Cornerstone News Digest                                                                                              October 10, 2016
Modernizing systems, processes, and organizational structures will dramatically improve how we get work done, together, across all campuses, schools, departments, and units. This is the cornerstone of how we will conduct business going forward as one Rutgers.
Our Streamlined Financial Management System Is Live!
Our integrated financial accounting platform has automated business processes and robust reporting capabilities to support more strategic decision-making and operational efficiency. Real-time access to consolidated data will improve our ability to analyze financial performance and identify opportunities for improvement.

The new system supports financial management needs for all University schools, departments, and units as they relate to the:  
  • general ledger
  • sponsored grants and contracts
  • non-sponsored projects (restricted funds, designated funds, real projects)
  • expense reimbursement
  • cash management
  • accounts receivable and billing for grants and contracts
Learn more about the new financial management system. Contact the Help Desk .

To access the system, log in to the myRutgers portal , click the Cornerstone tab, and open the Financial Management (Oracle Cloud) app.
The Combined Human Resources and Payroll System Is Online!
The human resources and payroll system integrates employee records from Banner into the existing PeopleSoft system. Unifying two parallel systems and processes for business services, and creating a single payroll system are significant steps toward unifying our faculty and staff to create a more consistent employee experience.  

Learn more about the integrated Human Resources and Payroll system. Contact the Help Desk .

To access the system, log in to the myRutgers portal , click the Cornerstone tab, and open the Employee Self Service or PeopleSoft Management (preparers and approvers) app.
Goodbye, TABER Reports. Hello, Online Expense Management!
Our new expense management system is best-in-class, streamlined, and supported by consistent universitywide policies. The system is integrated with the general ledger, project accounting, grant contract accounting, and accounts payable. This makes submissions, approvals, reporting, and reimbursements more efficient and timely. A user-friendly mobile application is planned for early 2017.

To ensure direct deposit for reimbursements, users will need to enter their banking information manually into the application one time.

To access the system, log in to the myRutgers portal , click the Cornerstone tab, and open the Expense Management app under the Finance section.

Chart of Accounts Mapping Tool
Use the chart of accounts mapping tool to align legacy chart values to the new chart of accounts. The mapping tool is easy to use and allows you to:
  • Sort results by any column by selecting a column header.
  • Export results to a .csv file (click "Download" on bottom left of the result page) for use in Excel.
Scroll through and view results by page (up to 15 items per page). Click “Next” or “Previous” at the top or bottom left of the result page.
Faculty - Learning the New Systems
You may participate now in non-targeted classes for grant accounting, expense management, procurement, and self-service . Later this month, targeted education will be available to help faculty learn the new systems and processes. These opportunities will be online, shorter, and focused on faculty-specific needs.   Please contact the appropriate help desk if you cannot access the registration or course materials sites, or if you have questions.
Three Steps to Start Training Now
Start training now ! Browse the list of required and recommended courses for RU Marketplace and all the new administrative systems. Look for your name on the training participant lists. Register for classes and access training materials.
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