RU Alum, Imam Zaid Shakir, Presides At Ali's Funeral Services
Imam Zaid Shakir - a Rutgers alumus and religious advisor to Muhammad Ali, and his family - presided over an interfaith service celebrating Ali's life on Friday in Louisville, Kentucky. Imam Zaid, pictured at left, a prominent American Muslim scholar who graduated from Rutgers University-New Brunswick in 1986 with a master's degree in political science, also led Thursday's prayers, known as the Jenazah, or the funeral prayer. He is based in Berkeley, California, where he is a co-founder of and a scholar at Zaytuna College.  "We welcome the Muslims, we welcome the members of other faith communities, we welcome the law enforcement community. We welcome our sisters, our elders, our youngsters," Imam Zaid said at the Jenazah.
Safer Newark Council Sets Data-Driven Course For Crime Fighting

A council led by the RU-Newark School of Criminal Justice is reversing perceptions of safety in Newark.  The Safer Newark Council report - "A Call to Action" - released this week includes among its findings that 80% of Newark streets have been violent crime-free since 2007 and that the city has no more violent crime than other New Jersey or American cities of its kind. Read more about the report here.
RU-Camden Grad Creates After-School Film Club for City Students
Education is key, but it's only as effective as how you reach students, says Kenneth O'Kane, a recent RU-Camden graduate who was reminded of the power of engaging students last fall when he and his classmates in his urban education course were tasked with creating a curriculum at one of the several Ignite program sites in North Camden. Read more about the exciting project here.