought we would give you a bit of an update on the amazing work of tireless LGBTI activists around the globe. 

Please read below for brief updates from some of our current and past partners whose efforts were sustained through Rustin Fund support, as well as  an opportunity to s upport J-FLAG to celebrate LGBTI life and culture in Jamaica and host  their third annual LGBTI Pride celebration in August.

Also, if you are interesting in supporting other LGBTI-led organizations in low-and-middle-income countries, give us a shout and let's see what we can all make happen together....contact us at info@rustinfund.org

Peace and Love, 

Tapiwa Chisakaitwa, Mark Canavera, Amanda Donnell, Elissa Jacobs, Anna Kirey, and Kent Klindera
Rustin Fund Board of Directors

ProActividad- Dominican Republic
Tolerance through Tourism  

ProActividad's  tourism initiative began as a pilot project with LGBTI youth in 3 provinces in the Dominican Republic. They set out to use tourism as a vehicle to achieve sustainable social and economic development for LGBTI youth, but also to create greater local tolerance and acceptance through exposure to LGBTI visitors. They involved both traditional and new stakeholders that can play an effective role in influencing decision-makers and changing social norms and attitudes and have partnered with the tourism sector and the Ministry of Tourism, increasing awareness that the LGBTI tourism market can create economic benefits for the tourism industry, whilst emphasizing that this requires embracing diversity training and marketing. They have witnessed how diversity training can lead to improved social conditions for local LGBTI persons as the sector strives to offer a more welcoming experience to all visitors. In partnership with Marriott hotels they have built the capacity of LGBTI youth in tourism, entrepreneurship, employability and life skills. This has led to an understanding that tourism can be a powerful avenue to promote more tolerant and just communities, and can help push for greater protection of human rights.  


In October 2016, Nairobi-based Health Options for Young Men on HIV/AIDS (HOYMAS) sought to expand its social enterprising initiative called HOYMAS SACCO, which operates as taxi a service.  HOYMAS SACCO purchased a second vehicle and initiated a partnership with UBER.  Today, HOYMAS SACCO employs four HOYMAS members (e.g. gay and bisexual men and/or male sex workers), who are earning additional money through the service-10% of the income also contributes to a nutritional support program at the HOYMAS drop-in center where many of the clients are living with HIV/AIDS. HOYMAS SACCO is open to all clients, however, their target market is other health and human rights organization partners and donors--offering quality socially responsible transportation services in Nairobi.

Current Campaign: PRiDE JAMAICA 2017

J-FLAG desperately needs your help to bring the local LGBT community together for this momentous occasion to celebrate LGBT life and culture in Jamaica, and build a sense of pride and belonging in being LGBT.  On August 1-7, 2017, the third LGBT PRiDE celebration will be hosted under the theme  The Pride of a People: Celebrating LGBT Life & Culture in Jamaica, the Caribbean & the Diaspora. J-Flag is  s eeking donations to help raise $40,000  to make pride in Jamaica possible.

Please visit our site to donate: 

The Rustin Fund recommends the following partner organizations for support in their fundraising efforts:

UHAI-East African Sexual Health and Rights Initiative  - An indigenous, activist fund resourcing the movement for LGBTI and sex worker rights in East Africa.

Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice/Fueling the Frontlines Campaign  - Fundraising campaign for community partners to advance LGBTQI human rights around the world.  

Alturi.org/ILGA Europe/KPH Poland  (in partnership with the  Russian LGBT Network)  - Fundraising campaign to evacuate and resettle LGBT individuals from Chechnya. 

Finally, a big thanks goes to Craig Rijkard who helps us spread the word of success and challenge in
LGBTI rights globally (via our Facebook page) and  Peter Hanschke for helping to host our website.  
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