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How to Rekey a Painting
Award winner BoldBrush December Finalist
One of my "35 on 35" paintings won an award last month. "Overgrown but Usable" was awarded a "Finalists" award in the Boldbrush monthly competition sponsored by Canvoo. The painting and my bio will be featured in a future issue of Informed Collector, a daily online newsletter. I am also glad to report that the painting was purchased at Riverbend Fine Art and is now hanging in a new home.
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Wenmohs Ranch. May 4-7
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Wimberley-Oct. 31-Nov. 3
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OPS Grapevine
Outdoor Painters Society

I love playing to a crowd. This
enthusiastic group of middle schoolers on a photography class field trip stopped by to watch me paint. I handed the brush over to several students to give them their first taste of painting plein air.


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Rusty Jones
Rusty Jones Studio

Canyons and Badlands

The latest addition to the "Canyons and Badlands" series is this 9" x 12"
plein air painting from my trip last August to the Grand Canyon.  "Moran Point" is the title. 
How to Rekey a Painting:  

 My practice is to take every freshly completed painting and tuck it away
out of sight for about a month, then take
it out and look at it with a critical eye.

Every once in awhile when I look at the
painting again something just hits me wrong and I know I have to correct it before releasing it to the public. Such is the case with this painting "Canyon Floor". When I first completed this painting I was very happy with it. I immediately posted it to my Blog and uploaded it to Facebook and received numerous positive comments. But on a second look a week later, I knew the values of the distant cliff were wrong and I needed to change the road. Read and see the changes I made to transform this painting on my Blog. Click here to read more...

February-Plein Air Southwest paint-out in Arizona
April-Plein Air Southwest show opening at Southwest Gallery
May-WORKSHOP at Wenmohs Ranch in the Hill Country